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Thread: Personal Progress starting 1-5

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    Personal Progress starting 1-5-2015

    HCG Diet results so far:
    1-5 started taking HCG that night, weight ~175-176
    1-8 forgot to weigh in
    1-9 173.5
    1-10 171.5
    1-11 170
    1-12 1-12 170 lbs, I took off my sweat pants & got 169.5. Is that cheating?
    1-13 168
    1-14 still 168. But 167 w/o clothes. I cheated a little yesterday, exceeded the 500 cals.
    1-15 weighed myself this morning, 166.5lbs, even after eating half a quarter pounder yesterday
    1-16 166.5
    1-17 166.5 stuck, might have exceeded 500cal due to chinese dinner

    I think I need to get a better scale. 1 that doesn't just do whole & half numbers.

    1-17 later in the day, we went to Red Robin, I was only going to have a salad. I failed and had a burger, fries and ice cream. stopped taking HCG after morning dose
    1-18 had noodles, a no no, stopped taking HCG after morning dose
    1-19 had croissants, roast beef slices & a pecan cookie, a no no, took HCG that night
    1-20 started back on diet, weight 167, had 1 chic fila biscuit & grapes
    1-21 165.5 and 165.6 (got 2 scales now, older scale only did half pound graduations, newer scale does 0.2 graduations)

    it's nice to know you can "take a break" and just resume the diet.

    1-22 163.5 and 163.6 (2 scales)
    1-23 163.5 still. 163 & 162.6 w/o clothes. cheated last night, exceeded 500cal & had a pecan cookie.
    1-24 and 1-25 took a break from diet due to out of town company; ate rich mega pho (w/all the trimmings) & a snickers bar (been craving it)
    1-25 ate same pho again, stopped HCG
    1-26 weighed in at 168! the weight can come back fast, if you back to old habits. I'm going to stop cheating on the weekends. restarted HCG @ night
    1-27 164.5 & 164.8
    1-28 162.5 & 162.6 I am shocked at the recovery rate! if I can survive the weekends I'll be OK.
    1-29 162.5 & 162.6 again, exceeded 500 cal. Ate a cheesecake , salad, chicken breast & soup.
    1-30 162.0 & 161.8
    1-31 161 & 160.8 I cheated last night as well, exceeded 500cal by eating a breakfast burrito (bfast), apple (lunch) & beef salad (dinner).
    2-1 161 & 160.6 ate some sausages for bfast, grapes lunch, small chicken pho/dinner and can of tuna in oil. yeah I had cravings!
    2-2 160.5 & 160.6 ate some eggs, snacked on walnuts, 2 grilled chicken pieces and peanuts and peanut butter. yeah exceeded by just a little ;-)
    2-3 160.0 and 159.6 ate apple, beef salad, peanuts
    2-4 159.5 and 159.6 ate apple, peanuts, boston market (chicken, corn and green beans)
    2-5 158.5 and 158.0 ate apple, orange, peanuts, meatloaf & chicken breast/wing
    2-6 158 and 157.8
    2-7 158 and 157.8 again, starved all day then pigged out on chinese dinner.
    2-8 159 and 159.2 ate a 30inch pizza w/family.... 1.5 slices, yeah kinda BLEW IT.
    2-9 160 and 159.6 ate egg omelette, peanuts and salmon
    2-10 159 & 158.4 ate apple, orange & salmon, chicken stir fry w/bell peppers
    2-11 157.5 & 157.6 finally caught up to "before the pizza", ate apple, orange, peanuts, a piece of yes, fried chicken & green peas.
    2-12 158 and 157.8 banana, apple, orange, salad (w/spoonful of ranch), strawberry, fried chicken, ham ;-) yeah may have exceeded 500 cal. and forgot to dose in the evening.
    2-13 157.5 and 157.6 apple, orange and double whopper a couple fried & fried union<---940+ calories =)
    2-14 156.5 and 156.4 apple, orange and 2 servings of BBQ! (ribs, pulled pork and beef brisket). so the diet doesn't always make sense. sometimes you can exceed 500cal.
    2-15 156.0 and 156.2 peanuts, cucumber and 3 pounds of Brazilian steak! along w/other sides (coleslaw, fried bananas, corn sufla, sausage, bacon wrapped chicken). I am puzzled that I still lost weight.
    2-16 159.0 and 159.2 bfast:cucumber & pulled pork w/baked beans. lunch: pulled pork and turkey. was snacking on peanuts all day. dinner: chicken sandwhich, yeah exceeded 500cal & paid the price.
    2-17 157.5 and 157.4 2 apples, orange and roast chicken & pork chop.
    2-18 157.5 and 157.6 apple, orange, salad, chicken breast, peanuts, pork & bean soup. yeah been cheating left & right. overdue for a makeup day.
    2-19 158.0 and 157.6 apple, orange, salad, chicken breast, peanuts
    2-20 157.5 and 156.8 nectarine, orange, salad, peanuts, salad & taco salad from taco bel2l
    2-21 157.5 and 157.2 nectarine, orange, peanuts, beef salad, sushi
    -----------------------STOPPED HCG---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    2-22 158 and 157.8 STOPPED HCG doses; xtra large pho., ice cream; egg drop soup, banana
    2-23 160 and 160 pizza, chicken wings, hersey's chocolate bar; egg drop soup
    2-24 159.5 and 159.6 2 hershey's bars, orange, apple, mcfish, fries
    2-25 2 159.0 and 159.2 hersheys bars, fried eggs, tuna, orange, chicken wing, peanuts. yeah I know I am straying.
    2-26 160.0 and 159.8 peanuts, apple, chicken salad, chicken soup x2, salmon & asparagus
    2-27 159.0/159.0 orange, apple, turkey bacon, crossiant half, 2 chicken wings, peanuts
    2-28 160/160.2 apple, orange, beef salad, 2 small sandwiches, VN sandwich, fajita steak
    3-1 161.5/161.6 eggs, sausage, cantalope, strawberries, peanuts, chicken mushroom soup, chili, 2 chicken legs, veggies
    3-2 159.5/159.2 apple x2, 1 roast chicken leg, 1 fried wing, handful of peanuts
    3-3 158/158 apples x3, some cashews, some peanuts, BBQ, baked beans, peas
    3-4 157/157 apples x2, some peanuts, BBQ, baked beans
    3-5 157/157 some peanuts, sausage/ham/egg biscuit,orange, nectarine, chicken wing/side
    3-6 158/157.8 orange, apple, small cupcake, peanuts, beef salad
    3-7 158/158 zaxbys salad, cabbage wrap, pork stomach,peanuts
    3-8 158.5/158.6 egg omelete, cabbage + pork, pork chop & peanuts
    3-9 158.5/158.4 orange, apple x2, peanuts, sausages, chili
    3-10 158/158.4 orange, mango, asian pear, chinese, peanuts
    3-11 157.5/157.8 orange, mango, nectarine, chinese
    3-12 156.5/156.6 orange, pizza, chips, apple, ham, boiled eggs
    3-13 155.5/155.8 2 oranges, french toast, bacon, pineapple, kiwi, strawberries, OJ, pho
    3-14 156.5/156.6 egg omelete, taco salad, snickers, sausages, chicken, rice. walked for 20min/.8mile
    3-15 156/156 pho, egg omelete, sausages, peanuts. walked 2 miles
    3-16 157.5/157.6 sub sandwich 1/3, orange, apple, salad, krutons, pinapple, zucinni, peanuts, sausages, shrimp stir fry.
    3-17 156.5/156.6 2 oranges, apple, salad, beef patty,peanuts, beef & brocolli stir fry. walked .75mile/17min
    3-18 156.5/156 thai tea, donut, orangex2, salad, strawberry, cookie, cake, krutons, peanuts, beef stir fry, ham
    3-19 156.5/156.6 omelete, orange, 2 apples, candy, salad, chicken leg, asparagus, tomatoe souce, potatoes. walked 1 mile/23min
    3-20 156/155.8 orange, applex2, peanuts, beef salad
    3-21 156/155.5 peanuts, grapes, ribs, chic fil-a biscuits, rice, stuffed chicken wings, cake, papaya salad. went 1 mile in 21min
    3-22 156.5 stuffed chicken wings, ribs, rice, baked chicken, honey dew, rice, kitkat, asian pear, went 2 mile in 41min
    3-23 155.5/156.2 donut, orange, applex2, BBQ:ribs, brisket, beans, peas
    3-24 155.5/156 orange, chicken leg, pork chop, potatoe, asparagus, went .55mile in 10min
    3-25 153.5/153.6 cookie, taco salad, chicken thigh, peanuts, apple
    3-26 153/153.6 orange, danish, banana, sausage sandwhich w/sauer kraut and pepper. went 1 mile in 17.3min
    3-27 153.5/153.4 peanuts, chicken bbq, cantalope,
    3-28 152.5/153.4 peanuts, sausage, eggs, rice, zaxbys chicken salad, cookie, taco bell salad, veggie chips, cantalope. went 2 miles in 38min
    3-29 156/155.2 2 pieces of chicken, baked beans, banana peppers, 2 slices pizza,steak, pork ribs, tomatoe sauce. went .5 in 1 hour
    3-30 156.5/156.2 orange, trail mix, nectarines x 2, steak, hmoob sausage, asian greens & beef, peanuts, pepper. went 1 mile in 18min
    3-31 155/154.8 orange, apple x2, peach pie, sausage, beef, banana peppers, waffle fries, peanuts. went .83miles in 15min
    4-1 154.5/155 apple/cherry danish, chic fila salad & chicken biscuit, orange, apple. 1 mile in 17.8min.
    4-2 154/154.6 orange, donut, apple, jason's deli veggie wrap, peanuts, chicken w/greens & rice.
    4-3 154.5/154.2 2 sausage burritos, orange, biscuit (no meat), apple, beef salad, peanuts. went 1 mile in 16.3min
    4-4 155/155.4 peanuts, pho, eggs, rice & chicken
    4-5 156/156.2 fried rice, bacon, peanuts, steak, pork ribs, ding dongs, orange pho, went 1.44mile in 25min
    4-6 155.5/155.4 peanuts, orange pho, cake, orange, prime rib, beans, walked for 20-25min
    4-7 154.5/154.6 peanuts, bacon,, turkey bacon, orange, milkshake. walked for 30min
    4-8 156/156
    4-8 thru 4-12 vacation in Tampa, junk/convenience & fast food
    ------------------restarted HCG-------------------------------------------------------
    4-13 158.5/159 restart HCG, 2 apples, chicken salad, peanuts
    4-14 156/156.6 apple, salad, salad, potatoe, chicken salad. walked 2.2mile in 30min., .3mile in 15min
    4-15 154.5/154.6 saladx2, BBQ:rib, briscuit, pork, peas, broccoli,
    4-16 154/154.2 philly cheese steak, apple, tangerine, lettuce salad, beef & pepper stir fry
    4-17 153.5/153.6 2 tangerines, glazed donut! apple, beef salad
    4-18 152.5/153.2 chic fila biscuit, hashbrown, Golden Corral buffet ;-) beef stew, fish, fries, bourbon chicken, chocolate cake, pepper, pulled pork, greens,
    4-19 156 eggs, noodles, bacon; turkey bacon, salami, noodles
    4-20 155.0/155.2 bacon philly cheese sndwh, apple pastry, salad, fried chicken, crossiant, cupcake
    4-21 154/154 salad, apple, chicken cheese sndwch, bacon, sausage, rice
    4-22 152.5/152.6 beef/cheese sndwch, oranges, salad, ham, eggs, rice
    4-23 153/153.2 egg burrito, orangex2, apple, BK burger, fries, chicken nuggets
    4-24 153/152.8 oranges x2, chicken sndwh, 2 apples, 1/3 cookie, zaxbys fries, fingers, half of grilled chcknsndwch
    4-25 bacon, ham, eggs, spicy noodles, walked/ran for 2.1miles, 30min, bacon, ham. 2miles in 30min
    4-26 152.5/153 chicken biscuit, eggs, bacon, hashbrown, taco salad, cantalope. 2miles in 30min
    4-27 152.5/152.6 oranges x2, trail mix, beef brocolli, chicken, egg roll, bell peppers, mango, salad, beef patties
    4-28 152/152 oranges x2, apple, pork ribs, asparagus, baby potatoes, peanuts eggplant, coffee. walked 1 mile in 15.5min
    4-29 150.5/150.6 sausage burrito, orange, apple x2, sausage, pork ribs & greens, mushrooms,
    4-30 150/151 peanuts, cashews, orange, apples x2, taco salad, peanuts
    5-1 150/150 peanuts, 2 mangos, 2 pieces chicken, beef salad, peanuts
    5-2 150.5/150.2 eggs, bacon, orange, purple rice & chicken, thai tea, papaya, cookie, peanuts. went 2.2miles in 32min
    5-3 152/152 egg omelete, italian & tuna sandwhich, 2 mangos, peanuts. went 2.2miles in 32min, went 2.5miles in 1 hour
    5-4 152/152.6 apple x2, trail mix, peanuts, boiled beef, shrimp, fish
    5-5 150.5/150.6 orange, apple x2, rasp, back & blue berry; BBQ - pork, beef, chicken, beans. went 1mile in 15.2 min
    5-6 150/150.2 peanuts, orange, philly cheese sndwch, chicken, peanuts, berries
    5-7 149.5/149.6 chic fil-a biscuit, orange, apple; chicken salad, peanuts. went 1 mile in 14.5min
    5-8 150.5/149.8 grilled chicken sndwch, orange, apple, peanuts. went 2.2miles in 31min
    5-9 149/149.2 peanuts; went went 2.5miles in 1 hour. went to Nori Nori Jap restaurant; seafood/sushi buffet
    5-10 149.5/150 eggs & turkey ham; whopper & union rings, tea. went 2.2miles in 32min
    5-11 149/150.6 apple x2, salad, peanuts, orange, eggs, turkey ham
    5-12 150.5/150.2 peanuts, apple, cranberries, protein bar, TWIX, cookie, chicken breast, broccoli
    5-13 150/150 peanuts, apple, cranberries, protein bar, TWIX, cookie, chicken breast, broccoli
    5-14 149/149 cranberries, cucumber, apple. chicken breast, peanuts, jalapenos. went 1 mile in 15min
    5-15 148/148.4 snickers, banana, fruit juice; beef salad, chicken teriyaki. went 1 mile in 15min
    5-16 chic fila biscuit; steak, veggies, went 2.2miles in 31min, rice & beef
    5-17 150.5/151.2 chic fila biscuit, eggs, ham, hashbrowns, pho, milky way, potatoe chips went 1 mile in 15min
    5-18 153.5/153.4 apple, DONUT, apple, orange. taco salad (half), pork skins, pistacios. went 1 mile in 15min
    5-19 151.5/151.4 apple, chicken leg/thigh; chicken stir fry, chili, peanuts, pistacios. went 1 mile in 15min
    5-20 149.5/150 orange, apple, trail mix. hot dogx2, tuna, peanuts
    5-21 149/149.2 apple, orange, granola bar, apple protein bar; sonnys BBQ
    5-22 147.5/147.8 eggs BBQ; hotdog, ice cream; zaxbys salad, milk shake. went 3 miles in 42min.
    5-23 148.5/148.6 went 3 miles in 42min; BBQ-corn, steak, sausage, bacon wrapped chicken; cashews, corn rice cake,
    5-24 151/151.2 bacon wrapped chicken, cashews, sausage, watermelon, steak. went 2.2 miles in 31min; went then 1 mile is 16min
    --------------------------------------Stopped HCG---------------------------------------------------------------------
    5-25 149/149.4 cookie, cashews, coconut juice;bacon wrapped chicken, sausages, watermelon, PHO
    5-26 151.5/152.2 cranberries, apple, apple; bacon wrapped chicken, peanuts, cashews, sausage; went 1.2miles in 18min
    5-27 150/150 cranberries, blueberries, applex2, salad, twix & snickers mini; pork & peas, chicken & brocolli.
    5-28 150.5/150.8 fig newtons, raisins, orange, apple; chicken soup,baked chicken, meat loaf, peanuts, cookie; went 1.8 miles in 30min on treadmill
    5-29 150/150 peanuts/cashews, fig newton; chicken wings, fried rice, celery. went 3 miles in 43min
    5-30 151/151.2 bacon, eggs, fried rice; milk shake, beef, chicken, rice, asian pears, half of angus burger, went 3 miles in 43min; small pho
    5-31 152.5/152.2 crossiant, crossiant sandwhich, roast beef, broiled pork chops, pork chops w/greens, peanuts, cashews, fig newton
    6-1 155/155 cucumber; chili, nuts, went 1.55miles in 25min
    6-2 151.5/152.2 strawberries, raisins, apple; pork ribs, greens, nuts, cheese cake & pgp; went 1.6miles in 25min
    6-3 149/149.8 trail mix, cranberries, blueberries; brazilian steak, fried bananas, bacon wrapped chicken, went 1.83miles in 30min
    6-4 150/149.8
    6-5 chicken breast, beef & union stir fry, chicken wings
    6-6 149/149.5 water all day, a little bread
    6-7 149.5/149.4 eggs, bacon, banana nut bread, banana chips; crossisandwhich, pulled pork, potatoe soup
    6-8 149/149.8 pizza, trail mix. pulled pork; taco salad
    6-9 150.5/151.4 apple x 2, fijita: beef, chicken, lettuce, gaucamole, cream cheese, unions, pepper; roast beef sndwch
    6-10 149/149.4 chocolate bar, fig newtons, cranberries, grapes; baked chicken, mac & cheese, chocolate; went 1.88miles in 30 min
    6-11 148.5/149.4 sausage burrito, cranberries, donut!, apple; ham x 3, chicken, turkey
    6-12 149.5/150.4 sausage burrito x2; chicken & peas; beef salad, peanuts, dry pineapple & bananas
    6-13 150/150.8 bacon egg & cheese biscuit, hashbrown; peanuts, dry pineapple & bananas; pho, hamburger, watermelon. went 1.5miles in 27min
    6-14 154.5/154.8 eggs, ham; ice cream, peanuts, pineapple, crossiant, roast beef, crossiandwhich; beef, sausage, rice, tomatoe soup; went 1.72mile in 30min
    6-15 153/153.6 choc trailmix bar, blueberries, cranberries, apple, orange; pork ribs, fried chicken, peanuts; went 1.6miles in 26min
    6-16 150.5/151.2 cran/blueberries, orange, apple; grapes, krutons, melon;salad;ribs, pork & greens; went 1.83miles in 30min
    6-17 150/150.2 cranberries, apple, orange, salad w/ranch, cheesecake; BBQ, peanuts, watermelon
    6-18 150.5/150.8 cranberries, apple, orange; beef briscuit, peanuts; went 1.91miles in 30min
    6-19 148.5/149.2 sausage burrito, applex2; sausage, eggs, ham; went 1 mile in 15.4min
    6-20 egg,bacon biscuit; zaxbys salad, cantalope, mango
    6-21 149/149.4 eggs, nuts, veggie chips; chilli's bacon burger, fries, union rings; went 2.45miles in 40min
    6-22 150.5/150.8 apple x2, honey roasted peanuts; walmart cold cut sandwhich, veggie chips, cheerios
    6-23 149/149.8 bacon egg cheese biscuit x2, banana; orange, apple; noodles, ham, eggs
    6-24 149/150 bacon egg cheese biscuit x2; chili's burger & fries, lemon shake fr Chic-fila; went 2.44miles in 40min
    6-25 149.5/150 orange, apple x2, roast chicken, salad; beef w/rice; orange. went 1.31miles in 20min
    6-26 148/148.6 banana, corn dog, donut; orange, apple; roast chicken, banana, cheerios; went 2.8miles in 46min
    6-27 147.5/148.4 banana, cheerios, eggs; jamaican rice, sautee chicken; went 2.55miles in 40mi
    6-28 147.5/148.4 cheerios, eggs, bacon, noodle; ground beef, bacon, kimchee, pork rib,cranberries; went 1.91miles in 30min
    6-29 148/148.2 apple x3, pork skins; taco, quesadeia, pepsi
    6-30 146.5/147.4 applex2, orange; asian chow: fried rice & chicken, veggies
    7-1 147.5/148 asian chow: fried rice & chicken, veggies, apple x2 , orange; chilli cheerios ; went 2.6miles in 40min

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    7-1 147.5/148 asian chow: fried rice & chicken, veggies, apple x2 , orange; chilli cheerios ; went 2.6miles in 40min
    got a new scale that also does 0.2graduations, retiring old scale that does 0.5grads
    weighed myself after work on both new=147.0, other =147.2

