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Thread: Some motivation for everyone down 20lbs of pure fat

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    Some motivation for everyone down 20lbs of pure fat

    Hey all,
    So this is just my success story, or the success i've had so far actually just to keep people motivated and too stick with the protocol, especially phase 2.
    Firstly, been clinically obese my entire life, but was always tall and had a large frame with broad shoulders so I never looked round and people never believed that I was always
    70+lbs over weight. Being obese sent me down some dark paths in highschool and I got caught up in drugs just to be cool and fit in so that people wouldnt notice my fat and would fear me instead of bully me. Last year in my 3rd year at uni, I balloned up too 275lbs at 5'11, around 39 percent bf. Dieted down too around 250 and was stuck solid at it for a year fluctuating. This summer I got treated for ADD which helped some of the issues like loss of attention and binge eating fast foods. My weight dropped to 245 due to not eating as much because of the ADD meds. I had enough in the beginning of July, ever year I said I would change and I never did remained the same, was too insecure too step out my door and get a job or socialize, obesity would have killed me in my room. I had ordered some pharma grade HCG because I was planning on using it too up my testosterone because being obese I can tell my body was short on it for a long time, also was on the lower levels after my blood test but not enough to be put on HRT. My real intention was too use the HCG and then start a steroid cycle after I cut down enough. Then I came across the HCG protocol as I searched for dosages. Currently on VLCD day 23 and down 20lbs, should have been 23-24 but i cheated once and lost a week. Was pissed but it had to happen before I did anymore damage. Losing pure fat is amazing, it looks like I lost 40 pounds but I don't think ive lost any muscle since I worked out for a long time but it was always covered in fat, can actually see the cuts in my arms etc. Also down a total of 15-20 inches from my entire body (waist, thigh etc). Life is getting better, clothes are fitting confidence is going up, can't wait to hit my goal of 200 and then keep it off during phase 3. The discipline ive built really helps so I really hope I can maintain it. Keep your head up and stay strong, best decision ever to do this diet.

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    That is awesome, george! Congratulations!
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    That's so motivating for me as a newbie! Thanks


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