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Thread: Any labor day discounts

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    Any labor day discounts

    Hey I'm looking to buy this labor day any recommendations?

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    This was posted in the discount thread today.

    I just sent this email out for all the Labor Day Sales and thought I'd share them here as well. offers that just came in guys. This is the biggest sale we've had all year, and I don't want you to miss the opportunity. Again, if you have any questions or any issues with the coupon codes, each company offers live chat and support, but feel free to email me (hdihealth @ gmail.) I'm always happy to help. ~Jeni

    1. Nu Image Medical: Free Ultraburn Lipotropic injections with a 26 day or 46 day Hcg kit/program. Coupon code: WORKHARD. ​Sale starts tonight at 7 pm.

    2. Diet Doc: Buy any 2: HCG, Craving Control, Oxytocin, Sermorelin GHRP 2 & 6, iPamorelin, Carb Bloc Ultra & Get 1 Free: Lipotropic injections, B12, Appetite Zap, CarbZap, Adrena Doc, StimDoc, Fullness Factor. Place your order, and when they call to verify payment, give them coupon code HDILaborDay and you will not be charged for the freebie ​

    3. Riverfront MD: Free B12 upgrade with all HCG kits. Friday through Tuesday.​ No coupon code needed.

    4. Triumph homeopathic: 40% instant savings on all support products and BOGO + additional 15% off on 26 and 40 day kits (killer savings.) The last thing is a shopping cart giveaway, which will be giving 4 people their entire order free. They will be randomly choosing people who purchase anything through 9/4​/18. Oh the 15% discount coupon code is LABORDAY18​

    As a personal update- you may have noticed I haven't written a new blog post in a few weeks. Well, we are working on a new site and I am told I cannot touch it until it's done!!! I'm itching to update everyone and to start my next round to lose the baby weight. It's been quite the journey so far- I honestly cannot believe I haven't gained anything back, that was lost in the last 2 rounds, considering I have moved twice in the last 2 months, suffered injuries from someone hitting me on the freeway, and a plethora of other unexpected events. This week, I am finally getting settled in my new home... boxes everywhere, and a kitchen I cannot yet cook in, but miraculously, I have managed to complete a successful Phase 3 and I look forward to sharing how.

    We are also working on some new resources for everyone, and putting in some heavy focus on a new program that teaches "thinking and living a skinny lifestyle." This is my baby, and it won't be done for quite some time, but I promise it is absolutely life changing and surprisingly simple.

    I look forward to seeing everyone in the forums, but as always you are welcome to reply to this email and share anytime

    Good luck with those labor day sales!

    ~ Jen


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