    7-2 147/147.2 sausage burritox2; orangesx2; cheerios, honey bunches, BBQ from sonnys
    7-3 147.4/147.6 BBQ:chicken, pork, honey bunches; went 2.8miles in 46min; more BBQ: bacon wrapped chicken, sausage, steak; roasted nuts
    7-4 148.6/148.4 roasted nuts, bacon wrapped chicken, sausage, steak; watermelon, steak,bacon wrapped chicken, ; went 1.9miles in 30min.
    7-5 bacon & eggs; roasted nuts. watermelon, cranberries; roast pork, potatoes, carrots; went 1.91 in 31min
    7-6 149.6/149.8 applex2, orange; pork chops, chicken breast & veggies, brownie; went 1.31miles in 21min
    7-7 147.2/147.6 brownie, orangex2, applex2; pork chops, carrots, cabbage, potatoe
    7-8 148/147.8 chicken biscuitx2, veggie lasania, grapes, blueberries, krutons; 2 pieces fried chicken, cranberries; went 1.9miles in 30min
    7-9 148.4/148.6 orangesx2, brazilion: ox tail, breaded chicken, sausages, taro root, yellow squash; fried bananas
    7-10 148/148.2 spicy noodles, roast chicken; taco salad, cantalope; cran/blueberries, grapes, ham,
    7-11 148/148.2 roast chicken; lemon cake; hot dog (sams); steak, sausage
    7-12 148.6/148.6 sausage, steak, rice, peppers; peanuts/nuts, cranberries; beef jerky
    7-13 150.6/150.6 orange, apple, banana, honey roasted peanuts; chilli, steak cuts, roasted jalapenos/sweet peppers, trail mix
    7-14 149/149 sausage burrito, strawberries, grapes, peach, cake; pork chops, beef & unions, nuts; went 2 miles in 32min
    7-15 149/149 orange, grapes, blueberries, strawberries; salad, cookie, chicken sandwhich, salmon pasta; beef salad, chicken leg & roasted peppers, peanuts;
    7-16 149.4/149.6 trail mix, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, cucumber; BBQ: pork steak, peas, brocolli; went 2miles in 31min
    7-17 150.6/150.6 cranberries, grapes, granola bar, cucumber; fig newton; pizza, chic fila sandwhich, fries
    7-18 had gout, water, cranberry juice, chicken biscuit; meat balls, salmon, asparagus
    7-19 did not weigh; eggs, spicy noodles, watermelon, peanuts, beef stew, pork BBQ
    7-20 151.6/151.6 grapes, cramberries, cucumber; crossiant sandwhich, peanuts,
    7-21 150.4/150.6 crossandwhich, apple x2; peanuts, pork ribs, veggie dish, peas
    7-22 150/150.4 chicken biscuit; asian chow, peanuts, trail mix, waffle fries
    7-23 152.6/152.6 bacon, sausage, peanuts,crissant; pizza, chicken wings; went 2.1miles in 35 min
    7-24 151.6/151.8 crossandwhich; pulled pork sandwhich, lemonade; beef salad, fried chicken wing, cereal
    7-25 151.8/152.2 chicken stir fry, cereal; sonic double cheese burger, onion rings, coke, cereal; went 2.8miles in 45min
    7-26 151.6/151.6 steak,eggs; pho w/cow tail, shrimp, but clusters, cereal; went 1.25miles in 20min
    7-27 152.6/152.6 nut clusters, blue/raspberries, apple, banana, apple; beef jerky, nut clusters
    7-28 151.8/152.0 nut clusters, sausage burrito, applex2, banana, blue/raspberries;flounder, beef & brocolli, pork & greens, asparagus, carrots; went 2miles in 31min
    7-29 149.4/149.6 cran/strawberries, applex2, peach; sandwhich, ham, nuts
    7-30 149.6/149.6 nuts, grapes, peaches x2;nuts, ham sandwhich w/tomatoes, cheese; ran 2miles in 30min
    7-31 148.4/148.4 blue/strawberries, pancake, bacon, sausage, grits; peach; sonnys BBQ, nuts; ran 1.27miles in 20min
    8-1 149.6/149.6 nuts, cereal; Nori Nori sushi buffet: sushi, beef, bluefish, shrimp, ice cream,crab cakes,dumplings; nuts; went 2.83miles in 45min
    8-2 150.2/150.2 nuts; fried chicken, pork rib, brocolli, nuts, mash potatoes & gravy; ran 2.23miles in 32min
    8-3 150/150 sausage burrito, peach x2; salas w/tomatoes, peppers, olives, ranch, humuss, nuts
    8-4 150/150 nut clusters (2), applex2, banana; beef stew w/carrotsx2, clery, nuts, nuts clusters, hamx2
    8-5 149.6/149.8 sausage burritox2, applex2, banana, orange; beef stew again, ham again; went 1.3miles in 21min
    8-6 149.8/149.4 nuts, banana, applex2, orange; ham & cheese crossant, nuts; went 1.4miles in 25min
    8-7 148.6/148.2 bananax2, applex2, orange; pork chops, beef stir fry w/bamboo, jalapeno pepper
    8-8 148.4/148.4 eggs, ham, cereal; MCD bacon burger, coke, rice sesame ball, rice roll, banana; nuts, sausage, asparagus, peppers; went 1.33miles in 20min
    8-9 150 cereal, ham & sausage, nuts, potato chips, beef jerky; chilli; asparagus, bacon wrapped chicken, corn, fried peppers, banana, trail mix: sweet pineapple, papaya
    8-10 153 banana, applex2; cherries, soft tacos, fried chicken; ran 2.3miles in 36min; brazil nuts
    8-11 150.8/151.2 brazil nuts, apple; salad, chickn & pineapple; hamburger; ran 2miles in 31min; brazil nuts
    8-12 150.6/151 brazil nuts, banana, apple, orange, dried cherries; salad, fruit: honey dew, pineapple, grape, pasta, nuts, brazil nuts; brocolli, aspa/ragus, bacon, ham, cheese wrapped chicken; went 1.3miles in 20min
    8-13 150/150.2 brazil nuts, grapes, peach, nectarine, orange; mediterranium food: fish, salad, beef, chicken, nuts
    8-14 150.2/150.4 sausage burrito, peach, nectaRine, orange; brazillian BBQ: BBQ, bacon wrapped chicken, fried bananas; pork rib, brisket, nut; went 2.5miles in 44min
    8-15 149.8/149.4 nuts, cereal, BBQ:rib, brisket, pork ;crossandwhich; trail mix; pho, went 1.31miles in 20min
    8-16 151/151 brazil nuts, cereal; pho; orange noodles; na-va; orange noodles
    8-17 153/153.2 orange, peach, ham, roast beef, sausage, cereal, nuts; 1.31miles in 20min
    8-18 150.2/150.6 banana, orangex2, dried cherry; applex2; chicken wing, pulled pork, fried bananas, black beans; went 1.1miles in 17min
    8-19 149.2/149.6 bananax2, peach, applex2, orange; roast beef, nuts, dumplings, pork skins
    8-20 149/149.4 nuts, applex2; chicken salad wrap, chicken wings, nuts; went 1.4miles in 22min
    8-21 148.4/148.8 cucumber, applex2, orange; KFC, mashed potatoes, nuts, mack & cheese; went 1.41miles in 21min
    8-22 149/149.4 cereal, nuts; sonix double bacon cheeseburger, onion rings, sprite; roast beef, fish, nuts, fried bananas
    8-23 151.2/151.6 nuts, eggs & sausage; spaghetti & sausage; went 2.5miles in 40min
    8-24 152.2/152.8 nuts, applex2, orange, honey roasted peanuts, sonnys BBQ: ribs, brisket, pork, baked beans, greens
    8-25 150.8/151.8 peach, plum; Andreti: sandwhiches, Long Island drinks x3; went 1 mile in 15min
    8-26 150.2/150.2 nuts, BBQ:rib+pork, plum
    8-27 150/149.8 nuts; trail bars x5, chicken, dried cherries, nuts
    8-28 leftover BBQ; panda express
    8-29 148.6/149.4 sausage, pork skins. nuts; BK whopper & union rings, beef & bamboo shoots; beef patty
    8-30 150/150.2 went 1.41miles in 21min; bacon, eggs, banana; pho, fried rice & chicken, muffin, crossant
    8-31 151.2/151.2 went 1.1mile in 14min; nut clusters, chinese & chicken legs; zaxbys: wings, fries & grilled chckn sndwh
    9-1 150.8/150.8 went 1.1mile in 14min; banana; eggs, spicy noodle w/pork skins; 2 trail bars; beef stir fry w/unions, peppers; pork & greens; went 2.44miles in 33min
    9-2 148.8/149 banana, nuts, ground beef; beef stir fry w/onions, pepper; pork & greens
    9-3 148.4/149 nuts, banana, beef stir fry; peanuts, trail bar; watermelon, roast pork w/potatoes & pepper; went 2.6miles in 41min
    9-4 148/148 peAnuts, banana; went 1.1miles in 14min; ground beef, salami, grapes, cantalope, nuts, trail mix
    9-5 149/149.2 nuts; indian buffet: cheese curry, goat & chicken curry, sweet dough ball; went 1.12miles in 18min
    9-6 150.2/150.2 nuts, bojangles spicy chckn biscuit; chkn soup; BBQ-steak, ribs, bacon wrapped chkn, corn, apple; went 1.31miles in 21min
    9-7 150.4/150.8 bacon wrapped chckn; pineapple; steak, bacon wrapped chckn
    9-8 148.4/148.8 banana, apple, orange, honey roasted peanuts; pork & greens, steak, bacon wrapped chicken; went 1 mile in 15min
    9-9 148/148.2 banana, tangerine x2, nectarine; eggs, pork, trail bar x2
    9-10 146.6/147 nuts, clusters, tangerine x2; apple, nectarine; trail bar x2, eggs
    9-11 146.2/146.4 tangerine x3, nectarine; chicken & shrimp fried rice, eggdrop soup, eggroll, star; jasons deli ham sndwch; went 3miles in 47min
    9-12 147.4/147.8 peanuts chckn, peas; bacon, sausage; chckn & greens, bacon
    9-13 148.8/149 bacon, cookie, nuts; chilli, thai: chckn, potatoes, carrots, unions, peppers; went 2.87miles in 39min
    9-14 147.8/148 plum, apple, tangerinex2; apple, plum; club sndwch: ham, tomatoes; honey roasted peanuts; zaxbys grilled chckn sndwch w/fries & cola; went 1.6miles in 25min
    9-15 148/148.4 plum, tangerinex2, applex2; egg omlete w/peppers, unions, spinach, cheese; veggies, pepper, squash, grapes, krutons, melon; cheeseburger; went 2.72miles in 43min
    9-16 147.8/148.2 chips, apple x2; salad, melon, peas, pasta & bacon; eggs, nuts; went 1.62miles in 25min
    9-17 147/147.8 nuts, plum x2, nectarine;ham sndwch (half), pickle, short bread cookie, watermelon, chips; BBQ: peas, brocolli,ribs,brisket,pork; went 2.81miles in 42min
    9-18 146.8/147.4 bbq: rib,pork,briscit, brocolli, banana nut bread,nuts
    9-19 145.2/145.8 nuts, banana nut bread, omlete; watermelon, banana nut bread,ham; ran 2.91miles in 42min
    9-20 147.4/147.8 nuts, omlete, beef stew, briscit, pork, nut clusters, cookie, caramel apple, fruit rollup, nuts; KCF & taco bell (burrito, sft & hard taco)
    9-21 149/149.2 viet fruit cake, nuts, tuna; went 1.6miles in 25min
    9-22 148.6/148.6 omlete w/potatoe, onions, tomatoe, cookie; crazy bread, chckn pasta; went 3 miles in 44min; ham, nuts, grapes
    9-23 147.2/147.6 grapes, bananax2; viet sndwch; tangerine in syrup; chips, cookie; pho
    9-24 149/149.4 banana x2, apple x2, nectarine; pork & peppers, nuts, cereal; went 2.97miles in 43min
    9-25 147.4/148 BANANA, apple x2, bacon omlete; beef salad
    9-26 146.8/147.6 eggs, chckn & brocolli, cereal; Sonic double cheese burger & onion rings x2, lemonade; walked 2 miles in 31min
    9-27 146.6/146.8 nuts, clusters; eggs, bacon, cereal; went 1 mile in 17min; potatoe soup, chkcn soup, turkey & cheese sndwch, cheesecake, garlic bread; went 3 miles in 43min; sausage stir fry w/unions, peppers
    9-28 147.8/148 banana, apple; eggs x4, bacon, biscuit, porridge; 2 soft tacos, chckn leg, nuts
    9-29 148.8/149 apple x2, triscuits; chckn wrap, salad; went 3.65miles in 54min; meatloaf, peas, nuts
    9-30 147/147.2 apple x3, honey roasted peanuts; cheese & bacon bits; went 3.57 miles in 56min; watermelon, wings
    10-1 145.8/145.8 applex2, egg/ham omlete;fruit smoothie; apple x2; went 3.8miles in 59min; pork & greens, fried chicken, nuts
    10-2 145.6/145.8 sausage burrito x2, apple, snickers mini, apple x2; fried & roast chicken, nuts, ham, turkey
    10-3 146.2/146.8 cereal, eggs, bacon, ham; mexican fajita bowl, chckn polo ranchero, chips & dip, watermelon; went 2.52miles in 45min
    10-4 147.4/147.8 mex reheat: soup, tamatoe, alvacado, chckn, fajita: beef, chckn, shrimp, pork; cereal; went 2.97miles in 47min; beef stew, chkcn soup, cheese & bean dip
    10-5 147.8/148 QT sausage roll, parsimmons; small roast beef sndwhch; cereal, beef stew, speghetti & meatballs; went 1.6miles in 25min
    10-6 147.2/147.8 apple, nectarine, nut bar x2; applex2, orange, mushroom wrap, chips, pickle, salsa; went 3.25miles in 47min; chickn in curry and pork/beef & greens
    10-7 146.4/146.6 nut bar, apple, donut; orange, applex2; salad, brownie, fruit smoothie; chickn curry, eggs, ham omlete, cereal; went 1.7miles in 27min
    10-8 146.6/146.8 apple, nutbar, pork skins; cranberry sndwhch, apple, orange; lasagna, salad, roll & olive oil dip
    10-9 147.8/147.8 fish & rice; salad, lasagna, BBQ: rib, briscket, pulled pork, baked beans; went 2 miles in 31min
    10-10 146.6/146.6 BBQ: briskit, ribs, pulled pork, bake beans; eggs & bacon; BBQ: briskit, ribs, pulled pork, bake beans, cookie, ; ran 3 miles in 41min
    10-11 146/145.6 pulled pork, baked beans, cookie, spicy noodles; pizza 2 slics, coke; 2 egg rolls; ran 3.05miles in 40min
    10-12 146/146.2 salad, pizza slices x4; watermelon; went 2.25miles in 30min
    10-13 146/146.2 nutbar; pastrami sndwch, salad, apple
    10-14 144.2/144.6 banana, apple; pulled pork w/unions, fried ocra, steamed cabbage; went 2.26miles in 32min; crab stew, chckn leg
    10-15 144.8/144.6 apple; fried union rings, pastrami beef sndwch; chckn cordon blue, jambilia rice, corn; went 2 miles in 31min
    10-16 144.6/144.6 banana, coffee; mushroom burger; sonics union rings, double bacon cheese burger (half); went 3.16miles in 1.4 hours
    10-17 144/144.2 eggs, cereal, bacon, spciy noodles, banana; zaxbys:grilled chckn sndwch, salad, fried; went 2.77 miles in 43min
    10-18 146.2/146.4 cereal, eggs, corned beef, jambiliya rice; ham & cheese crossiant, roasted peanuts, cashews; went 2 miles in 32min; roasted pork, chckn soup, corn
    10-19 147.2/147.6 apple, orange, apple, banana, trailmix; went 2.28miles in 34min; meatballs, roast chckn, honey roasted peanuts, cashews
    10-20 145.6/146 apple x3; orange, asian pear, salmon, chckn, salad, crossisandwch ham; went 3.13miles in 41min; beef patty
    10-21 145/145.2 dounut, apple; salad, fruits, pasta, pickle, chckn almond sndwch, tomatoe soup; went 3.71miles in 47min; pork chops w/hot sauce, roasted peanuts, crossiant, mint bar10
    10-22 144.6/145.4 banana, apple x2, orange; mango chckn rice; went 3.98miles in 38min (Runkeeper); orange chckn, teriyaki chkcn
    10-23 146/146 eggs, crossiant, peanuts; almond joy, Ikea swedish meatballs & mashed potatoes; sonnys BBQ
    10-24 146.6/147.4 banana, BBQ:rib, chkn leg, egg roll; ice cream, gummy bears, salmon asparagus; pho
    10-25 148.6/148.8 KFC- 2 peices, taco bell- 3 tacos; salmon asparagus, rice/beef wrappers, chocolate-snickers, almond joy
    10-26 148.8/149.3 pickle x2, chckn salad sndwch x2; chilli, BBQ-ribs, pork, apple
    10-27 146.4/146.6 banana, applex2; donut x2; beef & bamboo; chckn, pepper, carrots & unions; almond joy.
    10-28 144.8/145.2 banana x2, apple x3, mini-choc bars x2; went 2.83miles in 39min (Runtastic); steak, asparagus, carrots
    10-29 143.8/143.8 banana X2. APPLE X3; 4 pizza slices, lemonade; went 4.11miles in 52min; pork chops, banana peppers
    10-30 144.6/145 apple x3, peanuts; went .9mile in 16min (uphill hike);wings & onion rings; went 5miles in 1 hr 7min
    10-31 143.6/143.6 roast pork, banana, almond joy, nuts/seeds, eggrolls x5; beef salad, sweet meat, candy bars, rice, pork; played ping ong for 2 hours
    11-1 145/145.2 beef salad, sweet meat, rice, pork; almond joy; burger & union rings from Yard House; steak; went 1.8miles in 28min
    11-2 147/147.2 sausage burritox2, applex4; pulled pork; roast chckn, soup, crossiant; went 2 miles in 32min.
    11-3 145.2/145.6 crossiant, apple x2, kosher burger, fried plantains; zaxbys salad, fries, chckn wings; went 1.5miles in 25min
    11-4 145/145.2 apple x3, mcribx2; sausage, snickers; went 1.6miles in 25min
    11-5 146.2/146.2 lime pie, sausage & ham, snickers; chic fil-a sndwch; went 2.1 miles in 33 min; egg ham rice, small portion, apple
    11-6 144.8/145.2 applex4, mini-bars: snickersx2, almond joy; Moe's taco beef salad; shrimp; went 2.1 miles in 29min; beef & bamboo
    11-7 145.6/145.8 egg, went 2miles in 32min; kani house hibachi: fried rice and steak, salad, soup; ice cream, almond joy; kani house hibachi; went 1.5miles in 25min
    11-8 145.8/146.2 eggs, bacon, hashbrown, choc mini-bars x5, grapes; beef, potatoe, carrot, & zuccini soup, corn bread; went 3 miles in 53min
    11-9 147/147.2 apple x5; KFC, beef stew; went 1.6miles in 25min
    11-10 143.8/144.4 apple x3, orange; chckn sndwch, salad; went 3 miles in 43min; went .71mile in 11min; grapes1111
    11-11 142.8/143.6 eggs/omelete, apple, grapes, sausage burrito, orange; went 3.4miles in 45min; orange pho, crossiant, pecan cookie
    11-12 144/144 orange x3, banana, dove choc; went 3 miles in 43min; beef pattyx2, lettuce, tomatoe, onions, peppers, crossiant, pecan cookie
    11-13 142.8/143 banana x2, orange x2; fruits: grapes, pineapple, cantalope, chckn sndwch; went 2miles in 31min; lasagna, salad, cookie, banana chips
    11-14 143.2/143.4 lasagna, banana chips, banana, turkey, roast beef; bread & olive oil; tapiocia coconut syrup desert, thai tea, purple rice w/sausage, chkcn, rib; went 1 miles in 18min
    11-15 147.8/148 pork, sausage, rib, fat, spicy noodle; thai tea; tuna, banana, spicy salad; went 4.4 miles in 1.04min
    11-16 148.6/148.8 orange x2, banana x2; milk duds, sliced turkey ham, cookie; mcrib, fries; went 1.7 miles in 27min; chkcn bamboo soup
    11-17 145.8/145.8 orange x2, banana x2; ham, turkey, eggs; went 3 miles in 47min, donut hole, nut cluster,
    11-18 143/143.6 banana x2, orange; Sonnys BBQ:rib, brocolli, peas, chckn, pork
    11-19 143.2/143.4 grapes, banana x2; 5 guys hamburger, fries, peanuts; pho w/beef broth, cartilage; nut cluster
    11-20 143.2/143.2 banana, applex2, mango x3; beef salad, fried rice w/chckn & veggies; nut cluster
    11-21 145.2/145.4 parsimmon, nut cluster; bacon, eggs, hashbrown, ham, crossiant, pastry; sonix dbl ch-burger, union rings
    11-22 147.2/147.6 corn suffla; prime rib, turkey, sausage, pork rib, potatoe casserole, corn suffla
    11-23 147.2/147.6 grapes, banana, orange x3; prime rib, turkey, sausage, corn suffla; parsimmon
    11-24 144/144 apple x2;beef ribs, prime rib, turkey, sausage; went 2.2 miles in 31min
    11-25 144.2/144.6 crackers, Yard House burger, onion rings x2;
    11-26 144.2/144.2 turkey, cabbage rolls x3; ham, stuffed chckn wings, cheesecake, rice, sausage, roast pork, mac & cheese,
    11-27 147/147 chckn wing, ham, turkey, cookie;turkey, left overs; tacos (2)
    11-28 spicy noodles, ham, eggs; choc bars; mexican: fajita meats, chckn veggie dish,
    11-29 146.4/146.6 fajita b-fast, nuts, fresh rice
    11-30 145.2/145.6 grapes, apple x3, orange; went 2.1miles in 33min; chips w/cheese and salsa, fajita meat
    12-1 144/144 nuts, orange x2, apple x2; chinese: beef & brocolli, orange chkn; kung pow chckn, rice; nuts
    12-2 144.6/145.2 sausage burrito x2, apple x3, orange, parsimmon; went 2.2 miles in 33min; egg omlete, pastrami, nuts
    12-3 143.8/143.8 apple x2, IT Lunch: ham, turkey, lemon bread, cake, corn sufla, fruits; nuts; went 1.81 miles in 28min
    12-4 144.6/144.4 apple x2, ham, turkey; orange x2, chic fila chkn sndwch; sonix dbl chburger & onion rings; went 1.8miles in 23min
    12-5 145/145.6 eggs (omlete), spicy noodles, pastrami; mcrib, stir fry, choc balls x4, snickers, almond joy; went 1.26miles in 20min
    12-6 145/145.4 peanuts, eggs, ham, clam chowder; beef stir fry salad; crossiant, cake; went 2.5miles in 40min
    12-7 145.8/146.2 apple, roast beef, french onion soup; fried chckn, grapes, mash potatoe, almond joy
    12-8 144/144 parsimmon, applex2; orange; went 2.12miles in 31min; chckn veggie soup, beef stir fry, danish; peanuts
    12-9 143/143.2 grapes, applex2, orange x2; went 2.43miles in 39min; mexican salad w/beef & chkn, jalapenos, chip & cheese dip, peanuts1212
    12-10 143.2/143.6 grapes, applex4; pork chops, brocolli, potatoes, peanuts; went 1 mile in 15min
    12-11 142.2/142.4 2 sausage burritos, applex3, grapes; bobbys dbl ch-burger w/lettuce, unions, pickles, jalapenos, fries; chilli, beerx2, pepper,
    12-12 144/144.2 peanuts, bacon egg & cheese buscuit; chips, jalapenos & dip; fried chkn; pho w/beef broth; went 3 miles in 1 hour
    12-13 146.6/146.8 sausage egg mcmuffin, beef broth, nuts; sausages, peanuts; cranberry orange; went 3 miles in 45min; pho w/beef broth
    12-14 147.4/148 apple, peanut cookie, cashews; cranberry cookie x2, hot choc; went 3.25 in 47min; roast chkn, soup, veggies
    12-15 146.4/146.4 grapes, blueberries, apples x2; chilli, chkn
    12-16 144.4/144.6 eggs, almond joy, chilli; ham, chilli, almond joy, pepper, cheese; went 3.2miles in 44min; roast chkn, veggies, potatoes
    12-17 144.2/144.6 blueberries, applex3, orangex2; ribsx3, cookie, sndwch; went 1.6miles in 26min; zaxbys fries & wings, celery
    12-18 143.2/143.4 2 sausage burritos, 3 oranges, 2 apples; 4 ribs; went 1.7miles in 27min; pork roast, fried peppers, asparagus, mashed potatoe
    12-19 142.2/142.4 spicy noodles, eggs, bacon, ham; ribs, pork, fried peppers, asparagus, snickers, almnd jy, ground beef w/tomatoes; went 3 miles in 52min

