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Thread: Does losing more than 100 pounds make you less relevant?

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    Does losing more than 100 pounds make you less relevant?

    I notice that most posters seem to be in the 20 -60 pound loss range. and it struck me that i have been declining to post to many things where i know they dont have a lot of work ahead of them..... compared to a person who has his heart set on a 300 pound loss

    So, if i dont look, does it go the other way around?
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    I think it makes you MORE relevant. Many that we see on the forum now could lose their weight any old way. Those of us with a chronic problem know hcg is the miracle cure for us. So proud of you, Jonathan!
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    Id like to say that I am not obese and that I have tried to lose weight with diet and exercise for the past two years. I exercise 5x a week and I count my calories. I cook at home and limit any eating out. Ive asked many professionals as to what im doing wrong and no one seems to know why it is that I cant lose weight. I have about 30 to lose and it seems that with all of this hard work I should of been at my goal a long long time ago but here I am..I have a problem and this is why I have given hcg a try. I really think that my body has to go through something a lot different for it to get going again. Happy to report im down a few pounds already..havent seen a 3+pd loss in a long long time. Kudos to all of you who are making the change.

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    I am in that range now but was once in that 100+ range. The only time I might feel like that is when I see someone who is starting out so low, 125 or so and trying to get lower with HCG. On the other hand I admire their effort to nip it in the bud before they have a real problem. As far as feeling like people with higher amounts being less relevant, I never feel that way. I admire you and your hard work. In the end if we are overweight by a little or a lot we're all on the same journey and the support is nice no matter what the supporter weighs. :O)
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    I take my inspiration from those who came before me, and successfully lost. It matters less to me how much they lost, rather, I am interested in how they feel, what they learned, what they would do differently, what works and what did not. I don't join in on threads that state x# of lbs to lose, whether it's less than 20 or more than 100; however, I am more apt to feel drawn to someone who has a long road ahead of them, or behind them, especially if they have real wit and wisdom such as yourself Jonathon. I often don't have time to do more than quickly read through a few threads, but I will almost alway read one that you have started or contributed to even if I don't take the time to respond. So, after saying all that, the short answer to your question is no, losing 100+ does not make you less relevent.
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    As a newcomer, I think it's great to read about everyones losses, but it is so inspiring when someone loses larger amounts of weight. I think it really gets people motivated.

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    HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!! I know that has taken real determination, commitment and self motivation!!!! So proud of you and I know you must be proud of yourself. I am trying to finish the last of the 103 I wanted to lose. Keep up the fantastic work!!!

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    Honestly, I think it makes you pretty inspirational! But as far as the relevance of your weight loss journey to mine specifically, there are a bunch of things that make your journey less relevant to mine than some others might be. For instance, your gender - men lose differently than women. I don't know how old you are, but age is definitely something that makes a difference in weight loss, so if you are significantly younger or older than me, the details of your journey would be less directly relevant to my situation. Your part of the country/world makes a difference, too. I live in the PNW and have always lived somewhere on the west coast. We eat differently out here than they do in the South, or the Midwest, or the East, let alone in Italy (where much of my family is from) or Korea (where my sister-in-law's family is from), etc. So, if you were an Australian and were singing the praises of vegemite as a weight loss aid, for instance, I'd probably have to ignore that, because that's just not something we have a lot of around here (thank God - no offense, Aussies!) Your socioeconomic status makes a difference, too. For instance, if you eat nothing but caviar and lobster, my student budget isn't going to be able to keep up with you for long, so you might be less relevant to me than someone who eats a lot of takeout teriyaki (hold the sauce and the rice) on the way to night class.

    I'm hoping, when all is said and done, to lose about 90-100 pounds total. I'm just shy of 70 pounds lost right now, and am within a normal BMI range for my height, and could probably stop here if I wanted to, but I am small-framed and want to keep losing until I get to the low end of my BMI range. I can't relate as well to having 300 pounds to lose as I can to someone who has 100 to lose, or is working to lose their last 20-30. But I can definitely appreciate the wisdom and experience of someone who has already lost more than what my weight loss goal is, and has that much more to go! You have a lot to share and I have a lot I can learn from you, even if your weight loss journey isn't exactly the same as mine.
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    Losing 100+ lbs is quite daunting so anyone who can do it inspires me. My high weight (in 2005) was 268 -- so when I reach my ultimate goal of 150 lbs that's 118 lbs So, definitely not irrevelant.
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    You're kidding, right? People like you are the "go to" people we all seek for HCG wisdom. I love finding your posts, even though they are hard to find.

    To answer your question, NO, you are not less relevant, you are MORE relevant.

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