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Thread: I lost 180 pounds in about 12 months .

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    I lost 180 pounds in about 12 months .

    I designed my own plan to loose the weight using Celeste pure HCG drops. I ordered drops for several people. Those who followed my plan vere very satisfied and have not regained the weight. Those individuals who followed diet plans that they purchased on line blimped back out and gained the unwanted weight back . I lost about 180 pounds in 2012 using HCG drops with my own diet plan. I do have before and after pictures. I started out with a 54 inch waist and after I now have a 34 inch waist. I have not regained the unwanted weight and I am very satisfied I will share my diet plan with anyone interested. I call my plan a diet plan, it's a common sense approach to loosing the desired weight and keeping from regaining it back. When I explained my
    plan with my Doctor's and individuals who followed my plan it makes sense. Feel free to contact me [here on the forum] with any questions. I have still retained my weight at 217. I lost about 181 pounds in 2012 and still have not gained it back. My blood pressure and cholesterol have been great since.

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    Well done you!

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    i would be interested in getting your plan...

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    I'm interested in you diet plan.

    I start Phase 1 with drops tomorrow morning and planning a 40 days of Phase 2 and would appreciate all the help alomg the wy.

    Thank you....

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    This has been about 1 year ago- anyone have luck making contact with josephenloe?

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