  3. #3
    12-20 144.2/144.4 eggs, bacon, oatmeal; deer meat, fried greens & pork, salad, rice; went 5.78miles in 1.33 hours; ham
    12-21 146.2/146.2 grapes, apple x3, orange; half cookie; went 3.1miles in 47min; sonnys BBQ: baked beans, green beans, rib, sliced pork, briscit
    12-22 144.2/144.6 sausage burritox2, apple x2; 3 milk duds;Moe's taco beef salad, chips & salsa; 2 pork ribs, rice; went 2 miles in 30min
    12-23 144.6/144.4 applex3, banana; dbl ch-burger @ cheeseburger bobbys; prime rib, brocolli casserole; trailmix; went 2.5 miles in 39min
    12-24 144.6/144.4 beef, trail mix, tangerinex2, spicy noodle; beef roast, turkey, corn sufla, broccoli and cheese, cheese cake, ice cream, went 3 miles in 50min
    12-25 145.2/145.6 cheesecake, bacon & eggs, oatmeal, trailmix, OJ; OJ, beef roast, turkey wing, corn sufla, broccoli and cheese, cheese cake; went 2 miles in 33min
    12-26 146.8/147 eggs, bacon, trailmix, spicy noodles; grapes, steak, brocolli & cheese, almd joy; went 4.3 miles in 1.2 hour
    12-27 147/147.2 eggs, bacon, turkey leg, trailmix, hashbrowns; 2 sausage burriots; went 3.2 miles in 46min; roast beef sndwhich, peanuts
    12-28 148/148.2 ran 2 miles in 30min; walked 1 mile in 17min
    12-29 144.2/144.6 lol starvation & exercise worked; grapes, apple x3; tangerine x3, banana; went 2.85miles in 42min; orange pho
    12-30 145.2/145.2 banana, applex2, orange; pizza x3 slices; banana nut bread, black/blue/raspberries; went 2.41miles in 39min; red beans & ham
    12-31 147.2/147.4 peanuts, walnuts, ham, crossiant; steak, hashbrown; went 2.2 miles in 31 min; went 1 mile 17 min; peanuts
    1-1 146.8/146.8 sausage, steak, eggs, oatmeal; peanut butter; collar greens, blk eye peas, ham
    1-2 148/148.2 chckn biscuit; 2 tacos; peanuts
    1-3 147/147.2 chilli, roast chckn and greens; peanuts; lemon/cranberry juice, gout flareup?
    1-4 146.4/146.4 lemon/cranberry juice, gout flareup?
    1-5 150.2/150.6 looks like I retained the water weight from the drinking; lemon juice/water, apple, eggs; pizza, chckn wing x2; boiled egg, grapes
    1-6 144.2/144.2 back on track, lost the water weight? sausage egg biscuit, applex2; sausage egg biscuit, orangex2
    1-7 144.2/144.2 banana, applex2, orange x2; potatoe chips 6-8 chips, boiled egg, bite of chocolate.
    1-8 145.2/145.2 Applex2, banana, orange x2; beef salad, papaya salad, peanuts
    1-9 143.2/143.2 eggs, oatmeal, ham; salami; crackers, potatoe chips; peanuts; el jeanitte fajita for 2, chips & cheese
    1-10 143.2/143.2 el jeanitte fajita for 2; peanuts; talapia; chips & cheese; roast chkn, sausage, asparagus, peppers, rice; peanuts
    1-11 145.8/145.8 APPLEX2, orange x2; boiled eggs, peanuts
    1-12 143.2/142.6 applex2, orangex2; peanuts; fried chcknx2, peas, mashed potatoes
    1-13 141.4/141.6 peanuts, applex3, orange; peanuts; fried chcknx2, corn
    1-14 142.2/142.6 grapes, applex3; roast chkn, potatoe salad, peanuts; salami
    1-15 142.2/142.4 capitol grill: wagyu cheeseburger w/fried egg & crisp onions; fries, celery, carrot, tea, lime drink; went 1 mile in 16min; salad, salami, peanuts
    1-16 143/143 lasagna, salami, cake, peanuts; Thai Pad: pho, beef salad, papaya salad, chckn & noodles; grapes
    1-17 147/147 bacon, eggs, pineapple, oatmeal; sausage,chckn teriyaki, pork & greens; cookie
    1-18 146.4/146.2 eggs, sausage, spicy noodles; sonix: dbl cheeseburger, union rings, pastachios, fries, lemonade; went 2 miles in 31min
    1-19 146.4/146.2 applex4; fried chkn, soft taco; went 1 mile in 16min
    1-20 144.2/144.4 grapes, strawberries, applex3, tangerine; peanuts, pistachios, brownie; steak, asparagus, pepper, zuccini; went 1.3miles in 20min
    1-21 143/143.2 brownie, blueberries, asian pear x2; panda chinese: fried rice, noodles, orange chkn, teriyaki chkn, brocolli; peanuts
    1-22 144/143.8 grapes, blueberries, brownie; asian pear; steak, pork soup; went 1.3 miles in 20min
    1-23 141.8/142 boiled egg, ham, grapes; went 2 miles in 32min; chinese leftovers, corn; walnuts; sticky rice, roast chkn, pork, sausage, tofu & chkn; chocolate; went 1.5miles in 24min
    1-24 143.6/143.2 walnuts, grapes; eggs, bacon, sticky rice, sausage; honey dew; orange pho; walked 1.1miles in 18min
    1-25 146/146.2 grapes, banana, asian pear; orange pho, pork skins; rib, brisket, baked beans, peas; went 1.1miles in 18min
    1-26 144.8/144.8 chic fila bacon platter: bacon, eggs, biscuit, sausage gravy; baked beans, briscuit, pork; went 1.2miles in 20min
    1-27 144/143.6 applex3. orangex3; beef salad, brisket, peanuts, veggie chips; went 1 mile in 16min
    1-28 142.8/142.4 applex3, orange x3; roast chkn legs, peas, carrots; veggie chips; went 1 mile in 17min
    1-29 142/142 applex2, tangerinex3; roast beef, tuna sndwch, cookie; went 1.7miles in 28min; pho, beef salad. thai pad, pork salad
    1-30 142.4/142.4 peanuts, beef & papaya salad; veggie chips, ham, rice, papaya salad, beef jerky, pork and greens; cheese dip; went 1.75mile in 50mi; chicken curry, pork & greens, bamboo peppers
    1-31 146/145.6 veggie chips, grapes, ham and egg toast, ham and eggs; steak, chili, boiled beef & greens, roast chkn, hashbrown & cheese, blackberries; went 2 miles in 45min; tangerine x4; grapes
    2-1 145/145.2 applex4. tangerinex3, peanuts; fruit dish: honey dew, cantalope; went 1 mile in 16min; steak, blueberries
    2-2 142.6/142.6 peanuts, applex4, orangex3; peanuts, went 2.1miles in 36min; pork ribs, peanuts, grapes
    2-3 141.8/141.8 Peanuts, banana, applex4, parsimmin, beef jerky; pork & greens, gound beef, peanuts
    2-4 142/141.8 applex3, banana, parsimmon, kiwi; trail mix; pork skins; beef potatoe, carrot soup; pickled jalapenos, peanuts; went 1.25miles in 21min
    2-5 142.8/142.8 peanuts; bananax3, brazilian steak, pork, fried bananas, rice; went 1.25miles in 20min; asian pear, peanuts
    2-6 140.8/141 biscuit egg, sasauge; fajita for 2, rice, beans; cheesedip & chips; parsimmon, asian pear, chocholate bars; went 3.55miles in 1 hour
    2-7 142.8/142.6 sausage, eggs & brocolli, oatmeal; fajita, peanuts;went 2.3miles in 40min
    2-8 144/144.2 banana, blueberries, asian pear; choc covered nuts; pork roast, pork & greens, sausage, rice (2 servings)
    2-9 143.2/143.4 apple, parsimmon, choc: nuts & almond joy; crab cakes & cabbage; roast chckn, tomatoe pepper, fried peppers; went 1 mile in 17min; peanuts
    2-10 143/143.2 apple, grapes, chocolate, tangerinexe, kiwi, parsimmon; went 2 miles in 34min; (half) crossiandwch: eggs, cheese, ham; sausage, pork, egg omlete
    2-11 143/142.8 applex2, choc bars x3, choc cookie; hunan beef chinese: fried rice, beef, eggroll, crab star, brocolli; peanuts, went 1.5miles in 25min
    2-12 144.8/144.6 cake, grapes, applex2, peanuts, asian pear; went 2.5miles in 37min; peanuts; zaxbys: fries, grilled chkn sndwch, buffalo wings
    2-13 144.2/144.2 egg soup, ham, turkey slices, peanuts; golden corral: bacon, beef stew, cheese burger, choc cake, pulled pork, cabbage, beef patties
    2-14 146.2/146.4 peanuts, burrito, egg soup; pho: beef broth, fried pork & shrimp; snickers, grapes
    2-15 147.8/147.4 cake, grapes, apple x2, mandarine x3; egg soup, beef, shrimp, pork, peanuts; went 1.6miles in 25min
    2-16 144.8/144.6 sugar choc cookie, grapes, applex3, mandarinex3; choc slice; chckn w/brocolli, rice; went 2.2miles in 31min
    2-17 142.6/142.4 grapes, apple, mandarinx3, choc mini bars; fruit dish: grapes, canatalope, melon, lettuce, pineapple; BBQ: beef brisket, pulled pork, baked beans; grapes; went 1.6miles in 26min
    2-18 143.6/143.4 mandarin x3, snickers mini x3, apple; went 2.2miles in 31min; chilli (3.5 small bowls), peanuts
    2-19 143.6/143.2 peanuts, apple, kiss choc; Moes taco salad chkn; snickers mini; went 2.3miles in 33min; Sonnys BBQ: baked beans, peas, rib, brisket, chkn leg
    2-20 144/143.8 peanuts, egg soup, bacon, eggs, spicy noodle. Bking: 10 nuggets; junk food: cheese balls, choc tubes; speghetti, garlic bread
    2-21 144.2/144.6 cheese balls; bacon, eggs, rice; choc bar, pork, pork & greens, bacon & cabbage;
    2-22 147/146.6 applex3, banana, orange x3; Longhorns steak, potatoe, salad
    2-23 145.2/145.4 orangex3, applex4; hmoob sausage, buff wings (2), dried berries, bread & butter, cantalope; went 1 mile in 15min
    2-24 144.8/145 grapes, blackberryes, applex3, orangex3; beef stew w/carrots, potatoes, roast pork w/asparagus, peppers, almond joy; went 1 mile in 15min
    2-25 143.6/143.2 bananax2, blackberries; applex2, orangex3; snickers mini; leftovrs: glazed chkn nuggets, roast pork, beef stew, cashews; went .6miles in 10min
    2-26 142.4/142.4 cashews, strawberries, orangex2, banana; yardhouse pastrami sndwch w/salad; beef salad, papaya salad, dried berries, fried pork, sliced beef, fried rice, eggroll,
    2-27 144.8/145 egg soup; IHOP: philly cheese steak w/onion rings, mangos, papaya salad; beef laab, pork & greens, rice; went .5mile in 10min
    2-28 146.4/146.4 beef laab, egg rice, spicy noodle, almond joy, crucnhy peanute butter; egg rolls, tangerinex2, cheesecake; went 2.2miles in 33min; went 1.8miles in 27min
    2-29 146.4/146.4 mango, grapes;fried chkn, meat loaf, yams, zuccini & carrots, cookie; chckn sndwch, pizza; grapes, mango; went 1.3miles in 20min
    3-1 144.8/144.8 almond joy, banana, mandarinsx5; orange, apple & snickers; small bowl cereal, chckn, 3 tacos; went 1.2miles in 20min; cake
    3-2 144.6/144.6 cereal; grapes, snickers; fish, corn, yams; snickers; mandarinsx5; went 1.3miles in 20min
    3-3 143.6/143.4 cereal; grapes; mandarinx4; Moe's chckn taco salad; beef w/tomatoes, pork belly & cabbage; cereal
    3-4 144.2/144 cake; grapes; BGR: burger, union rings & cherry fanta;went 2.2miles in 33min; zaxbys: salad, fries, celery, buffalo wings, grapes
    3-5 144.6/144.6 bacon, eggs, spicy noodles, eggrollx3, mangos; chckn wingx2, eggroll, fries, cupcake, corssiant; went 2.5miles in 35min; went .38miles in 5min; pho
    3-6 146.2/146.2 crossiant, cupcake; egg w/asparagus, roast chckn; cupcake, pho; went 1.81miles in 30min
    3-7 147.4/147.4 mandarins x6, apple, snickers; went 2.2miles in 32min; peanuts, 2 softacos, roast chkn
    3-8 146.6/146.4 handful peanuts, 1/4 muffin; orange, mandarin x3, banana; Moe's chkn taco salad; snickers; went 2 miles in 30 min; chkn veggie soup; spaghetti & meat, 1/4 muffin
    3-9 146.2/146 peanuts; oranges x2; applex2, banana; went 2.9miles in 42min; grapes, strawberries
    3-10 143.2/143 orange, strawberries; banana, applex2; went 2.4miles in 33min; peanuts, pork & greens, roast pork
    3-11 142.6/142.6 peanuts; MCDs: bacon, egg & cheese biscuit, pancake, eggs; hot dog & drink; went 2.7miles in 42min; mexican fajita dish
    3-12 144.2/144 peanuts, chips & cheese dip; bacon, egg & cheese biscuit, pancake; ice cream,; steak, bacon wrapped chckn, sausage, asparagus, peanuts, went 3 miles in 50min; muffin, banana
    3-13 147/147.4 peanuts, muffin, bacon wrapped chckn, sausage, crossiant; steak, sausage, muffin; eggs, went 4.5 miles in 1 hour, 10min, peanuts.
    3-14 148.2/148.2 (12800 steps on 12-28) went 4 miles in 53min; boiled greens, rice, chkn & sausage, chilli; mandarin, orange, peanuts
    3-15 144.4/144.6 banana; applex2, orange, mandarin; went 3.8miles in 55min; peanuts, salad w/ranch, ham, eggs
    3-16 142.6/143 peanuts; banana, orange; banana, apple; went 3.8miles in 54min; peanuts, oranges, salad, ham & turkey
    3-17 143/143.2 peanuts; banana, orange; banana, apple x3; went 3.8miles in 53min; fried chckn, sampling: mashed potatoe, gravy, apple pie, blueberry pie
    3-18 142.4/142.4 orangesx3; bananax2; applex3; went 3.3miles in 46min; beef salad, greens, teriyaki orange chkn; lemon marange pie; eggroll
    3-19 142.8/143 peanuts, eggs, bacon, hashbrown, oatmeal; sample of apple & blueberry pie; purple rice, sausage, fried chkn; ran 4.4miles in 1 hour
    3-20 144.2/144.2 peanuts, bacon egg & cheese biscuit, hashbrown, bacon, chkn, apple; orange noodles
    3-21 148.2/148 peanuts, apple, snickers mini; applex2; boston market chckn, greens, mash potatoes, soup; went 1 mile in 16min
    3-22 145.6/145.4 peanuts, apple x4; chkn, potatoes, turkey; went 1.5miles in 24min
    3-23 143.2/143.6 applex2, snickers minix2; apple, snickers mini;; went 3.8miles in 54min; fried pork & greens, beef salad, peanuts, cabbage
    3-24 143.6/143 applex2, snickers minix3; went 3.8miles in 58min; fried pork & greens, beef salad, peanuts, cabbage; biscuit pastry
    3-25 142.6/142.6 went 1.8miles in 27min; peanuts, eggs, bacon, spicy noodle; Sonix dble chburger w/onion rings; Honey Pit Korean BBQ
    3-26 145/145.4 peanuts, bacon egg cheese biscuit; cake, Nori Nori sushi buffet; orange noodles
    3-27 147/147.4 peanuts, bacon egg cheese biscuit, mangos; greens & chckn, pork & cabbage; peanuts
    3-28 148.2/148.2 went 3.8miles in 52min; tuna, boiled egg, peanuts, chckn breast, baby banana
    3-29 143/143.2 sweet potatoes; went 3.5 miles in 44min; fried chkcn, mashed potatoes, baby banana, honey bunches of oats
    3-30 141.8/142 baby banana, cereal; potato w/bacon, cheese, chilli, cookie, brownie; went 3.6miles in 51min; steak strips
    3-31 142/142 baby banana, cereal; snickers mini; moe's chkn burrito, chips, crossiant bacon, egg & cheese; went 3.2miles in 44min; roast chkn, bamboo peppers, potatoes; cereal
    4-1 143.2/143.6 chocx2, ikea meatballs, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce; went 2.5miles in 38min; zaxbys salad, viet candy x2
    4-2 143.8/143.8 pops cereal, bacon, eggs, rice; longhorns steak, potatoe;
    4-3 143.6/143.6 bacon, egg, oatmeal; prime rib, chilli, peanuts; pork chops, sausages, tomatoes, peanuts, cookies x3
    4-4 143.2/143.4 grapes, applex3, orange; went 3.8miles in 50min; sausage, roast chkn, 2 slices of cantelope, 1/4 muffin, 1/2 crossiant
    4-5 142.6/142.6 banana, applex2, orange; brazillion steak, fried bananas, potatoes, peanuts, half crossiant, 1/4 muffin
    4-6 142.6/143 peanuts, 1/4 muffin, granola bar; 3 soft tacos, pizza, steak, oranges, almond joy
    4-7 144/144 peanuts, banana, bacon, eggs, spicy noodles;whole food lunch: brisket, raost chkn, fish, sweet potatoes; tomtatoe beef, pork chops, sausages
    4-8 146/146.2 peanuts, bacon, egg, 1/2 crossiant; pho, fried pork, orange; almond joy, cookies
    4-9 146.4/146.4 peanuts, bacon, egg; beef short rib, pork neck bones w/greens, orangex2; almond joy, cookies
    4-10 147.4/147.2 filet-o-fish, 1/2 big mac, fries. cookie, PHO; orangex2, kiwix2,
    4-11 149/148.6 ham & cheese crossiant, ham & egg sndwch, 3 small choc eggs; went 3.2miles in 45min; strawberries
    4-12 145/145 choc, smallx3,orange; went 3.2miles in 44min; salty beef salad w/beans; beef & ginger; grapes, peanuts
    4-13 144.8/144.6 orange; went 3.2miles in 44min; steak, asparagus, mash potatoes, bean salad, special K cereal, peanuts, mango
    4-14 144/144 choc ballsx2; went 3.2miles in 43min; roast chkn, 2 strips of steak, cashews, pistachios, bean salad, half cookie
    4-15 143.6/143.4 half cookie, cashews; went 2.6miles in 33min; fajita w/steak, shrimp, rice, salad, guacamole, chkn, mango
    4-16 143.4/143.2 cashews, fajita w/steak, shrimp, rice, salad, guacamole; pho; ham & cheese crossiant, mango, orangesx3
    4-17 147.2/147.2 pistachios, yams, fajita w/steak chkn; egg & ginger, sausage, oatmeal w/berries; ham & cheese crossiant, pastrami slices, cashews, grapes, strawberries, french bread,
    4-18 148.8/148.2 banana, applex2;tomato w/beef, pastrami, bean rice, pistachios, grapes; went 2 miles in 31min; strawberries
    4-19 144.4/144.4 tangerine x3, apple x2; ham egg salad, pastrami, blackberries, strawberries, mangos, walnut
    4-20 144.4/144 eggs, asparagus, pepper, unions; went 3.17miles in 41min; zaxbys half salad, ham, pastrami, mango, walnuts
    4-21 143.2/143 walnuts; 2 apples, 2 oranges; KFC: chkn, mashed potatoe, ham, pastrami, mango, walnuts, strawberries; went 1 mile in 16min
    4-22 143.2/143.2/143.2 oranges x3, applex3; went 3.1 miles in 38min (1 mile in 11.5min, 2 in 24min); walnuts; eggs, ham, pastrami, sausage & rice
    4-23 142.4/142.4 walnuts, eggs, bacon, spicy noodles, rolls; strawberries, walnuts, candy tube sticks; mini burgers x4, mangos; went 4.3 miles in 1 hour
    4-24 144.4/144.4 eggs, ham, pastrami, rolls, candy tube sticks; fried pork rinds w/cabbage; went 4.4 miles in 1 hour; chopped steak w/asparagus, bean salad
    4-25 144.8/145 grapes, applex3; went 3 miles in 40min; watermelon, steak, crossiant, oatmeal w/raisins, ham,
    4-26 143.2/143.2 slim jimx2, applex3, snickers mini x2; mango, watermelon; went 3.5miles in 44min; chckn salad w/mushrooms
    4-27 142.6/142.4 1/4 muffin, applex3, yam, beans, pork; ham roll, tuna sndwich, chips, brownie; went 3.16 miles in 40min (3 miles in 37min); mango, kiwi
    4-28 142.2/142.2 apple, potato chips, applex2, orange; snickers mini; mexican beef salad; went 1.2miles in 17min
    4-29 141.8/141 turkey slices, walnut, banana, half crossiant, applex3; 2 oreos; zaxbys salad, walnuts
    4-30 141.4/141.2 walnuts, oatmeat w/apple, craisins, raisins, honey; eggs, ham, 1/3 crossiant; ham & cheese crossiant; bacon wrapped chckn, steak, sausages, papaya salad; asparagus; mango, kiwiw, mangosteen, leechy
    5-1 143.6/143.4 ham & cheese crossiant, bacon wrapped chckn, steak, sausages; KFC chkn & mash potatoes; papaya salad, leechy,mango,mangosteen, kiwi; ham & cheese crossiant
    5-2 144.2/144.8 applex2, orange; went 3.5miles in 43min; mango, kiwi, turkey, walnut
    5-3 141.4/141.2 walnuts; banana, orange, applex2; went 3 miles in 38 minutes; chic fila salad; kiwi
    5-4 141.4/141.4 banana, strawberries, applex2; went 3.5miles in 44min (3miles in 37min); egg omelete w/asparagus, ham, unions; walnuts, watermelon
    5-5 140.8/140.6 strawberries, banana, apple; moe's chkn burrito & chips w/cheese dip; went 2 miles in 31min; watermelon, walnuts
    5-6 142.6/142.6 apple; Nan Thai: kai yang chckn breast; went 3.18mile in 41min (3 miles in 38min; 2 in 25min, 1 in 12min); KFC Chkn & 2 soft tacos
    5-7 141/141.4 peanuts; spicy noodles, eggs, ham; mango, kiwi; tacos, salad, pork & greens
    5-8 144.4/144.4 peanuts, apple oatmeal w/crasins, strawberries, raisins, honey; ham sandwch, dragon fruit; xlarge pho; 3 oranges
    5-9 146.6/146.6 ran 3 miles in 39min (1 in 12, 2 in 25); watermelon
    5-10 143/142.6 peanuts, applex2; snickers mini; yam slice, chckn in bbq sauce, lettuce; went 3 miles in 38min; watermelon, beef & bamboo;
    5-11 142.6/142.4 peanuts; apple x3; rib, peanuts, choc bar; went 3 miles in 40min; 2 oranges
    5-12 140.2/140.2 kiwi x2; snickers mini; peanuts, hard beef; sonnys bbq: pork, brisket, broccoli, peas, mac & cheese; went 1.7miles in 25min
    5-13 141/141 peanuts; went 1.93 miles in 26min; apple oatmeal, thin slice ham; beef laa; pork ribs, pickled pepper rings; peanuts, 2 kiwis; went 3.1miles in 40min
    5-14 140.8/141 peanuts; went 4.1miles in 50min; kiwix2, eggs, ham; ham & cheese crossiantx2, half a crossiant, cherries, plums; went 3 miles in 45min
    5-15 140.8/140.8 BB danish, half crossiant; egg omlete w/asparagus, ham & cheese omlete; berries: straw, blue, black; plums, ital cookies; went 5.14 miles in 1 hour 8min; cantalope slices, plum, orange; danish, berries
    5-16 141.4/141.4 ital cookies; 2 oranges; snickers mini; went 3.1miles in 40min (3 in 39); watermelon; cabbage salad
    5-17 138.6/138.6 orangesx2, banana; went 4 miles in 53min; beef patty salad, berries: straw, blue, rasp, cherries; mixed nuts
    5-18 138/138.2 nuts; peachx2, banana, nectarine, orange x2; snickers mini; went 3 miles in 39min; nuts, small chilli, berries: straw, blue, rasp
    5-19 138.6/138.4 bananax2, peachx2; nuts, dried cranberries, dates; went 3 miles in 37min; salad w/roast beef; seeds, nuts
    5-20 138.2/138.6 bananax2, applex2; dried cranberries, dates, pistachio/seed squares; steak, cauliflower, aspaparagus, pepper; cookies, went 1 mile in 15min
    5-21 138.6/138.8 bacon, eggs, hasbrowns w/cheese; cookies; beef laa, soup, rice, fried pork; went 4.9miles in 1.25min; strawberries, cherries, grapes
    5-22 GOUT 141.4/141.6 seeds, choc squares, chopped dates; eggs, fried unions & ham; seeds, choc squares, chopped dates; Zaxbys salad & grilled chkn w/fries
    5-23 144.2/144.2 chkn salad, cookies; seeds, chili
    5-24 pizza x2, chckn wingsx3, nuts/raisins/straw/canberries,
    5-25 hashbrown w/ham, cheese, fried onions; nuts/raisins/straw/canberries

