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Thread: Hard to believe..but true

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    Hard to believe..but true

    Due to my skepticism, I had to post my results for people questioning it and offer words of encouragement.

    There are so many ďmiracle weight lossĒ products out there, and they all have great reviews, itís difficult to believe anything you read, but HCG works!

    I went into HCG a little skeptical, but I went in anyway. Luckily this isnít a product that requires the power of belief to work. I finished off my 4th week on Monday at 198lbs, thatís a 36lb loss in 30 days.

    Starting off at 234, my goal was about 180-190, then start my weight lifting regiment and build back up to 215 (my former fighting weight), only this 215 would be without the fat. With about 10-20lbs to reach my goal, I extend my shots out for 3 more weeks. Honestly, at this point, if I hit 189 Iíd call it, and start hitting the gym.

    I will say, being in week 5, itís a LOT easier now than the beginning. I remember thinking ďthis is insane! Iíll never survive on so little food!Ē, but itís not as hard as you think, if you find what I jokingly call my ďgrape cough medicineĒ.

    Now I donít mean literal grape cough medicine, what I mean is this; in life, some things are easy, some are not. Iím 44, and when I was a kid I HATED taking medication because it tasted like so horrible. Then they tried that ďorangeĒ flavor, Iím sure some of you remember that crap. Seriously, if you have oranges that taste like that, THROW THEM OUT! But now, I have 2 boys age 10, and now 12 (his birthday was yesterday). When my boys get sick, they like taking medication, it really tastes good! Grape being their favorite, and mine. Unless Iím spending the day in the hot sun hiking, I canít drink plain water, in fact, before starting my diet, 960+ of my daily calories were from energy drinks. Truth is, I drank most my fat, and I knew it. So...how could I survive this diet that has NOTHING to drink except water? I struggled through the first 2 weeks with the diet, then I found my grape medicine, that one thing that made everything easier to bear, lemon and stevia. I drink the water bottle down to my label, add suntree lemon juice (zero fat, zero calories, zero sugar) and a wee bit of stevia extract (also zero fat, zero calories, and zero sugar) and BOOM zero everything lemonade. Except itís positive in taste. I mix up 2 or 3 of these a day and suddenly Iím drink more than 80 ounces of water per day, easily.

    With the other people in the house I canít just go throwing everything out to resist temptation, and letís be honest, even if itís not in the house you think temptation is gone? NO! We live in a world of temptation, Iím surrounded by McDonaldís, Burger King, etc. the key for me wasnít to hide away from the temptation, but more along the lines of replacing it with a suitable replacement. Funny thing is my diet is a big source of our jokes at my house now. I mentioned earlier that my sons birthday was yesterday, I got him a yummy ice cream cake, at least I can assume it was yummy by the mess on my younger sons face. But my son joked, ďyou can have something even better, more broccolliĒ (this is because I often joke that after my diet Iím going to start an anti broccoli campaign to end the worlds broccoli supply 😄 ).

    My point of my rambling is this; itís time to believe the hype, this stuff works. And it does get easier as you go, and I knew I could not win against temptation, the only way I survived was to replace it with something healthy.

    Good luck everyone, Iíve seen it, Iím living it, you can do it too.

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    A great testimony and yes it works at any age !!
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    Excellent post... Very good read. Made me smile.... Congrats on your excellent loss.

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    Very motivating, Thanks for posting

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    Great job!! Loved the way you related to cough medicine.

    Up in Canada we had a cough medicine called Buckleys - it tasted horrible and their tag line was "it tastes horrible but it works" they never tried to mask it with fruity flavors or anything and guess what.....it was true. It did work.

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    Thank you soooo much for sharing this Dieselmom! Honestly, success stories like yours, are the most motivating, inspiring and encouraging shares possible. Not only for those losing weight with Hcg, but those who feel it's just not possible to lose the weight, period. Your post, made the world a little bit of a better place and I thank you!
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