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    5-26 cereal; boiled beef; zaxbys salad, oatmeal w/dates, watermelon
    5-27 143/143.2 nuts, dried cranberries, dates, pistachio/seed square; 3 small chkn wings, cherrie, rasp & black berry, grapes
    5-28 143.2/143.2 eggs, ham, turkey, nuts, dried cranberries, dried strawberries, mango; brazil nuts, turkey, apple; rib, mushroom w/chkn, pork & greens
    5-29 142.4/142.4 cereal; turkey, mushroom w/chkn, pork & greens; cereal; eggs, ham, mushroom w/chkn; cereal
    5-30 141.8/141.8 nuts, cereal; mixed nuts; rice w/sausage; mixed nuts; cherries, strawberries
    5-31 144/144.4 nactarinex2, mangox2; half chckn crossiandwch, coleslaw; mango, mixed nuts
    6-1 141.4/141.6 strawberries, mangosx2, dried dates/strawberries, ; mixed nuts, sausages, cereal
    6-2 141/141.8 cube,dried dates/strawberries; mixed nuts
    6-3 139.8/140 berry mix, esquarex3; chckn w/rice & hot sauce, small bag of M&Ms;; pork & greens, sausage, nuts
    6-4 138.4/139 nuts, eggs, cereal; corn rice cake; watermelon; sausage, ham, cereal; nuts, berries power mix
    6-5 140/140.2 nuts, berries power mix; cereal, mcgriddle, pancakes; steak, asparagus, mashed potatoe; 2 ham & cheese crossiants; cantelope, cookie
    6-6 140.8/141 applex3; square & mixed bag;snickers minix2; turkey salad, roast beef,steak, pistachios
    6-7 140.2/140.4 snickers minix3; strawberries, applex2, raspberries; went 2.1miles in 31min; roast chckn, chckn soup, potatoes; pistachios, nuts
    6-8 140.4/140.6 pistachios; applex2, strawberries; moes steak taco salad w/chips; sausage; went 2 miles in 30min; peanuts
    6-9 140/140 peaches x3; applex2; steak salad, berries dish, melons, cookies x3, peanuts
    6-10 140.8 nectarine, applex2, pork skins; asian chow
    6-11 142/142 asian chow; egg omlete w/turkey, asparagus, tomatoes, brocolli, onions, peppers, mushrooms; nuts, choc pretzels; cake, cheesecake, donut, sweet pork w/eggs, rice, shrimp, chckn sit fry w/asparagus; choc almonds & pretzels
    6-12 143.2/143.4 nut, eggs, bacon, omlete, oatmealx3; choc almonds & pretzels, roast chckn, muffin
    6-13 145.8/146 went 3 miles in 42min; berry dish: blue, rasp & grapes
    6-14 141.4/141.8 steak, pork ribs; nuts, raisins
    6-15 140.6/141.2 nectarinex2, applex2, banana; pork ribs, rice, royal mix: dried raisins, cherries, cranberries, cashews; went 2 miles in 30min
    6-16 140/140.4 bananax2, applex2; watermelon, ham, turkey; nuts, egg omlete w/ham, pepper, asparagus, onions, cilantro, cheese
    6-17 140.6/140.8 watermelon, nuts; nuts; went 3 miles in 40min; ELJinette fijita: steak, chckn, pork, shrimp & rice, salad, beans
    6-18 139.4/139.4 nuts; IKEA break fast: eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles, pancakes; nuts; beef ribs, pork ribs, rice,
    6-19 142.6/142.4 nuts; beef ribs, rice, coffee, berries, banana; Fusion: sushi, beef salad, fried rice, noodles, chkn & veggies; nuts, grapes
    6-20 145/145.6 zaxbys salad, fries, tea; went 3 miles in 40min; nuts, berries:blue & rasp
    6-21 143.6/144 cheese burgerx2, nuts, cherries
    6-22 142.4/142.4 banana; nuts, cherries, garlic breadx2, speghetti & meatballs, nuts, choc almonds; went 1 mile in 15min
    6-23 142/142.2 choc almonds; nuts; went 3 miles in 40min; raspberries & blueberries 134/98-BP
    6-24 139.8/140 chkn pattys & buns; moes steak taco salad w/salsa; KFC chckn, potatoe, 2 soft tacos; nuts; went 2.5miles in 35min
    6-25 141.8/142 nuts 119/80-BP, went 3 miles in 40min; chkn salad, roast chkn, crossiant, bacon; crossiant x3, roast beef, raspberry; steak, sausage,
    6-26 144/143.8 steak, eggs, rice, crossiant x2; crossiantx3, muffin, steak, sausage, nuts; went 2.5miles in 40min; went 1.5miles in 23min
    6-27 144.8/145 rice, chkn & brocolli, yams; roast chkn, crossiant, nuts, seeds; watermelon; went 1 miles in 15min
    6-28 145.6 banana, applex2, cherries; mexi salad w/tomatoes, beans, peppers, cheese, beef, alvacado, crossiant; went 1 mile in 15min
    6-29 143.8/144 banana, apple; went 2.2miles in 27min; beef w/beans & tomatoes, watermelon; roast pork
    6-30 142/142.2 banana, apple x2; cheese & cranberries/nuts; pizzax3; went 3 miles in 40min; nuts, orange
    7-1 141.2 cherries, apple, banana; cheesecake, grapes; went 2 miles in 30min; zabys salad, fries, grilled chckn sndwch
    7-2 142.4 nuts mix; pulled BBQ pork; blackberrys, nuts; ham & cheese crossiant,, pizza bread, hmoob sausage, pork & greens, rice
    7-3 144.6 nutx mix, eggs, omlete, bacon, ham; chkn laaj, rice, thai tea, nuts, ribs
    7-4 145.6 crossiantx2, pizza bread, nuts; watermelon, salmon, cauliflower, asparagus, nuts
    7-5 148.2/148.4 119/84BP; grapefruit, brazil nuts, apple slice, ground beef; went 2 miles in 30min; 128/85 BP
    7-6 144.8 122/81BP watermelon, pistachios, nuts & choc; went 2.3miles in 35min
    7-7 142.4 123/85BP hashbrowns, sausage, eggs; went 3 miles in 42min ; watermelon
    7-8 141.6/142 strawberries, cherries, nuts, cheese; Moes taco salad w/chips & salsa; sausage, crossiant 1/2, cookie; went 3 miles in 40min; pistachios, nuts
    7-9 141.4/141.2 122/85BP; nuts mix; went 3 miles in 40min; Brazillian steak buffet; grapefruit, cherries; went 2 miles in 34min
    7-10 142.8/143.2 nuts, omlete; chkn bamboo, peppers, went 4.7miles in 55min
    7-11 142.6/142.8 eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, granola bar; pork chilli & greens, nuts; went 1.3miles in 25min
    7-12 142.2 applex2, banana; fried chckn, mash potatoe & gravy
    7-13 142.6/142.8 honey roasted buttermilk peanuts, banana; sonix burger & union rings; steak & sausages, rice
    7-14 eggs, bacon, rice, steak & sausages; watermelon; BBQ w/ribs, pulled beef & pork, stew, onion fried
    7-15 bacon, eggs, rice, sausage, pork chops; BBQ, sausage, watermelon
    7-16 2 BEC biscuits, zaxbys salad, fries, peaches, nuts
    7-17 spicy noodles & eggs, nuts, hmoob sausages, beef & brocolli, pork & bamboo, peaches
    7-18 147/147.8 salad w/turkey, eggs, peppers, mushrooms; went 2.5miles in 35min; choc, nuts, cashews
    7-19 145/145.4 peanuts, cashews, choc; applex3 choc; choc & cashews; went 1.5miles in 23min; turkey, nuts
    7-20 144.4/144.6 sausage biscuit, applex3; 2 ribs, raisins, nuts; went 2.75miles in 37min
    7-21 143/143.4 nuts, apple, masama dish @ tin drum, choc, butternut peanuts, frozen yogurt; went 3 miles in 38min; watermelon, pork chop
    7-22 144.2/144.6 apple, oatmeal w/eggs & sausage; BBBLT w/potatoe salad, pickle; watermelon; went 2 miles in 27min;
    7-23 144.2/144.6 BECx2, hashbrown; papya salad, olive garden, enchiladas; hmoob sausage, rice, pork & greens, namvan, choc bars, 1/4 slice blueberry muffin,
    7-24 147.7/148 sausages & enchiladas; namvam, pho; candy
    7-25 149.4/149.6 went 3.3miles in 44min; salad turkey; papaya salad
    7-26 145/145.2 banana, applex3; namvam, cherries, hamburger patties, peanut butter, sausages; went 3miles in 40min; watermelon
    7-27 143.2/143.4 bananax2; publix 2 chkn w/mac & cheese, collard greens; Moe's: chkn & beef strips; went 3 miles in 45min
    7-28 143.6/144 donut, applex2; peanuts, hot pocket; moes burrito; KFC chkn w/mashed potatoes & green beans
    7-29 145/145.2 fruit cupx2; wrap; went 2.8miles in 37min; mexican salad w/beef, turkey, tomatoes, beans, onions, pumpkin seeds
    7-30 145/145.2 eggs, blueberry muffin, choc; BK burgers: cheese & chkn burger, shakes BP=125/85
    7-31 145.5/145.2 blueberry muffin, eggs, sausage, oatmeal w/raspberries & blueberries; pizza x2, crossiantx2.5, choc; pistachios, pork & greens
    8-1 148/148.2 bananax2, applex2 - ***************weigh in at 157.2lbs, fully clothed; beef patty, crossiant, roast chkn, seeds, nuts, pistachio; rasp & blue berries, nuts & cheese
    8-2 146/145.8 nuts & cheese; walked 45min; peaches x3, nuts; nuts & cheese; raisins, grapes; went 3 miles in 40min; pork chilli, roast chckn, half crossiant, blueberry pie
    8-3 144.4/144.2 bananax2, peaches x3; M&M nuts, seeds; beef & brocolli, beef ginger & onions, nuts & cheese, almonds, peanuts, walnuts; went 1 mile in 15min
    8-4 143.6/143.4 jasons deli: chkn & alvacado sndwch, pickle; almonds, nuts & cheese, cucumber
    8-5 142.8/143 banana, applex2; pickle, crossiant w/chckn; zaxbys chkn salad w/toast; went 3 miles in 45min; grapes
    8-6 143.2/143.6 cereal, almonds; went 3 miles in 40min; purple rice w/fried chckn, sausage, thai tea, navam
    8-7 144.4/144.8 BEC biscuit; KFC, mash potatoes & gravy, navam; cereal, almonds, rode bike for 11.6 miles in 1:10:00; large cucumber
    8-8 145.4/145.8, ***************weigh in at 148.3; chkn leg; honey roasted peanuts; 17,000 steps, biked 11miles in 1 hour; brocolli & chckn, chkn cord on bleu
    8-9 143.6/143.8 applex2, granola bar, hersheys bar; cherries, nuts,seeds, M&Ms; big burger w/2 beef patties, jalapenos, onions, lettuce, tomatoe, hot sauce, cereal, almonds
    8-10 144/144.2 applex2, banana; nut bar; salad w/chkn, alvacado, jalapeno, bacon; almonds
    8-11 142.4/142.6 applex2, nectarine, seeds, raisins; Sonnys BBQ: ribsx2, brisket, pork, baked beans, coleslaw, peas
    8-12 142.6x2; applex2, cherries; Mounds candy bar; BBQ: ribs, brisket, pork, chkn, coleslaw, nuts, seeds MMs; went 7.51 miles in 42min; blueberries
    8-13 142.2/142 rode 17.2miles in 1 hour 38min; eggs, bacon, rice wrap w/beef, 1/4 muffin, cookie, peanuts; cereal, 1/2 muffin; Kong's house: fried chckn, roast chkn, wing, sweet meat & eggs, rice, navam, fruit bowl, grapes, chips & cheese
    8-14 144.6, 144.2 rode 18 miles in 1 hour 40min; el jinette: steak fajita, beans & gaucamole, beef laaj; 1/2 zaxbys salad, toast; grapes
    8-15 143.6/143.8 *************weigh in=144.8; fruit dish: blue & strawberries, grapes; banana; trail mix; 1/2 zaxbys salad; beef stew, cucumber, trail mi
    8-16 143.6/143.4 nectarinex2, bananax2, apple; publix sandwch; rode 7.71 miles in 41min
    8-17 140.4/140.2 blue/strawberries, grapes, apple; Moe's taco salad x2: chckn, sloppy joe, guac, salsa, cheese, lemonade; went 9.1 miles in 49min; orange noodles
    8-18 142.2x2 banana, applex3; chic fila salad 1/2, grapes
    8-19 141.2/141.2 applex2;chic fila salad 1/2, grapes; beef salad, sushi, teriyaki chkn; peanuts
    8-20 142/141.8 rode 30 miles; oatmeal w/apple, rasins, walnuts; nuts, seeds, choc; steak & crab legs
    8-21 142.6/142.2 went 5 miles in 84min; grapes & small salad; bacon, seeds; went 5 miles in 74min; beef patty 1/4
    8-22 141/140.8 **************142.6 weigh in; apple, seeds, trailmix; sausage, beef patty, grapes; went 9.3 miles in 40min; salad, pork & greens; honey roasted cashews
    8-23 141.4/141.2 apple, seeds, trail mix; went 3 miles in 40min; watermelon, mex salad & salad, nuts, cashews
    8-24 140.8/140.6 trail mix, seeds; salad, chckn sndwch; watermelon, fried chckn, soft taco; biked 9miles in 45 min
    8-25 141.4/141 went 2 miles in 30min; went 13.2miles in 1 hour; nuts, honey roasted cashews, soft taco; beef pattie; watermelon, honey roasted cashews; turkey slices, choc covered nuts, grapefruit; roast beef, salad
    8-26 142.8/143 choc covered nuts; went 20miles in 1 hour 50min; honey roasted peanuts, cantelope, hmoob sausage; PHO, choc covered nuts
    8-27 144.6/144.4 FUNERAL food: bfast: fried chckn; beef laaj, beef onion stir fry, salad, boiled pork & greens; beef & ginger. bitter melon & beef, beef & brocolli, beef broth, watermelon, rice balls
    8-28 146.4 cantalope, choc balls; honey roasted peanuts; lunch: beej jerky, bean thread noodle sit fry, beef laab, sausage salad, rice, rice balls; dinner: rice, fried shrimp & peppers, onions, sweet meats, papya salad, bamboo w/pork; musketdines
    8-29 148.2 x2 biked 7.72 miles in 37min; Golden Corral: lemonade, beef stew, bacon ham, salad; biked 15.53 miles in 1hr 31min
    8-30 145.2 x2 pumpkin seeds, trailmix; rode 6.11 miles in 30min; watermelon, grapes
    8-31 142/141.8 grapes, apple, banana; green chilli stew w/pork, honey roasted peanuts; biked 13 miles in 1hour 4min
    9-1 139.6 x2 grapes, apple, banana; beef patty, salad, chckn patty
    9-2 140 x2, honey roasted peanuts, beef patty; Taki hibachi: fried rice, veggies, salad & steak; walked 13,000 steps, rode 20 miles; watermelon
    9-3 140.4 x2 trailmix, hibachi rice, eggs, choc; rode 19 miles; steak, sausage, chckn, ribs, watermelon, choc nuts;
    -------------GOUT elbow???--------------------
    9-4 140.6 x2 salad w/ham, turkey, avacado; rice cakes, choc nuts
    9-5 141.4/141 rice cakes, choc nuts; eggs, oatmeal w/apple, craisins, raisins, honey; steak; chic fila salad, fries
    9-6 142.8 x2 pulled pork x2, chkn wings x4, salad, coleslaw, lemonade,
    9-7 142.8 x2 peanuts, went 4 miles in 1 hour
    9-8 142.8/142.4 peanuts, walnuts, plum, choc nuts; 2 slices turkey, 2 bacon, egg & spinach omlete, chckn wing
    9-9 141.8/141.4 bacon, oatmeal w/apple, craisins, raisins, eggs;BK whopper, fries, lemonade 10k
    9-10 141.4/141.2 2 hot dogs, whopper; potatoe chips, mexican eggs & rice, pizza; cookie, banana, crab stew w/crab legs; beef laab
    9-11 145.2/145 banana; raspberries, mango, beef salad; peanuts, beef salad, eggs; 12000 steps, biked 2 hours, 22miles
    9-12 142.2/142.6 *******************weigh in 142.2 fruit dish: watermelon, cantalope, honey dew, cookies x12; strawberry & coconut cake slices; bamboo & chkn, pork stir fry w/peppers, potato chips, 10k steps
    9-13 144/144.2 banana, apple; biked 14 miles in 1 hour 9min, 10k
    9-14 141.4/140.8 banana, apple; sausage, baby banana, peanuts; sampler: noodles & eggs, seeds; 2 hot dogs, egg 10k
    9-15 140.8 x2 grapes, plum x3, baby banana x3, granola bar; Sonnys BBQ: rib, briscuit, pork, baked beans; biked 10miles in 40min; 10k
    9-16 139.8/139.6 BBQ: rib, briscuit, baked beans, plum; cheese, cheese w/eggs, roast beef, plum; 10k, biked 6 miles in 1 hour trail
    9-17 139.2/139.6 biked 20 miles; chkn salad, chkn leg; asian pear, 3/4 muffin, peanuts; steak, jalapenos, hashbrown casserole w/ham
    9-18 140.4 x2 3/4 muffin; granola bar; omlete w/ham, peppers; greens & beef, mango; salad chckn, roast beef, muffin, granola bar 10k
    9-19 141.4/141.2 **************weighed in 143.4********** fruit dish: melon, grapes, cookies x10; fruit dish & cookies; roast chkn, sausage, rice, 1/4 muffin, watermelon; 10k
    9-20 142.4 x2 cookiex3, plum, banana; salad; rode 16 miles in 1.5 hrs; watermelon
    9-21 140.4/140.6 plum, apple; salad, slice of roast beef; watermelon, musketdines; 15k
    9-22 139.8 x2 mango, banana, apple; biked 15 miles in 1 hr, 11min
    9-23 138.8 x2 turkey bacon, sausage, grits, eggs; bacon, sausage, grits, honey dew; eggs, grits; biked 13 miles in 1hr 12min, 10k
    9-24 136.4 x2 biked 11.3miles in 1 hr 10min ; KFC 2 chckn, rice; choc nuts; mango, musketdines; zaxbys salad (2/3); 12k
    9-25 137.6 x2 1/3 salad, 1/3 spicy noodles, eggs; mango; steak, potatoe, asparagus, cheese & tomatoe salad, jalapeno peppers; biked 16 miles in 1 hr, 20min, 10k
    9-26 137.8, 138 ************wiegh in=139.3**********apple, grapes, plum; plum, mango; Dreamland BBQ: 2 ribs. pulled pork; biked 11miles in 54min, 10k
    9-27 136.6/137 granola barsx2; rib, pulled pork, green stew, musketdines; whopper, small fries, asian pear; biked 19 miles in 1 hr 20min; tangerine
    9-28 137.6 x2 latte, grapes, plum; Lobby Restaurant: fish, chkn, desert, salad; fried bananas, chkn wing; 14k
    9-29 137.4, 137x2 pulled pork, fried bananas; 2 ribs, granola bar; eggs, sausage; biked 23 miles in 2 hours; 10k
    9-30 135.4x2 latte, plum, yogurt & nuts; apple, asian pear; steak fajita and salad, rice, beans; biked 22miles in 2 hours, 12K; peanuts
    10-1 135.8/135.4 choc nut bar, steak fajita and salad, rice, beans;peanuts; plum,l peanuts; biked 30miles in 2 hours; roast beef & cheese grilled sndwch; potatoe soup w/bacon, cheese, scallop
    10-2 136.6 x2 mixed nuts, choc nuts, egg omlete; plum; noodle turkey soup; biked 14miles in 1hr 46min; chili, grapes, 11k
    10-3 135.2/135 choc nuts; chilli w/cheese; egg omlete w/left ova fajita; Sams club: hot dog & drink, granola snack, roast chkn; biked 13miles in 1 hour; 17k
    10-4 135.2 x2 ***********weign in, 137 even********** applex2, banana, granola bar (2); STEAK, rice, squash w/cheese; cheese, choc nuts 10k
    10-5 136.6/136.4 applex2, asian pear;steak, soup; biked 11th led in 1 hour, 13k; roast beef, steak
    10-6 135.2/134.8 key lime pie;applex2, Asian pear; roast beef, ham, key lime pie; rice wrap
    10-7 134 x2, baby crossiant, key lime pie; oatmeal, eggs, bacon, apple; asian pear; steak, choc nuts, 1/4 danish, zaxbys salad 1/2; nuts
    10-8 135.2/135.4 bacon eggs rice, choc bar; biked 20.5 miles in 2.5 hours; zaxbys: chkn fingers x4, fried chips, coleslaw; nuts; biked 16 miles in 1 hour 20min
    10-9 135.6 x2 nuts, egg omlete w/peppers, ham; PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA!!! 10k; nuts
    10-10 137.8/138 *************took BYE*****ham salad, ribs, mixed nuts; peanuts; 10k, salad, roast chckn, peanuts
    10-11 138 x2 applex2, grape, banana; pork chop, salad w/ham, roast beef; biked 21 miles in 1 hour, 45min, 8k
    10-12 135.6 x2, nuts, keylime pie; yogurt & nuts, grapes, apple x2; banana; biked 20 miles in 1 hour 40min, 10k; pork chop, salad, steamed veggies, nuts
    10-13 135/134.8 grapes, applex2, bananas; salad, nasty nasty sndwch meat, nuts, nuts, chic fila salad, 14k
    10-14 134.4x2 nuts, bacon & eggs, choc bar; choc bar; biked 32 miles in 3 hours
    10-15 133.4, 133.6 nuts, eggs, bacon; biked 13 miles; steak, grapes, crab soup; biked 15 miles; grapes, cookie
    10-16 134.8 x2 steak, eggs, choc bar, nuts; church: wings, shrimp salad, boiled pork & greens, boiled beef, fruits:grapes, strawberries; biked 21 miles, 10k, grapes
    10-17 135/135.2**************wiegh in=136.6**** grapes, applex2; banana, apple; 1.5 crossiants, small chkn salad, half cookie, pistachios, nuts, steak, crab soup, legs
    10-18 136/136.2 nuts; banana, apple x2; 2 onion rings, 1 fry, 1/4 burger, turkey salad, pistachios; grapes, nuts
    10-19 135.6/135.4 bananax2, apple; moes burrito, chips, salsa, cheese, gaucamole; biked 17 miles n 1 hr 30min; grapes, sausage & beef patty, pistachios
    10-20 135.4 x2 1/2 crossiant, pistachios, cookiex2; eggs, bacon spicy noodles; salad, roast beef wrap; biked 17miles in 1 hr 30min; orange noodle broth, trail mix
    10-21 137/137.2 chkn gyro wrap; zabys salad, nuts, small ice cream;nuts; 18K
    10-22 135.6 x2 banana, bacon, eggs, spicy noodle, nuts; church food: rice roll wrap, beef, bamboo chkn; cake; nuts, salad, ice cream sndwch; biked 29 miles; orange bamboo soup
    10-23 137.4 x2 bacon, eggs omlete; roast pork; biked 25 miles
    10-24 135.2 x2 *******weigh in=136.5***orange bamboo soup, apple; bojangles fried chkn, biscuit, mashed potatoes; nuts 10k
    10-25 137.8 x2 nuts; apple x2; beef&bamoboo, nuts, pork chilli; 10k
    10-26 135/134.8 nuts; banana, nuts, salad; roast beef wrap x2; biked 18miles in 1 hour 30min; grapes, nuts
    10-27 133.8/133.6 grapes, banana; salad; chkn thigh; biked 22 miles in 1 hr 30min, 10k; grapes, nuts
    10-28 132.6/132.4 bananax2, grapes; wraps, ham, turkey, roast beef; pasta, biked 21miles, 10k; sausage, pistachios
    10-29 133.4/133.6 pistachios, bacon eggs hashbrowns, banana; biked 50 miles; salad, pistachios, OJ, nuts, trailmix
    10-30 133.8/134 eggs, steak, nuts; caramel apple, sour greens; biked 28 miles; pork & pepper, peanuts
    10-31 133.4 x2 eggs, ham; 2 soft tacos, 1 burrito; soft taco, burrito, peanuts, trail mix; popcorn, candy. hot dog, 17k
    11-1 136/136.2*********weigh in 135.6****** chocolate halloween candy x6;biked 16 miles in 1 hr 14min; roats chkn, hot sauce
    11-2 133.6/133.8 chkn noodle soup, roast chkn, caramel apple; biked 6 milesin 45min; BK whopper, onion rings, peanuts; biked 30 miles in 2hr40min; 10k
    11-3 132.2/132.4 peanuts, chkn noodle soup, eggs, sausage, peanuts; grapes, choc bars; biked 28 miles in 2 hr 30min; roast chkn, greens, chkn & potatoe curry;
    11-4 133.8 x2 2 turkey dogs; 8k; grapes; steak, cheese patty; biked 30 miles in 2 hr 35min; grapes; 13k
    11-5 131.8 x2 1.5 chic fila chckn biscuit;almond joy small, peanuts, trailmix; 10k, grapes, 2 turkey dogs, ham, cheese; roast chckn, cookie, peanuts; funions, ham, 1 rice wraps. grapes
    11-6 135.6 x2 eggs, sausage, cookie, spicy noodles, almond joyx2; recess peanut butter cup; biked 28miles in 2 hr, 30min; choc bar, danish, ham, grapes; beef & bamboo, peanuts
    11-7 136/135.6 ******weigh in 137***** applex2, banana;crossiant, danish, cookie, nuts; ham & beans; 14k

  6. #6
    11-8 135.4/135.6 bananax2, applex2, choc; sausage, pizza, cheesebread, choc, ham, blackberry, 12k
    11-9 134.8 x2 banana, apple, trail bar; orange, sausage, banana, trail bar x3;
    11-10 137.4/137.2 choc; nori nori - 3 plates; sushi, fish, soups, crab shell thing, teriyaki chkn, steak kabobs, rice, kimchee; choc ; biked 18.6 miles in 1hr 37min, 10k
    11-11 137/137.2 moms sandwiches x2; biked 9 miles in 1 hour, 30min; sonix dbl chburger & union rings; ribs, peppers, mushroom soup, 12k
    11-12 135 x2, peanuts, dried pineapple; eggs, bacon, pancakes; 10k, biked 12 miles in 1 hour; chilli x2, rice, sausage, pork;
    11-13 136.6 x2 choc; bacon, turkey sndwch; 2 ribs, choc; extra large PHO!!! 10k, black/blueberries
    11-14 139.8/140 bananax2, apple, parsimmonx2; 10k; KFCx2, peanuts
    11-15 137.2/137 parsimmonx2, banana, applex2; bacon & cabbage, spicy noodle; 10k peanuts
    11-16 134.8/134.6 peanuts, banana, ham, eggs, bacon; snickers mini; choc, ham, turkey, 2 trail bars; biked 20 miles; 2 pizza slices; biked 16 miles
    11-17 133.6/134 2 baby bananas; eggs, rice; 7k; parsimmon; peanuts, pizzax2, ham slices, papaya salad, baby bananas; biked 28 miles; sausage, baby banana
    11-18 135.6 x2 sm trail bar, peanuts; biked 14miles in 1 hour; taco bell: burrito, 2 sft tacos, 1 hard; zaxbys salad & chck sndwch, fries; 13k
    11-19 136.2/135.6 eggs, spicy noodles; bbq sandwhiches; mcrib, fries, zaxbys salad, donut, appie pie, lemon bar, asian pear
    11-20 136/136.2 donut, sushi, lemon bar, crossiant; rice pho soup, roast chkn; hardees fries and burger, grapes; 10k; parsimmon
    11-21 138/138.2 eggs, rice soup; steak, rice soup; biked 11 miles; grapes, berries, roast chkn, mushroom soup, sausage;
    11-22 MCDs: mcrib, fries, biked 6 miles; steak, rice, pepper
    11-21 thru 11-25 Thanksgiving Vaca; Song’s Visit 11-24 thru 11-27, tgiving day meal: turkey, ham, cakex2, corn suflay, beer, cheesecake, cookies, stuffed wings, oranges, mango, rice, pork & greens, ; Thai $400 mea: fried rice, fried squid, green wonton soup, papaya salad, thai tea, spring rolls, fried egg rolls, noodles w/chkn,
    11-28 143.6/143.8 tangerinex4, asian pear; popcorn, ham, beef jerky; fried chkn, orange, bread, 10k
    11-29 141/140.8 tangerinex3; Ikea: meatballs, potatoe, red sweet cabbage; asian pear; beef kerkey, ham, wonton soup; 12k
    11-30 141/140.8 apple, tangerine x3; ribs, corn, yams; asian pear; salad, beef jerky; 12k
    12-1 140.2/140 4 oranges, apple, green pork stew; choc cake, cookies x4,zabys salad
    12-2 138.8/138.6 oatmeal, eggs, fish patty? apple; applex2, orange, salad; mcrib, fries, cola; 15k; cookie
    12-3 138.2 x2 cookie; ham slices, eggs

    1-3 146.4/146.2 TIME TO FIRE UP the effort again. parsimmon, tangerine x4; apple x2; 13k; chckn, ham
    1-4 143/143.6 tangerines x3, apple x2; peanuts, sausage 10k
    1-5 142.4/142.6 apple x3, tangerine x2; turkey slices, peanuts; 10k; kimchi, turkey, peanuts
    1-6 142.2/142.2 oatmeal w/apple, craisins, sausage, bacon, eggs; raspberry; cheese, turkey, oatmeal; 10k; lasagna
    1-7 142.6 x2 oatmeal w/apple, craisins, sausage, bacon, eggs; choc x2; rice chkn soup, steak patty, 12k
    1-8 143.2/143.4 lasagna, thai tea, crossiant; choc, ham & cheese sandwhch; porrige w/cheese & bacon; cereal w/craisins
    1-9 143.2/143.6 cereal w/craisins, coffee; tangerine, apple x3; sonnys BBQ w/baked beans, peas. 18k
    1-10 142.8/142.6 apple x3; peanuts, baked beans & rib, chckn leg, tangerines; 12k

    117/77----1/9/17 after exercise
    121/86-------1/10 morning
    136/95 122/82 bio screening

    1-11 141.4/141, 131/85; 128/32; 4 apples; 10k, 1/4 sausage, 1/2 a biscuit; biked 15 miles in 1 hour; crab legs, shrimp, scallops,
    1-12 140.6 x2, 128/82, 126/81, 129/79; apple x3, korean beef burrito; biked 9 miles in 45min; half salad, fries, baked beans, pork, choc balls
    1-13 141.4/141.2 choc balls 125/83, 126/78; brisket, toast, brunswick stew, coleslaw; 13k; biked 16 miles in 1 hour 4min; apple
    1-14 140.8 x2; 126/76,128/74 choc balls, bacon, eggs, sausage, oatmeal w/apple, hash brown; biked 15 miles in 2 hours; trail mix, choc balls, zaxbys salad, fries, chkn burgr
    1-15 141.4/141.2, 123/79, 111/76 garlic bread, eggs, sausage, bacon, choc balls, trail mix; beef stew, biked 30 miles
    1-16 140.6/141, 122/77, 123/80 oatmeal w/apple, sausage; pizza x4 slicies; pulmello
    1-17 141.4/141, 129/82, 129/83 2 bananas, 2 apples; choc balls, trail mix; roast chkn x2 pieces, roast peppers, potatoes 10.7k
    1-18 140.8/141, 129/85, 130/82 banana, 2 apples; Asian Fusion: beef salad, fried rice, chckn & beef stir fry, choc balls, trail mix 10k
    1-19 141.8/142 126/85/120/81 apple, hashbrown w/jam, butter, eggs, bacon; applex2; kimchee, 1/4 publix sandwch, roast chkn, 10k
    1-20 141.8 x2 113/78, 120/76, 122/80; straw, blue & raspberry, apple; roasted chkn & sausage & veggies; 10K
    1-21 140.2/140.8 110/74, 110/74, 119/75, bacon, eggs, apple oatmeal, choc balls; lasagna, chckn, sausage w/veggies; 10k
    1-22 141/141.4 120/78,115/73; 108/75, 116/75; bacon, eggs, raspberry oatmeal, garlic bread, trail mix; Golden Corral: prime rib buffet w/yams; 10k
    1-23 142.8/143.3 134/79, 125/84, 124/87; roast chckn, pork & greens, sugar cane, blueberry pie, cookies; banana; 13k
    1-24 141/141.2 135/83, 121/78, 127/84; oatmeal w/crasins; parsimmon, grapes (green & purple), cherries, bananax2; applex2; whopper, fries, lemonade, cookies; 14k
    1-25 140.2/140.6 134/85, 123/85, 130/84, grapes, applex2, cherries, parsimmon; sugar cane; pork & greens, cookie; 11k
    1-26 139.6/140.2 119/84, 125/77, 119/76, 122/81; small/medium pho, cookie; 11k
    1-27 138.4/138.6, 122/80, 127/85, cookiex3; pho; biked 21 miles, 6k, 1/2 zaxbys salad
    1-28 138.2/138.6 121/78, 126/81, 1/2 salad; pork biscuit, 1/2 sausage biscuit; biked 20 miles in 2 hours; granola bar, cherries, BBs,cookie; ham & eggs, bread
    1-29 140x2, 125/79, 129/83 ham, cookiesx3, sausage biscuit, bread; sausage & oatmeal; hashbrowns,ham, eggs, sausage, grapefruit, cookies,
    1-30 143.2/143.4 127/78, 121/78 grapes, cheries; parsimmon, apple, banana; chkn sausage pepper roastx2, 10k
    1-31 141 x2, 141/83, 126/79,133/86 bananax2, cherries, applex2; chkn sausage pepper roastx2; crossiant, parsimmon
    2-1 141.8 x2, 132/94, 131/97; 135/89, 134/83 parsimmon, applex3; beer, bread, 110/86, 119/82, salad, trailmix, sausage, chkn pepper
    2-2 140.6/140.2 126/87, 129/87 apple; pizzax3; orange noodle x2, chkn & greens, trail mix
    2-3 139.4, 140 121/85, 125/88 trailmix, orange noodle; daddy mac, fries, trailmix, fig newtons, parsimmon 10k
    2-4 140/140.2 fig newtons 115/83, 120/80, apple oatmeal, beef patty, bacon, eggs; crossiant; beef patty, crossiant, asian pear 10k
    2-5 140/140.2 115/79, 118/82 crossiant, apple oatmeal, beef patty, bacon, eggs; trailmix; MCDs: fish & 1/4 burger, pizza; 10k; oranges
    2-6 140.4/140.8 125/92, 126/88 burrito w/eggs, bacon, cheese; KFC: chckn,, mashed potatoe, marconi, trail mix
    2-7 141/140.8 131/95, 118/88, 128/93 banana, parsimmon, applex2, orangex2; roast chkn, corn bread, chilli;10k
    2-8 140.4/140.8 123/89, 134/94, 120/84 applex2, parsimmon, tangerine x3; steak, salad, orange pho broth, parsimmon, 10k
    2-9 139.6/140.2 126/89, 140/92, 132/92 tangerine x5, banana; trail bar; apple x2, asian pear; steak, asparagus. cashews 11k
    2-10 138.4/138.6 cashews 119/83, 123/84 apple oatmeal, eggs, bacon; 10k; eggs, bacon; roast chkn, sticky rice; biked 22 miles; chkn & corn bread
    2-11 138.2/138.6 115/84, 124/84 mcgriddle, tea; sausage & unions, pepper, bread; biked 16 miles in 1.5 hours; 10k; bread, peanuts, 1/2 salad; beef & unions
    2-12 139.2/139.6 banana, cookie 121/87,110/87 peanuts; eggs, bacon, sausage, oatmeal; korean noodle soup, sausage, bacon; biked 29 miles in 2.4 hours; pork & greens, sausage, rice
    2-13 140.6/141,4 128/87, 123/93 apple, banana, orangex2, asian pear; KFC, beef & unions, coleslaw, honey dew
    2-14 139.8/140.2 123/90, 129/86 strawberries, parsimmon, banana, cookie, kisses; crab legs, shrimp, mussles, chkn leg, brazil nuts 10k
    2-15 139.8/140 brazil/peanuts 123/89,126/90 (140); hashbrowns, eggs, bacon; orangex3, applex2; peanuts, brazil, corn bread, 10k; green chilli: pork & pepper
    2-16 139.6/140 brazil nuts 133/98, 128/89, 123/92 tangerine x4; trailbar x2, cheese dip x3;trailbar x2, cheese dip x2; 10k; 1/2 salad,
    2-17 139.6/139.8 nuts, 125/91, 130/89 1/2 salad, honey dew, 10k, chinese: fried rice and chckn dishes, peanuts, 5k
    2-18 140.8/141.4 peanuts 107/76, 119/80 chinese: rice, chckn; bacon eggs; chkn salad, peanuts; roast chkn & peppers
    2-19 142.8x2 peanuts, roast chkn & peppers, emma peanut candy, biked 32 miles in 3 hours; steak & thai chkn
    2-20 MCDs: bacon egg & cheese biscuit; chkn sandwch, mac jr, fries; fila-o-fish, fr chkn; 17k
    2-21 142.2/142.6 129/93, 133/89 cherries, tangerine x4; trail bar; beef & bamboo, ground beef & tomato, brazil nuts. 10k
    2-22 140.6/140.8 124/88, 117/87 cherries, tangx2; beef & bamboo; zaxbys salad, peanuts 10k
    2-23 141.6 x2; 115/84, 111/72; peanuts; coffee, tangerine x2, trail bar; IKEA: chckn veggie soup, meatballs & veggies; bratwurst w/veggies, kapia; 16k; peanuts
    2-24 142/142.2 coffee, strawberries, trail mix; bratwurst w/veggies; Asian Fusion: beef salad, sushi, fried rice, pad thai, chinese dishes
    2-25 MCDS bacon egg cheese biscuit, sweet meats, greens, salad, beef; trail mix, beef salad
    2-26 trail mix, beef salad, bacon & greens
    2-27 144.2/144.6 roast chckn, green & chckn, peanuts
    2-28 141.6 x2 130/93, 149/92 sausage & pepper in beer; peanuts
    3-1 141.6, 141.4, 120/89, 138/98 sausage & pepper in beer, salad beef; peanuts
    3-2 141.4 x2 120/89, 127/90 blueberries, parsimmon; sausage & pepper; trail bar; peanuts, lasagna; 7k
    3-3 141.6/141.8 lasagna, strawberries;
    3-4 peanuts, chic fila biscuits, grapes; biscuit, roast chkn; beef ribs, OJ
    3-5 bacon, eggs, oatmeal, trail bar; grapes, trail bar, mango; biked 22 miles; roast chkn & pork, peanuts, OJ, beef stew
    3-6 144.6/144.8 tangerine x3, parsimmon, trail bar, coffee; beef stew; whopper, beef & beans, 10k, peanuts
    3-7 143/143.2 119/88, 130/92 tangerine x4, roast chkn; PHO. roast chckn, sausage & red beans, 10k
    3-8 146/145.8 111/80, 119/78 straw/blue berries, grapes, parsimmon, blueberry fruit bar; parsimmon, tangerine x3; pork, brocolli, corn, beans; pistachios, 10k
    3-9 144/144.2 120/89, 123/88 parsimmon x2, tangerine x2, bananax2; pizza, crazy bread;chckn cordon blue, veggies, chckn pot pie 10k
    3-10 144.4/144.6 116/86, 121/85 fruits: banana, parsimmonx2, tangerine, trail bar, zaxbys salad 10k
    3-11 hardees's biscuitsx2 (bacon, egg cheese); steak, pork & greens, mushroom soup, peppers
    3-12 hardees's biscuits (bacon, egg cheese), gravy, Arby's roast beef sandwchs x4, red bean sausage w/pepper, 16k, salad
    3-13 145/145.2 139/95, 137/99 banana, parsimmon x2; red bean sausage w/pepper; steak, potatoes, pepper, grapes
    3-14 144.4x2, 126/90, 132/91 grapes, banana; red bean sausage w/pepper, honey roasted peanuts, 12k
    3-15 143.8 x2, 122/91, 125/93 choc; sausage & pepper, unions; potatoes, cantalope, peanuts, grapes, 10k
    3-16 142.4/142.8 123/99, 131/93 choc, sausage & pepper, unions, trail; bar sliced beef roast w/veggies, 10k
    3-17 142.4/142.8 120/87, 124/90, miso soup, peanuts, oranges x4, pear; lucky charms, beer; 1/2 zaxbys salad, chckn wings, finger; 12k
    3-18 142.4/142.8 1/2 salad, cookies; BK crossiant, 1/2 chkn biscuit; Madree Indian buffet: 3 dishes; arbys roast beef sndwch, fries; biked 20 miles;
    3-19 143/143.4 steak, sausage w/peppers, unions & eggs, cookies, arbys roast beef sndwch; MCD: mcchkn, 1/4 pdr; biked 17 miles; ribs, beef & bamboo, peppers
    3-20 144.4/144.6 134/95, 138/94 miso soup, apple, orangex3, choc bar; apple, beef & bamboo; PHO, cookies, 10k
    3-21 144.4/144.6 130/88, 125/92 trail bar, 3 apples, 2 oranges; beef mex salad; 15k, cookie,
    3-22 143.6/143.4 128/93, 130/86 peanuts, apple x2, orange x2; trail bar; peanuts, cashews, chkn & sausage veggie roastx3
    3-23 142 x2, 135/93, 139/92 2 oranges, apple; roast chkn, veggies, mashed potates; steak, asparagus, sausage; 13k
    3-24 142.2/142, 124/90, 122/88 choc; steak & veggies x2; steak, chkn cordon blue, chckn, sausage & veggies
    3-25 142.6/142.8 1244/89, 131/93 peanuts; 110/77, 106/71; BK:whopper; orange pho 10k
    3-26 142.6/142.8 oatmeal w/apple & raisins; bacon, eggs; Arbys: roast beefx2 & fries, cola; 10k
    3-27 144.8/144.6 2 apples, 2 oranges, roast chkn; cookie, steak rib ends; 10k
    3-28 143.6/143.2 118/86, 123/91 2 apples, 2 oranges, roast chkn; beef salad; 10k
    3-29 143.8 x2, 124/90, 126/88, lemon juice, applex2, banana, beef salad; 2 pizza slices; beef salad, lasagna, 10k
    3-30 142.4/142.6 118/86, 126/88 2 apples, grapes; lasagna; Arbys: 2 burgers, fries, grapes, 15k
    3-31 142.8/142.6 Arbys burger x2; grapes, Hardees: 1/4 pounder, fish sndwch, jalapeno poppers, fries, banana 1/2 1/4er; BB pie; 7k
    4-1 144.2 x2; lasagna, cookies, banana, bacon, sausage, hashbrown; cereal, grapes, salami & bread; PHO
    4-2 146/146.2 eggs, ham, brazil nuts, oatmeal, fried rice, salami; fruits strips; ham & cheese crossiant, ARbys: 2 roast beef sndwhiches, 1 beef & swiss, cake
    4-3 146.8/147 129/98, 136/94 orange x4, lime drink; chkn curry, roast beef, brazil nuts, cake; 10k, grapes
    4-4 144.2/144 tangerine x4, mango; chkn curry, crackers; 1/2 zaxbys salad, grapes, roast beef 13k
    4-5 144/143.8 120/86 x2, Hardees: bacon egg & cheese biscuit, burrito; Arbys: roast beef sndwch x2, fries, cheese sticks; chkn & bamboo, grapes;
    4-6 145/145.2 121/92, 131/97hardees:sausage biscuit, bacon egg & cheese biscuit; green chilli, ribs, mac & cheese
    4-7 roast beef, roast chckn leg x2, sausage, mango; biked 31 miles in 2.2 hours, salad w/roast beef; 10k, trail bar
    4-8 egg rice, bacon; pineapple, choc cake; church: purple rice & sausage, papaya salad, thai tea; biked 30 miles in 2.2 hours; steak, papaya & peppers
    4-9 OJ, mushroom soup, roast beef, ribs, chckn, crossiant 1.5, steak, pepper, rice
    4-10 143.6/143.4 r125/91 gout arm; 4 oranges, 2 apples,
    4-11 brazil nuts; gout knee; egg drop & hot sour soup; 2 egg rolls, fried rice & chkn; beef & greens, sausage
    4-12 tuna salad, mango, cereal & milk; chkn & greens, sausage, rice
    4-13 144.8/145 122/88, 129/85 eggs, hashbrown, chkn patty; 4 tangerines, apple; 1/2 Chic Fila salad
    4-14 146.4/146.2 129/84, 139/92 banana, apple, orangex2; ham sandwhich;
    4-15 BBQ: steak, sausage, chckn
    4-16 BBQ: steak, sausage, chckn; bacon & greens
    4-17 146.2 x2 135/95, 135/97 banana, apple x2, orange; rice, pork & greens, BBQ: sausage, chkn; choc, peanuts
    4-18 146/146.2 banana, apple; orange, apple; water intox!? BK fries, peanuts, banana
    4-19 141.6/141.4 peanut bar, hashbrowns, eggs, sausage; mango lime pie, cookie; taco salad
    4-20 143.6/143.4 ikea: chkn breast, peas, corn bread; beef w/bamboo
    4-21 143/143.4 119/88, 120/81 beef & bamboo x2; zaxbys salad
    4-22 egg rice w/chckn, bacon; peanuts, choc; Hibachi: fried rice w/steak & veggies, peanuts
    4-23 marshmellows, cereal, peanuts: Hibachi: fried rice w/steak & veggies, salami; honeydew; steak, rice, veggies, pork
    4-24 146.8 x2 118/84, 123/85 salad; cashews, garlic bread, cheese, chckn beast, grapes, eggs
    4-25 144.4/144.6 122/88 127/90 tangerine x4, asian pear; roast chkn, cheese potatoes, corn/peas, cashews, choc
    4-26 143.4/143.6 tangerine x3, banana; roast chkn & cheese potatoes; chkn, beef w/greens; garlic bread, cashews
    4-27 144.4/144.2 108/77, 110/74 3 tangerines, asian pear; beef salad, cashews
    4-28 143.6 x2 117/90, 123/91 tangerine x2, banana x2; beef salad; beef salad, cashews, choc balls,
    4-29 chic fila: chkn biscuit, burrito, hashbrown; banana, choc balls; Iron Age BBQ - 2 hours
    4-30 147.4/147.6 cereal w/banana; 4 arbys sandwches, cheese stick, jalapeno stick; biked 20 miles, chkn salad
    5-1 blueberry cake, choc balls; Jason's BBQ: ribs, pulled pork, brisket; 4 tangerines; chckn & greens; pork & bachchoy
    5-2 146.6 x2 127/94, 125/85 grapes, strawberries, 4 tangerines; 2 apples; 4-8 choc balls; pizza, cheese bread, sausage, chkn & greens, chkn, peanuts, wings
    5-3 146.6 x2 grapes, strawberries, 3 tangerines; 2 apples; pizza, roast chkn, beef & veggies, peanuts,
    5-4 145/145.2 114/84, 117/84 grapes, strawberries, apple x2; beef & veggies; sushi, beef & mushroom, bread, choc
    5-5 144.6/144.8 127/81, 127/88
    5-6 144.8 clothed; spicy noodle, eggs, sausage; leechys, grapes, choc ballsx8; grapes, roast chkn, biked 18 miles
    5-7 144.6 clothed; egg rice ham; crossiant, donut, pulled pork, banana; biked 50 miles; chkn, sausage & peppers, mango, choc,
    5-8 144 x2 4 tangerines, apple x2, mango; chkn & greens, fried chckn noodle dish, 3 bars choc
    5-9 144.2/144 117/89 126/89 donut; 4 tangerines, apple; chkn, sausage & peppers; crossiant, viet sndwch, leechies, sausage
    5-10 145.8 x2 4 tangerines, banana x2, apple x2; roast beef & veggies; potatoe chips, beef & green boiled, aloe drink
    5-11 146/145.6 114/86, 120/82 tangerine x2, banana, roast beef & chckn sandwh, cookie, grapes;
    5-12 145.8/146 banana, grapes; pizza x3 slices; BBQ: ribs, brisket, fudge x2, baked beans
    5-13 144.8/145 bike wreck; garlic bread, BBQ, bacon, banana, peanuts; BBQ: ribs, brisket, bakes beans
    5-14 MCDs: bac, egg & cheese biscuit; Asian Fusion: beef salad, dumplings, fried rice; mangoes
    5-15 salad chkn; sausage, chckn veggies
    5-16 148/148.2 3 tangerines, apple, mango; salad, sausage, veggies; peanuts
    5-17 147.7/148 116/81 bacon, eggs, grits, sausage; grits, eggs, sausage; beef salad, peanuts, honeydew, almond cake
    5-18 146.8/146.6 111/73 tangerine x3; banana; burrito, salad; roast chckn, salad, honey dew
    5-19 146.8/146.6 donut x2, grapes, banana x3, tangerine x3; chkn salad, ham, cantelope, choc
    5-20 146x2 chkn biscuit, bac egg cheese biscuit; korean melon, leechy; korean salad; Dinner at Yob's: ricex2, roast chckn, laab,
    5-21 149.2x2 cake; eggs, ham, garlic bread; korean salad x3, beef tomatoes
    5-22 150.2 x2 grapes, walnuts, honey dew, tangerines; biked 11 miles; 10k; beef & bamboo, sausage, walnuts
    5-23 147.4 x2; 107/74 banana, apple, tangerine x3; beef & bamboo, peanuts, 10k, biked 3 miles
    5-24 145.4, 145.6 118/80 banana, tangerine x3, apple; sausage, chkn veggies; peanuts, 10k, potatoe chips
    5-25 146/145.4 114/81, 110/75 tangerine x2, banana; sausage, chkn veggies; biked 20 miles; eggs, chkn laab, sour green, peanuts, sx
    5-26 143.8/143.6 107/78 113/68 peanuts; bac, egg & cheese burrito, 2 tangerines, cherries; 2 apples; pulled pork, chips, baked beans; 10k
    5-27 144.6 x2 111/79, 123/84 1/2 zax salad, crossiant(1.5); biked 60 miles, fruit strips, granola bar; watermelon, hmoob sausage, potatoes, watermelon, cookies
    5-28 144.2/144.2 pulled pork, rolls, banana, baked beans; biked 10 miles; steak salad; rice crispies treats
    5-29 147/147.2 bacon, eggs, bread, rice crispies treats x2; sausage & peppers, steak, oranges; 10k; noodle chckn, veggies
    5-30 147.2/147.4 banana, apple, tangerine x3; salad, 2 chkn wings, potatoe chips, peanuts, pineapple; knee hurts
    5-31 146.6/146.8 grapes, banana, apple, orange; wendys: chilli and fries; pineapple, peanuts
    6-1 147.2/147.4 roast chckn thigh, mash potatoes, greens; apple, banana; peanuts, salad beef
    6-2 146.2 x2 banana, eggs, peanuts; Saigon Cafe: extra large Pho; cherries, cantalope
    6-3 148.2 x2 eggs, bacon, oatmeal w/apple, rasp %& blue berries, rasins; potatoes, snickers micro; BBQ: steak, bacon wrapped chckn, pork ribs
    6-4 cereal; BBQ: steak, bacon wrapped chckn, pork ribs; cookie, toasted sandwhch w/ham & cheese; 10k
    6-5 149.2 x2 egg rice; Sonix: bdl chburger w/bacon; pizza; 10k, peanuts; chips, steak & gaucamole, jalapenos
    6-6 149.4 x2 banana, orange, applex2; roast beef salad, ribs, blue & straw berries in cream; 10k
    6-7 148.2 /148.4 107/75, 120/83 cherries, banana, apple x2; donut; sausage, chkn veggies roast; sushi; 10k
    6-8 147.8 x2 ice cream w/strawberries, whip cream; sausage, chkn veggies roast; biked 23 miles; beef rib veggie stew
    6-9 145.2 145.6 apple x2; beef rib veggie stew; sausage, papaya salad, potato chips, cookie

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    Are you still taking hcg? In morning or at night? I'm starting off at your same initial weight but despite being strict it's not coming off as fast as yours!

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    no, I stopped a good while back (5-24-15). I only wanted HCG to start the weight loss program, not to stay on it indefinitely.
    Quote Originally Posted by Agriff40 View Post
    Are you still taking hcg? In morning or at night? I'm starting off at your same initial weight but despite being strict it's not coming off as fast as yours!
    6-10 147 x2 coffee; biked 40 miles (fruit strips, trail bar x2); beef salad, fruit bowl, beef laab; roast pork
    6-11 144.2/144.6 bacon eggs potatoe; beef laab, choc, fruit dish, ice cream; beef laab; biked 31 miles; beef veggie stew
    6-12 146.6 x2 beef veggie stew; beef salad, crossiant, peanuts, choc; 10k
    6-13 147.2, 147.6 118/81, 117/78 orange x2, apple x3; grapes, strawberries, cherries; 1/2 roast beef sndch; chkn salad; cream filled dessert; biked 23 miles; 10k; small salad, peanuts
    6-14 145/145.2 107/75, 120/80 choc, peanuts; orange x3, apple; IKEA: pull pork sndwch & fries; beef salas, sush1, 16k
    6-15 145.8/145.6 cherries, orange x2, sushi, apple; Sprouts store-chkn wrap; turkey, beef & brocolli, fig newtons, peanuts, 13k
    6-16 146.8/147 apple, cherries, orange x2, sushi; ham, turkey, roast beef slices w/crossiant, peanuts;
    6-17 bac egg cheese biscuit x2; biked 37 miles; ribs, steak, cereal, grapes, peanuts, roast chkn sausage w/veggies
    6-18 146 bac egg cheese biscuit, biked 13 miles; chinese street vendor food, sandwches x4; steak, potatoes, asparagus
    6-19 147/147.2 enchildas; steak, orange; chilli; 10k
    6-20 147.8/147.2 banana, apple; Yardhouse mega burger & fries; 12k
    6-21 145.8/145.6 apple x2, orange x2, bac egg cheese burrito; fried onion rings; choc x2, hashbrowns, eggs, bacon; 10k
    6-22 146.2/146.4 donut, bac egg ch biscuit; roast chkn, corn, mash potatoes; sausage, bacon & greens; peanuts
    6-23 146.4 x2
    6-23 thru 6-28 Vacation: Perkins, Dennys, Fazolis, McDs, BK, chips, eggs, sausages
    6-29 148.6 x2 spicy noodle, cereal, eggs; roast pork & chckn x2 & rice wrap
    6-30 149.4/149.8
    7-3 152.6
    7-5 153 apple, cherries, nectarine, choc, trail mix; pork & greens x2, fried pepper, choc; 7k
    7-6 151.2/151 cherries, BBs, apple, oranges x2; salad ham, peanuts, 10k
    7-7 149.2 x2 116/83, 117/80 banana, apple, cherries, mangoes x2; mex salad, casserole w/chckn, brocolli, cheese; 10k
    7-8 148.4 148.2 rode 56 miles; snacks, Panda chinese; mangoes
    7-9 147.2 rode 27 miles; snacks, banana; bac egg hot dog rice; mangoes, roast beef; stir fry: pork & greens
    7-10 148.8 banana, strawberries, nectarines x2, mango, korean melon; steak salad, crossiant; 10k
    7-11 148.8/148.6 black, blue & straw berries, banana, apple, nectarine; choc; pistachios, chckn legs roast, sausage & beans, oatmeal
    7-12 149.2 blue, rasp berries; banana; nectarine; yams, corn, ribs; salad, watermelon; biked 18 miles, 10k
    7-13 148.8 x2 blue, rasp berries; banana; IKEA: pulled pork & fries, orange; salad, roast beef, watermelon, ckhn wings; 10k
    7-14 150.4 orange x2, eggs, sausage, hashbrowns; apple x2; biked 16 miles; steak, casserole; 10k
    7-15 146.6 x2 biked 20 miles; bac, eggs, spicy noodles, chkn wings, choc, peanuts; asian chow; 16k
    7-16 147/147.2 zaxbys sndwch; biked 30 miles; coke, 1/2 sonic burger & onion rings; steak, casserole w/cheese, brocolli
    7-17 146.6 x2 grapes, blueB; apple x2; salad w/beef / turkey; steak; rode 5 miles, 10k
    7-18 146.8 x2 banana, chkn salas wrap, apple; corn suflay, beef stew
    7-19 146.6/ .8 grapes, beef stew, salad; trail bar; chkn laab; chckn wings, crossiant; biked 15 miles, 10k
    7-20 147.2 x2 banana; apple, orange x2; soup, chckn laab,corn suflay, choc, 10k
    7-21 146.4 x2 3 chckn wings, orange x2, apple x2; 2 cheese bread slices; El Jinette: Fajita for 3, 2 oranges, ice cream
    7-22 146.2 x2 biked 28 miles; bac egg cheese, 1/2 chckn biscuit; biked 27 miles; Ethiopia 3 meat lunch; Fajita for 3, nachos
    7-23 149.4 bac egg cheese, fig newtons, egg ginger, roast beef; biked 5 miles; ribs & potatoes
    7-24 150 x2 fruits, ribs & potatoes, 10k, nachos; ribs & potatoes
    7-25 149 x2 BK: ham & cheese crossiant; cherries, fig newton, snickers mini; ham, roast beef, chip & cheese;
    7-26 149 cherries, peach, fig newton, nutter butter; salad w/grnd beef, ham & roast beef; 12k
    7-27 148.2 x2 cherries, peach x2, orange x2; chkn w/potatoes;beef w/bamboo, chkn laab, chips
    7-28 147.8 x2 chinese food; 3 egg rolls, got sick
    7-29 biked 43 miles; roast pork, chckn & duck
    7-30 146.6 roast pork, chckn & duck
    7-31 149.4 cucumber x2, peach x2; roast pork, roast beef, tuna, fig newtons; 10k ;pistachios
    8-1 148 banana, apple, orange x3, cucumber; steak, left over roast pork & chkn, mac & cheese;
    8-2 blueberries, banana, 2 oranges, cucumber; arbys: 2 roast beef sndwhich, jalapeno poppers
    8-3 147.4 banana, roast beef sndwch, blueberries; apple, orange x2, banana; chkn wings, arbys sndwch; biked 12 miles hood; peanuts, danish
    8-4 146 x2 banana, apple, orange x3; cheese patty burger; patty & hmoob sausage; choc x2; 12k
    8-5 146.4 biked 31 miles, NORi NORI buffet: steak, crab cakes, chckn, soup, fried fish, cake
    8-6 146 hardees chckn biscuit; biked 50 miles; soup chkn, egg & ginger, bacon, fig newtons, fried chkn leg, sausage;
    8-7 146.2 x2 Yardhouse burger & fries, wings; roast chkn, casserole 10k
    8-8 147/146.8 fish & chips; steak, roast pork, rice, fig newtoons, cookies
    8-9 146.8 banana, orange x3, 1.5 bagels; roast pork, bean burrito, tacos, fried chkn;
    8-10 148.2 x2 pizza x3; biked 9.5 miles; 10k; grapes, cherries
    8-11 148/147.8 cherries, arbys sndwch; Meehans: reuben & onion rings, wing, nacho; rode 18 miles, 10k; beef salad
    8-12 147.4/147.6 oatmeal, eggs, bacon; biked 17 miles; Bojangles: fried chckn, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese; choc
    8-13 150 sausages, bacon eggs, oatmeal; arbys: roast beef, sliders x2; cheese stick; biked 8.3 miles
    8-14 149.4/149.6 apple, cherries, grapes, arbys roast beef; arbys gyro, pistachios; 10k
    8-15 148.8 x2 cherries, grapes, peach; BBQ sndwch, potatoes, beans; sweet meat, turkey, pistachios
    8-16 148.6/148.8 ribs, yam, mac & cheese; banana; roast chkn, pistachios;
    8-17 pizza, wings; pho beef
    8-18 147.8 banana, Pig and Pearls: briscuit; pistachios, biked 20 miles; grapes
    8-19 146.2/146.4 chkn biscuit; biked 28 miles, Long Horns: 18oz ribeye, salad, bread; pho beef
    8-20 147.8/148 spicy noodles, eggs, sausage, chkn biscuit, grapes; choc; biked 11 miles;
    8-21 148 briscuit, potatoes, corn, rib; bread butter, bacon,
    8-22 147.4/148 orange x4, banana, apple; sausage, roast chkn; pistachios, 11k, crossiant, danish
    8-23 146/146.2 orange x2, apple x2; steak, beef & greens, chkn & greens; pistachios; 10k
    8-24 145/144.8 briscuit, beans, mac & cheese; steak, 10k; grapes
    8-25 144.8 x2 banana; shane's pulled pork sndwch, baked beans, pork soup; pho, peanuts
    8-26 147 rode 28 miles; bacon, pho; 1/2 salad, rode 7 miles
    8-27 148 rode 20 miles? bacon, eggs, sausage, oatmeal; KFC, taco, 1/2 salad; chkn w/onions
    8-28 146.8/147 pulled pork sndwch, chkn wings, mac & cheese, ,coleslaw, beans, ice cream & peach cobbler; rice & chkn soup; 10k
    8-29 146.4/147 pulled pork sndwch, mac & cheese, ,coleslaw, beans, ice cream & peach cobbler; chinese: beef & onions; 10k
    8-30 147.2 x2 chkn mushrooms, orange x2, apple; soup w/bacon; pork spicy green; 13k
    8-31 145.8 145.2 grapes, apple, soup, sausage. dumplings; zaxbys salad, orange chkn; 10k
    9-1 147 x2 trail mix, bacon, eggs, oatmeal; fried chckn; biked 20 miles, 10k
    9-2 rode 124 miles SCT; bananas, fruit rollups; qov poon
    9-3 140.8/141 bacon, egg, rice, fig newtons; pizza x2, arbys sndsch x2; cereal;
    9-4 144 arbys sndwch, pizza, sandwches, sausage, pork & greens, cereal, grapes,
    9-5 148.2 x2 banana x2, orange x2; KFC, choc, cereal, 10k
    9-6 146 x2 banana, orange x2; bacon, sausage,, spicy noodle, fried chkn, 12k
    9-7 146.4/146.6 banana x2, orange x2, apple; arbys sndwch x2, mozerella sticks; 10k
    9-8 145.6 x2 arbys sndwch; Ikea: meatballs, cornbread; arbys gyro, 10k
    9-9 144.6 x2, biked 44 miles, gyro, beef stew, beef neck bones, fruit bowl, choc
    9-10 143.8, 144 gyro, bacon, eggs, sausage, hashbrown, choc; biked 12 miles, gyro, grapes
    9-11 144 x2 arbys sndwch, turkey; bacon eggs, oatmeal; pork ribs, rice
    9-12 146 bac, eggs, oatmeal; popcorn, choc wafers; roast chkn; 10k; bojangles chkn & mash potatoes, gravy
    9-13 146.6x2 banana x2, apple x3; fried chkn, wafers, honey dew; 10k
    9-14 145.6/145.4 banana, pizza x3; Polo Trop: chckn, mash potatoes, cookies, 10k
    9-15 147 banana, orange x2, apple; Asian Show: teriyaki chkn, fried rice, 12k
    9-16 146.4, 146.2 oatmeal; biked 28 miles; BK: whopper, fries, lemonade; PHO: X-large; grapefruit
    9-17 148.6 BK: crossiandwch, hash browns; cookies, biked 12 miles
    9-18 146.4 x2 BK french toast, apple x2; BK whopper, fries, chkn nuggets, lemonade, 10k
    9-19 145.8/146.4 BK: 2 crossiantwch, french toast; BK: whopper, fries; 12k
    9-20 145.8 x2 fruit dish x2; Arbys: beef & cheddar, fries, sliders; 10k
    9-21 BK burger; IKEA: meatballs, cornbread; salad chkn, nuts; 14k
    9-22 146.4/146.6 chic fila biscuit x2, sliders; smoothies x2, steak, chkn sndwch, cookie; 10k; nuts
    9-23 145.4/145.6 nuts; rode 10 miles; steak, potato leek soup, corn x2; El Jinette: Fajita for 2, chips
    9-24 gout, nuts;
    9-25 nuts, zaxbys salad 1/2
    9-26 nuts, salad 1/2; omlete
    9-27 148.4 banana x2; apple, orange x2; arbys turkey club, 1/2 chkn sndwch;
    9-28 148.2 x2
    10-1 150
    10-2 151.2 banana, orange, apple; orange noodle broth, roast chkn, peanuts, choc; 10k
    10-3 149/149.2 banana, orange, apple; arbys turkey sndwch, fries, 10k
    10-4 148.4/148.6 turkey sndwch, apple; ARbys: beef n cheese, sliders x2, fries, cheese sticks; 8k
    10-5 149.4 x2 IKEA: meatballs, cornbread, peas; nachos; biked 7 miles, 10k
    10-6 149.4 x2 ARbys: beef & cheddar, 2 sliders; pizza; chinese: fried rice, chkn, veggies,
    10-9 151.2 apple, orange, banana; nuts; boiled eggs
    10-10 148.6 x2 banana, choc; apple, orange; cookies, salad, bread w/olive oil / beef, chckn, fried peppera, chips; biked 7.3 miles; nuts
    10-11 148.4/148.2 bagel, banana, apple, orange; donut, muffin, pistachios, roast chkn, peach cobbler 12k
    10-12 149.4/149.2 pistachios; small chckn pizza, salad; Subway: turkey, roast beef, meatball subway
    10-13 150.2 pizza from deskside; banana, orange
    10-14 150 oatmeal; Pedal Gwinnett event - rode 14 miles, banana, chckn wings, slider, carrots; steak, salad, meatball sndwch
    10-15 gout, soups, water
    10-16 150.8 apple x2, orange; choc; fried pie w/creme, pistachios, egg soup
    10-17 149 choc, coffee; apple x2, orange; 1/2 crossndwch w/eggs; salad; egg soup
    10-18 148.2 choc, coffee; apple x2, orange; pizza x2; peanuts
    10-19 147.4/147.6 choc x2, banana, apple x2; choc cake, ice cream; chinese, chckn wrap
    10-20 apple x2, orange; chckn cordon blue
    10-21 biked 29 miles; chckn cordon blue; turkey legs, corn sufflay
    10-22 150 chckn cordon blue; Pho; biked 15.4 miles; nuts, tangerine x3
    10-23 151 apple x2, banana, tangerine x2; arbys burgers, 10k
    10-24 149 crossiant, arbys beef & cheddar; apple x2, tang x2; arbys sndwch, pistachios, chkn curry; 10k
    10-25 148.6 x2 arbys beef & cheddar; apple x2, tang x2; chkn soup; eggs, corn suffla, pistachios; 7k
    10-26 148.4 2 donuts, apple x2, banana, tang x2; egg soup, peanuts
    10-27 147.8 x2 BK: crossiandwch x2, donut; apple x2, banana, tang x2; pizza x2, 12k; 1/2 salad
    10-28 bac, egg, hashbrwn, spicy noodle, choc, cookies;
    10-30,31 knee stiffness
    10-31 fried chkn, mash potatoes, green peas, mac & ch
    11-1 150.8 apple x2, banana, tang x2; mushroom sndwch, beer, chilli; rode 5 miles; chkn, greens & pork
    11-2 150.8/151 apple x2, grapes; desert: egg custard x2, cheese cake x2, coconut; egg soup, chkn, peanuts
    11-3 152 grapes, apple; subway footer; rode 7 miles; egg soup, peanuts
    11-4 152.6 rode 29 miles; Longhorns: ribeye, salad, wings, bread; rode 7 miles
    11-5 ribeye, bcaon, egg, oatmeal, hashbrown; rode 12 miles; greens, pork neck bones, steak
    11-6 bfast burrito; Pig & Pearl: Briscuit w/baked beans, collar greens; fried chckn;
    11-7 150.6/150.4 apple; BGR burger & fries,, coke; salad, walnuts
    11-8 150.2/149.8 Meehans lamb burger, apple; bacon, 10k
    11-9 Subway footlong, egg soup, banana
    11-10 150.8 x2 chkn enchild, fish; lamb chops
    11-11 bac, egg, oatmeal; hmoob NY food
    11-12 hmoob NY food; beef stew; bac, egg, oatmeal
    11-13 154 x2 cereal, rode 10 miles; roast chkn
    11-14 galic bread, chkn popeye x2, bacon, egg, sausage 6k
    11-15 152.4 x2
    11-28 153.4 apple, orange x2; Polo Trop: chkn, mash potatoes, greens, rib; 10k
    11-29 152,2 x2 apple x2, orange x2; 3 indian biscuits; biked 6 miles; egg soup, plantans, chkn
    11-30 152.6 x2 apple x2, orange x2; salad, chkn, peanuts; 12K
    12-1 152.2, 152.4 apple, cookie; Meehans lamb burger, coleslaw; rode 7 miles, 10k; chinese: fried rice, hot & sour soup, chkn
    12-2 oatmeal, eggs, chinese; rode 29 miles; O'Charlies: prime rib, bread, potatoe
    12-3 bacon, egg, sausages, spicy noodles; rode 25 miles; beef ribs, cereal
    12-4 153.2/153.4 grapes, cookie; 13K; sausage & chkn roast
    12-5 152.2 banana, Subway: 6" roast beef, chips, drink, 3 oranges; egg soup, nuts, chkn, 10k
    12-6 152.2/152 banana; subway 6" roast beef, chips, drink; 3 slices cake; sonic, 2 hot dogs; 10k
    12-7 151.6/152 grapes; oranges x3; 2 hotdogs; hot dog, turkey; 13.5k
    12-8 153.2 x2
    12-12 151.4 grapes, orange x2; Subway 12" roast beef, puddy; steak, lemon cake; 12k
    12-13 153x2 grapes, orange x2, pudding, Subway 12" roast beef; smoothies: banana, strawberry & walnut, dates, chkn veggie soup; 12k
    12-14 153.4/153 grapes, subway 12", banana; peanuts, cheerios, fries; 14k
    12-25 knee pain, gout?
    1-2 154.6 x2 parsimmon, grape; subway 1/2 sub w/chips, drink; 1/2 steak, potatoe
    1-3 154.4 parsimmon, grape; subway 1/2; subway 1/4; 14k
    1-4 152.8/153 parsimmon, tang x2; subway 1/2; subway 1/2; subway 1/4; greens; 14k, choc
    1-5 152.8/153.2 parsimmon, tang x2, banana;
    1-9 154 parsimmon, tang x2, banana; biked 7 miles; baked chkn, rice, bread, crackers
    1-10 152.6/153 parsimmon, tang x2, orange x2; pies: coconut, pecan, choc; pork rib. 9k
    1-11 151.4 x2 parsimmon, tang x2, orange x2; sonnys BBQ; 10k
    1-12 151/151.4 tang x4, blueberries; parsimmon, sonnys BBQ; nachos-fully loaded, 13k, zaxbys chkn sndwch, fries
    1-16 155x2 orange, tang, parsimmon;
    1-17 bacon, eggs, grits; pork, mash potatoes & onions,peas; 10k
    1-18 152.2/152 oatmeal, sausage; subway 1/2, pizza
    1-19 152.2/152 asian pear, apple; Longhorns: ribeye, salad, potatoe, 12k
    1-20 steak, bread, salad; biked 31 miles; salad, potatoe, steak
    1-21 150.2/150 banana, lemon cake; bacon, sausage, eggs, oatmeal, cereal; rode 41 miles
    1-22 150.2 x2 grapes, banana, cookies; orange x2, apple; peanuts, 1/2 crossiant, lasagna;
    1-23 150.8 X2 grapes, BBs, strawBs, lasagna; chkn laab, lettuce, choc; biked 15 miles; omlete, oatmeal
    1-24 150.8 X2 grapes, BBs, strawBs; asian pear, orange; biked 13 miles; turkey, potatoes; cereal.
    1-25 150.4/150.8 trail bar, BBs, strawBs, banana; turkey, potatoes, apple x2;biked 17 miles; ground beef salad, cereal
    1-26 150.2 x2 fruits: grapes, BBs, strawBs; grits, eggs, bacon, sausage, cantalope; apple;
    1-27 cereal, bacon, eggs, sausage, grits; biked 50 miles;
    1-28 bacon, eggs, sausage, grits; biked 26 miles; turkey, potatoes, yam
    1-29 153.6/153.4 biked 24 miles
    1-30 ham & cheese crossiant; tacos, fr chckn; egg soup; biked 22 miles
    1-31 149.2/149.4 apple, blue/strawberries; chkn rice soup, potatoe chips;biked 20 miles
    2-1 148.8/148.2 cookie,grits, eggs; chkn & potatoe; biked 25 miles; almonds /nuts; eggs, potatoes,
    2-2 148/147.2 orange x2, apple; Subway: 6", chips & drink; biked 24 miles; pork, roast chckn, cookies
    2-3 147.2 x2 biked 21 miles; bacon, egg, sausage, oatmeal, nutter butter; beef laab; biked 10 miles
    2-4 biked 20 miles; bac, eggs, beef laab; biked 20 miles; steak qasidia
    2-5 150.2/150 orange, parsimmon x2; biked 20 miles; steak, egg soup, pizza slice, grapes
    2-6 149 x2 orange, parsimmon; subway footer; biked 26 miles
    2-7 147.4 x2 asian pear; meatless tacos; eggs, chkn rice; parsimmon, nuts; biked 20 miles
    2-8 146.6/146.4 parsimmon; chuck steak, crossiant, chkn & veggies; watermelon; biked 20 miles
    2-9 145 x2 biked 22 miles; parsimmon; bacon, eggs, oatmeal; zaxbys salad 1/2; biked 22 miles
    2-10 144.6/144.4 biked 21 miles; 1/2 salad, bacon, eggs, potatoes, sausage; Taki - fried rice, steak, shrimp;
    2-11 147.2/147 BK: 2 crossiandwch, sprite; crossiandwch, lemon cake slice, miso soup; sweet pork; rode 21 miles
    2-12 146.4/146.2 banana, parsimmon, orange; biked 20 miles; 1/2 salad, cantalope, miso soup, roast chkn, trail mix
    2-13 145.6/145.4 1.5 fluff cake; banana, parsimmon, orange; 1/2 salad; beef stew, pork roast, trailmix; biked 20 miles
    2-14 145.2/145 fluff cake,nuts; straw/blue berries; banana x2; orange x2, wings; arbys: 2 beef & cheddar sndwches; biked 16 miles
    2-15 145/144.6 miso soup, chckn noodle soup; arbys:beef & cheddar sndwch; chkn rice soup, chckn noodle soup, nutter butter, fig newtons;pizza, cheesebread, chkn wings; biked 20 miles
    2-16 146.6/146.8 fried rice, orange chkn, veggies, chinese soup: hot & sour, wonton;
    2-19 148.6/148.2 orange x2, banana; rice, roast chkn; biked 20 miles
    2-20 145.8 x2 banana, grapes, blueberries; orange, banana, rice, chkn wings; rode 22 miles; asparagus, beef, chckn leg, cookie
    2-21 145.2/145 cookie; grapes, banana; IKEA: swedish meatballs, veggies, chkn & bean soup; biked 26 miles
    2-22 144.6/144.4 chic fila biscuit x2; banana x2; 2 drumsticks; 2 drumsticks, cookie, fig newton, biked 21 miles
    2-23 144.8/144.6 grapes, asian pear, fr chckn; steak, salad, bread; rode 10 miles
    2-24 143.8/143.4 steak, baked potatoe, bacon, eggs; biked 37 miles in 2.5 hours; steak, salad, asian pear; pepper, sausage stir fry w/grits.
    2-25 143.2 x2 banana; bacon, eggs, hashbrown; danish, grapes; biked 26 miles; turkey, mash potatoes, grapes; cantalope, turkey, pizza; biked 18 miles
    2-26 144.2 x2; banana, orange x2, grapes; turkey slices; biked 26 miles; pork, peppers, greens
    2-27 143.4/143.2 grapes, blue, strawberries; trailbar, banana; orange; biked 26 miles; steak, asparagus, potatoe, peppers; beef & greens, biscuits
    2-28 143/143.4 1/2 crossiant; banana, orange, parsimmon; steak, asparagus, potatoe; choc, biscuit, choc stick, KFC chkn, mashed potatoe; biked 36 miles
    3-1 142.8/142.6 orange, crossiant, banana; crossiant, KFC chkn, 4 wings; chic fila salad
    3-2 143.2 x2 grapes, sm fried peppers; egg soup; ankle pain;
    3-3 ankle pain; bacon eggs sausage; mediterranean food
    3-4 bacon, eggs, sausage; egg rolls;biked 41 miles; chkn noodle soup
    3-5 146.2/146 tang x3, orange; 4 egg rolls; biked 29 miles; asian pear
    3-6 144.6/144 grapes, tang x2; banana x2; roast chkn w/pepper, yam; potatoe chips; biked 26 miles
    3-7 142.4/142.2 banana, grapes, bberries tangx4; beef stew; beef stew; biked 30 miles;
    3-8 143.4/143.2 parsimmon x2, tang x2; box of chocs (6-7 pieces); bacon & greens; biked 20 miles; chic fila: chkn sndwch, fries
    3-9 142.2 x2 chic fila chkn sandwch; grapes, 2 bananas; chinese: peanut chkn, beef & noodle, fried chkn, egg soup, chkn wing x2; biked 27 miles; hot/sour soup
    3-10 142.8/142.6 wontong soup, bacon, ginger eggs, oatmeal; biked 42 miles; ate ribs, stuff chkn wings, wing, papaya salad, cake; biked 19 miles; parsimmon
    3-11 142/141.8 bacon, eggs, hbrowns, spicy noodle; biked 31 miles, crossndwch & chips; bacon & greens, chkn curry w/mrooms, watermelon, 1/2 crossiant
    3-12 143.4/143.2 grapes, parsimmon, banana, ramen noodles; roast chknx3, crossiant, rice; rode 25 miles
    3-13 142.6/142.2 grapes, mango, banana, orange; pork & greens; biked 21 miles; salmon, miso soup, greens
    3-14 142/142.2 2 donuts, grapes; salmon & greens, mango; rbeef slice, cheeseit; biked 13 miles; Sonnys BBQ: ribs, pull pork, baked beans, peas; biked 16 miles; Sonnys BBQ: ribs, pull pork, baked beans
    3-15 140/140.2 choc ball; mango, banana, orange, grapes; BBQ - rib, leg, side, mango; mini hot dog, popcorn; Meehans: lamb burger, onion rings, chkn wings; rode 16 miles

  9. #9
    3-16 141.2/140.8 miso egg soup; fr chkn baked beans ; bbq:rib, pulled pork, mash potatoe, mangos; biked 42 miles; frd chkn, mash potatoe
    3-17 139.8/139.6 BK: crossiant 1.5; biked 32 miles; bbq: rib, pork, ckn wing, crossiant; corned beef w/veggies; cereal, mini palmiers;
    3-18 oatmeal, egg & sausage; biked 28 miles; mangoes, OCharlies: salad, prime rib, bake potatoe, salad, rolls; biked 14 miles,
    3-19 140 x2 trail mix; BK lunch: whopper & fries, choc; biked 28 miles; cod & potates
    3-20 140 x2 banana, orange x2; cheese/tail mix; subway 1/2, chips, drink; cheeseburger, biscuit cookie, nuts; biked 25 miles
    3-21 140.2/140 banana, orange x2; 1/2 subway; turkey wing, nuts, roast turkey; biked 22 miles; cereal w/blue & strawberries
    3-22 139.8/139.6 nuts, donut; turkey leg, chkn & peppers, 1/3 crossiant, cereal, donut; banana; nuts, mangos; rode 22 miles
    3-23 140/139.6 nuts, mango, egg soup; eggs; rode 39 miles; crossndwch w/ham, roast beef, eggs
    3-24 139.8/139.6 BK: crossndwch x2, bacon, sausage; biked 33 miles; pho, fried rice; mango; biked 20 miles
    3-25 141.4/141 oatmeal, sausage; cereal; biked 33 miles; turkey wing, pork & greens, mash potatoe, cookie, fig newton,nuts, sugar peanuts ;steak, eggs, hashbrowns
    3-26 141.8/141.2 spicy noodle w/steak, cookie, fig newton; biked 32 miles; bojangles: frd chkn, mash potatoe, green peas
    3-27 139.8/139.6 choc; grapes, banana; orange x2; 1/2 subway sndwch; fries, 1/2 chburger; biked 20 miles
    3-28 140/139.6 grapes, orange x2; 1/2 subway; 1/4 subway frd chkn; biked 19 miles
    3-29 139.2/138.8 banana, fig newton, egg soup; 1/2 subway, grapes, orange,ham, yam, beans; biked 30 miles; egg soup
    3-30 139.8/139.6 BK: whopper & bacon chburger; rode 28 miles; Zabys salad + oranges
    3-31 138.4 x2; oatmeal; biked 66 miles; prime rib, potatoes, asparagus, peppers, yam, orange x2;
    4-1 137/136.8 eggs, oatmeal, bacon, nuts; steak, baked potatoe; fish, pork & greens, nuts,mushrooms; mangoes
    4-2 138 x2 nuts, bacon, eggs, ham, rib; spicy noodles; biked 46 miles; pizza, cheese bread; orange, egg soup
    4-3 138.2/138 pizza; ham, eggs, rice, trailmix; BK" whopper, fries; mango, trailmix; rode 44.9 miles; chkn wings, 1/4 Publix sandwch, roll
    4-4 140/139.8 BK: pancakes, eggs, biscuit, sausage; biked 19 miles; Chic fila: chkn sndwch, beef patty
    4-5 140/139.8 peanuts, BK: pancakes, eggs, biscuit, sausage; biked 64 miles; peanuts, chkn wing, 1/4 Publix sndwch; lasagna
    4-6 139.2/139 beef patty, miso soup, lasagna; biked 31 miles; mango, orange, pretzels, nutty butters, chkn wing; 1.5 beef patty w/cheese sndwch
    4-7 139.6/139 bacon, eggs, oatmeal w/apple, cranberries; crossiant, nutter butter, rice wrap, thai tea; hmoob sausage, mushrooms, greens; garlic bread
    4-8 garlic bread, ham, eggs; biked 19 miles; chkn legs & potatos & gravy; fignewtons, mango x2; Longhorns: ribeye, bread, salad
    4-9 142.6 x2 orange x2; baked potatoe, roast beef, steak, nuts w/cheese; biked 33 miles; grnd beef in tomatoes
    4-10 139.6/140 miso soup w/egg; BK: chkn burger, fries; biked 33 miles ; dumplings
    4-11 140 x2 orange x3, banana, mango; 1/2 subway; 1/4 subway, fries; biked 20 miles
    4-12 138.2 x2 orange x3, banana, mango, 1/2 subway; chip & salsa, beef soup; fig newtons, chic fila sndwch, fries, sprite; biked 25 miles;
    4-13 138.8 x2 mang0, orange x3, banana; 1/2 subway chkn; fignewtons, dates, biked 25 miles; el jinette: fakita for 2, chips & cheese dip, rice, beans
    4-14 oatmeal; biked 31 miles; purple rice & fried chkn; chkn salad
    4-15 bacon, eggs, hashbrown, burrito, fajita; biked 30 miles; ?
    4-16 banana; sonix: dbl chburger & fries; biked 21 miles; roast chkn
    4-17 139/139.2 banana, orange x2, grapes; zaxbys salad, biscuits; biked 21 miles
    4-18 139/139.2 banana, orange x3; roast chkn w/spicy noodle; leftova chkn, biscuits, cheese, date, pretzels, nutter butter; biked 30 miles; egg soup, pretzels
    4-19 139.2/138.8 banana, orange x2; BGR: burger & onion rings, tea; asian chow, pretzels; biked 34 miles
    4-20 139.4 x2 chic fila biscuit x2, banana, orange x3; french dip; pork w/apple, pretzels, nutter butters, cereal, date; biked 31 miles; egg soup
    4-21 140.6x2 BK: pancakes, eggs, sausage, crossndwch; biked 39 miles; Longhorns: steak, bread, salad, potatoe
    4-22 steak, bread, bacon, nuts, eggs; biked 39 miles; taco salad, nuts;
    4-23 140.6, 140.4 banana, orange x2, apple x2; steak, potatoe, frd chkn; biked 31 miles
    4-24 137.8/137.6 coffee, cashews; frd chkn, corn. banana; bacon, sausage, grits; biked 28 miles; chinese food w/soup
    4-25 139.6/139.4 banana, orange; chinese chkn & beef w/rice; biked 27 miles; chinese, soup w/chkn, wontons, trail mix
    4-26 140.6 x2; apple, banana x2, orange; roast chkn, potatoes, greens; 1/2 zaxbys salad; biked 25 miles, hot & sour soup, pineapple
    4-27 140/139.8 hot & sour soup, 1/2 zaxbys salad, choc balls, trail mix; spicy noodle, bacon eggs; rode 19 miles; chic fila sndwch, fries, drink
    4-28 139.8/139.4 oatmeal; biked 29 miles; cashews; eggs, roast beef, crossiant, lemon cake; biked 16 miles, pho w/beef ribs
    4-29 138.8 x2 cashews, trail mix, lemon cake, crossiant; bacon, eggs, chips, OJ; biked 31 miles; pho w/beef ribs
    4-30 140.6/140.4 orange, grapes, banana x2; Asian Chow (fried rice, grilled teriyaki chkn) potatoe chips; biked 28 miles
    5-1 139.4/139 trailmix; grapes, blue/strawberries; chic fila meal; frd chkn; biked 25 miles
    5-2 139.6/139.4 bacon, crossiant, asian show leftovas; wendys burger fries; BK: shopper & fries, coke; biked 21 miles
    5-3 140.2/140.4
    5-3 thru 5-7 KC: BBQ and rich funeral foods!!!
    5-8 144.8 x2 biked 47 miles; Captain Ds: fried fish sticks, hush puppies, coleslaw, beef jerkey;ice cream; biked 19 miles
    5-9 142.6 x2 apple, banana, grapes; cookie, cantalope; biked 23 miles; captain Ds fish, slaw, crab cakes, shrimp, hpuppy, cantalope
    5-10 142 x2 grape, strawberry; captain Ds fish; chinese: fried noodles/rice w/teriyaki chkn, captain Ds fish; biked 24 miles
    5-11 141.8/142 meehans: lamb burger & onion rings; biked 22 miles; chic fila burger, fries, coke
    5-12 141 x2; oatmeal; biked 29 miles; crossiant x2, fried noodles/rice w/teriyaki chkn, lime cake, ham; Longhorns: NY steak, salad, bread & butter; biked 25 miles
    5-13 141.8 x2 baked potatoe, steak, bread; zaxbys salad; biked 19 miles; salmon, asparagus, trail mix
    5-14 141.6/141.2 donut, trailmix, apple x2; steak salad, chips, trailmix; biked 21 miles
    5-15 139.4/139.6 trailmix; steak salad, donut; chips, trailmix, chinese; biked 19 miles
    5-16 140 x2 banana; chinese; rode 25 miles
    5-17 biked 19 miles
    5-18 thru 5-25 foot hurt, mid section 1st then toe, gout?
    5-26 biked 33 miles
    5-27 bacon eggs hasbrown grits; biked 27 miles; beef & ginger
    5-28 bacon eggs hasbrown grits; orange chkn pho; biked 19 miles
    5-29 145.2/145.4 oranges, whopper, cherries; orange pho, pork neck bones & greens
    5-30 144/144.2 orange x3, banana; frd chkn & bread; rode 18 miles; frd chkn, peanuts, cherries
    5-31 142.6 x2 peanuts; oranges; BK: chkn sndwch, boiled corn; biked 18miles; cookie x3, bacon & greens; beef
    june 6th thru 15th = gout?
    6-25 144.6/144.8 egg rice w/ham; biked 16 miles; ribs w/rice
    6-26 144 x2 egg rice w/ham; cherries, raspberries, orange, choc; arbys italian & beef w/cheddar; biked 21 miles
    6-27 144.6 x2; egg rive w/ham; orange, cherries, choc; biked 21 miles; (large) steak, chkn, veggies
    6-28 145/145.4 pizza x3; choc, Panda chinese; biked 11 miles
    6-29 145.2 x2 Panda chinese, choc, rasp/blue berries; captain Ds fish, coleslaw; rode 21 miles
    6-30 oatmeal, rode 37 miles, captain Ds fish; BBQ:steak, bacon wrapped chkn, corn, ribs
    7-1 BBQ:steak, bacon wrapped chkn, corn, rode 16 miles
    7-2 145.6/145.8 banana, danish, nuts; cherries, grapes; frd chkn, rice, pepper; cereal; biked 10 miles
    7-3 146.6 x2 frd chkn & rice ; orange, trailmix; biked 17.5 mile; beef & greens, hmoob sausage
    7-4 145.2 x2 oatmeal; biked 35 miles; big PHO bowl, watermelon, choc bar
    7-5 145.2 x2 trailmix, banana, orange; Pho bowl; biked 16 miles
    7-6 145.2/145.8 chic fila chkn biscuit x2; ka pia; biked 20 miles; chkn leg & potatoe
    7-7 146.6/146.4 oatmeal, biked 35 miles; chinese
    7-8 GA400 ride 62 miles; beef laab
    7-9 146.6 x2 banana, soup; beef laab & rice, chinese;blueberries, grapes
    7-10 146.6 cherries, blueberries, grapes; eggs, roast chkn, rice; chips, banana nut bread
    7-11 146.8 x8 banana nut bread, subway, meatball, spicy italian; cherries, grapes
    7-12 148/148.2 mango, 1/2 chic fila salad, leechee, sample sushi salad
    7-13 145.8 x2 mango, lychee, 1/2 salad; 1/2 zaxbys salad
    7-14 144.8/145.2 biked 8 miles; eggs, oatmeal w/apple & blueberries. bacon, rice; pork ribs w/greens, pepper, popcorn, sausages
    7-15 144.6 x2 bfast sausages; 1/2 zaxbys salad, bacon, nuts, watermelon; chili x2, pork rib & greens
    7-16 145.2 x2 cherries, straw berr; oranges; indian broth rice, orange; sausage, pepper,
    7-17 145.6/145.8 turkey, potatoes, greens; mango
    7-18 145.2/.4 grapes, sherries; turkey, potatoes, mango; chkn salad
    7-19 145.2 x2 salad, boiled pork ribs, cherries, grapes; chic fila meal
    7-20 144/143.6 mango; oranges, watermelon; longhorns steak/salmon, bread & butter, veggies
    7-21 145.6 bacon eggs oatmeal w/apple, straw/blueberries, krutons; mash potatoes w/sausage. bacon, frd chkn; steak, crossiant
    7-22 147 bacon eggs oatmeal; pickles, mega burgers; bacon wrappedn chkn, squash
    7-23 148/147.6 celery, carrots with ranch; oranges, trailmix, celery with ranch; cheese, turkey; sausage w/greens, chilli;
    7-24 146.4 x2 cherries, grapes, trailmix; chilli w/cheese, sausage w/greens; choc bar; biked 16 miles
    7-25 144.6 x2 poke salad, pizza, chkn wings; watermelon; biked 14 miles, carrot
    7-26 144.2 x2 trailmix, oranges, cherries, grapes; fried eggs w/rice; pine nuts; Sonnys: pork rib, briscuit, pulled pork, bread, baked beans; biked 11 miles.
    7-27 144/143.8 cheese, celery w/dressing; leftova BBQ ; 1/2 zaxbys salad, fries; biked 15 miles
    7-28 144/143.8 oatmeal; biked 41 miles; 1/2 zaxbys salad, leftova BBQ; watermelon; steak, zucci and califlower w/cheese
    7-29 143/143.2 bacon, eggs, sausage, rice; pork ribs slow cooked, sausage, pepper, cherries; popcorn
    7-30 144.8/145 dried figs; pork rib, mac & cheese, bacon, sausage; biked 21 miles; bacon wrapped chkn, squash, trailmix
    7-31 144.2/144.4 nuts, dried figs, coffee w/whipping; nutter butter, nuts; chilli w/cheese, bacon wrapped chkn, squash, bacon; captain Ds: fried fish, coleslaw, shrimp, crab, hpup; biked 11 miles
    8-1 145.6/145.8 coleslaw; spicy noodle, chkn, captain Ds: fried fish, shrimp, crab; roasted nuts; biked 14 miles
    8-2 146/146.2 cherries; captain Ds: fried fish, shrimp, roasted nuts; biked 11 miles
    8-3 145.8 x2; bacon eggs sausage rice; captain Ds: fried fish; chilli, half viet sndwch; biked 10 miles
    8-4 145.2 x2 oatmeal; biked 31 miles; nuts, rice w/sausage, thai tea, papaya salad; chkn w/rice
    8-5 icecream x2, garlic bread, pork chops, papaya salad, BB desert, nuts; italian wrap;
    8-6 148.6 x2 nuts, grapes; rice w/sausage, papaya salad; small speghetti & meatballs; biked 15 miles
    8-7 146.6/146.8 grapes; spicy noodles, eggs, pork; choc bar; chic fila burger, fries, coke; biked 15 miles
    8-8 146.6 x2
    8-9 oatmeal, eggs, bacon; biked 15 miles
    8-10 146 x2 el hinette - fajita for 2; chips & cheese
    8-11 146 oatmeal; biked 33 miles; el jinette leftovers; frd chkn; 1/2 zaxbys salad
    8-12 145.2/145 nuts; 1/2 salad, grapes; deli chkn, ham, chips; biked 15 miles, dbl chburger
    8-13 147/147.2 nutter butter, figs; roast chkn, corn sufla, chips w/cheese, pepper, pickles; biked 24 miles; 3 mangoes
    8-14 146.6/146.4 nuts; garlic bread, eggs, roast chikn, corn sufla, pepper; biked 15 miles; chic fila sndwch, coke
    8-15 145.6 x2 banana, mango; IKEA-meatballs w/veggies; Asian Chow-fried rice w/chkn; biked 24 miles
    8-16 145.6 x2 banana; spicy noodles, Asian Chow-fried rice w/chkn,eggs, grapes; nutter butters; biked 19 miles; chinese: mogu gi pan, egg soup, beef,
    8-17 147.2 x2 mango, banana; Longhorns: steak, potatoe, bread & butter;
    8-18 146.6, 146.4 oatmeal; biked 35 miles; salad, hot sour soup, mogu gi pan; ham, cheese; egg omlete. potatoe
    8-19 146.4 x2 oatmeal, egg omlete; biked 13 miles; hot sour soup, nutter butters; biked 6 miles; ital sausage soup, beef soup, pork
    8-20 145 x2; soups x2;banana; eggs, spicy noodles, sliced chkn; pork & greens; biked 14 miles
    8-21 145.6 x2 egg drop soup; walnuts; snickers micro; grapes; walnuts; cereal w/blue berries; beef soup; carrot/celery w/dressing, cheese stick; coffee w/cream, biked 16 miles; chkn wings, rice, banana
    8-22 145.8/146.2 BBQ:ribs, pulled pork, beans, mac cheese; biked 25 miles;
    8-23 145 x2; banana, almonds; BK: whopperx2 & fries, coke; peach; grapes; biked 17 miles; watermelon
    8-24 145/145.6 BK: whopperx1.5 & fries, coke; biked 9 miles; lasagna, chkn;
    8-25 145.8/145.4 oatmeal; biked 35 miles; Indian food: curry chkn, rice, fish, bread
    8-26 145.6/145.8 oatmeal w/apple, bacon, eggs; snickers; Carribean: ox tail, curry chkn, rice, jerk chkn; biked 17 miles
    8-27 145.6/145.4 pho, leftova lasagna, cherries; Carribean: curry chkn, rice, jerk chkn, KFC chkn, mash potatoe gravy; biked 15 miles
    8-28 145.6/145.4 orange x2, fried rice, chkn; carrot, celery; soup; walnuts, coconut; ice cream, peanut cookie; biked 15 miles
    8-29 144.6/144.4 miso soup, nuts; garlic & cheese bread, fish, beef patty, dried mango; choc almonds; biked 27 miles; pork rib, cauliflower, pepper
    8-30 144.6 x2 whopper x2, coke x2; nuts, choc almonds; biked 16 miles; 1/2 zaxbys salad
    8-31 144/144.2
    8-31 to 9-3 Vaca in St Helena; MJs philly cheese steak, toast, steak, eggs, bacon, hashbrowns; biked 41 miles; beach; Churches fried chkn & biscuits; choc balls, nuts
    9-4 149.2 x2 nuts, Churches fried chkn & biscuits; chinese- soup, fried chkn, mogu gi pan
    9-5 150.6 x2 salad, nuts; roast chkn, soup, frd chkn, dumpling; biked 15 miles; grapes
    9-6 148.6 x2 nuts; turkey w/rice, cherries; biked 15 miles; turkey
    9-7 148.2/148 pop tarts; soup, whopper, nuts; korean - 1/2 poke; biked 16 miles; 2/3 poke
    9-8 148 x2 oatmeal, biked 77 miles, 2 burgers
    9-9 145 x2 oatmeal, bacon,eggs,sausage; ice cream, chkn w/greens, hmoob sausage; steak
    9-10 146.4 x2 oatmeal, ginger eggs; spicy noodles w/steak, grapes; banana, snickers; biked 16 miles; nuts
    9-11 144.8/145.2 oatmeal, nuts; banana, nuts; roast chkn, chkn & greens, snickers; 2 celery sticks, carrot w/ranch; ham, spciy noodle; Greek-PITA bread, chkn; biked 11 miles; musketdines
    9-12 145.6/145.8 nuts, snickers; spicy noodles, eggs, ham, snickers; Greek salad, musketdines; biked 14 miles; taco bell soft tacos
    9-13 145.6 x2 bean burrito; celery, musketdines; oatmeal; bacon, eggs, sausage, bread; turkey leg; biked 24 miles
    9-14 145.6/146.2 bacon, sausage; turkey, celery; fries, chkn finger; doritos; biked 12 miles; turkey
    9-15 146.2 x2 chic fila biscuit x2; golden corral: pot roast, stuffing, fish, burger, broc cheese, pastries, choc cake; biked 14 miles
    9-16 145.6 x2 bacon eggs oatmeal; honey dew; burger, ox tail, grapes; biked 20 miles
    9-17 145.2 x2 oatmeal; ox tail, yams; 1/2 zaxbys salad; biked 18 miles; 1/2 zaxbys salad, bread
    9-18 144/144.2 whopper, fries, cola, 1/2 burger; chkn nuggets, grapes; biked 13 miles; beef stew, cheese
    9-19 143/143.2 sunflower seeds; spicy noodle, eggs, chips; fish, asparagus; biked 14 miles; sunflower seeds
    9-20 142.6 x2 sunflower seeds; salmon, asparagus,biscoff; biscoff, leek soup; biked 15 miles; lasagna
    9-21 141.8/142 sunflower seeds; lasagna; biked 14 miles; asian fusion:beef salad, rice, chkn vegg, thai tea
    9-22 143.8/144 oatmeal; biked 34 miles; moes taco salad, pizza, burger pie small; biked 14 miles
    9-23 143.2/143.6 eggs, corn, bacon, sausage, rice, sp ramen; cereal, biked 20 miles; frd chkn, burger pie, berries
    9-24 144.2/144 nuts; banana; lasagna, ham, pickles; grapes, celery; biked 14 miles; nuts
    9-25 144.4 x2 nuts, seeds; banana; lasagna, ham, cereal; celery; trail bar; deli chkn, eggs, spicy noodles, chips; biked 14 miles; chic fila: burger, drink, fries
    9-26 144.4, 144.6 nuts, banana; celery, nuts; chips; spicy noodle, eggs, celery, eggs; coffee, choc; roadt chkn, mash potatoes; biked 15 miles
    9-27 143.8/144.2 nuts, turkey stew, almonds; biked 12 miles; turkey stew
    9-28 143.6/143.4 sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms pizzaless; chips; spicy noodles, roast chkn, turkey, plums, celery, trailmix; biked 16 miles; roast chkn, beef patty, pizzaless
    9-29 142.6 x2 coffee, oatmeal; biked 47 miles ate snickers, rollups; dinner at Lincoln's Bday: beer, fish laab, ribs, salad, rice, corn dog
    9-30 143.2/143.4 coffee, hbrowns, crossandwch x2; biked 16 miles; beef laab, pork greens w/rice; chips
    10-1 143.8/144 beef laab, pork greens w/rice; chips; choc; beef laab, cookie; coffee; biked 20 miles
    10-2 142.8/143 nuts, ground beef & cheese; cookie, celery & ranch, spicy noodles, eggs, ham, grapes; 3 chkn wings; choc, coffee; biked 14 miles
    10-3 143.2/143 meehans: corn beef w/sauerkraut sndwch, union rings; arbys ham & swiss, 1/2 bite; biked 29 miles;
    10-4 143.8/144.2 banana, nuts; arbys roast beef, bite, choc ; bite; 1/2 zaxbys salad; biked 18 miles 10-5 143.8/144
    10-5 144 x2 KFC, slaw, biscuits, 1/2 salad; biked 18 miles
    10-6 144.8 oatmeal; biked 34 miles ST MTN; spicy noodles, bacon, sausage, egg; captain Ds, fish, pepper poppers,
    10-7 145.8/145.2 banana, choc; bacon eggs sausage, spicy noodles; ; captain Ds, fish, celery; biked 23 miles
    10-8 147/147.4 banana, funeral pastries, choc; biked Alp Dhuez, 20 miles; captain Ds, fish, celery, banana; seeds, pizza casserole;
    10-9 145.4/145.8 captain Ds, fish pizza casserole, chips x3; grapes; biked 30 miles; captain Ds, fish pizza casserole, grapes

    10-10 144/144.2 bacon eggs sausage; EMory-brisket, pizza, pasta, OJ, corn beef sndwch; biked 30 miles;
    10-11 143/143.2 BK: crossndwch, hashbrowns, celery; trail bar, bacon, sausage, egg; KFC chkn, turkey; biked 30 miles; turkey
    10-12 144/143.8 nuts, seeds, oatmeal, celery w/ranch; biked 21 miles; rice pork & greens; chips, cheese,
    10-13 142.8/142.4 oatmeal, coffee; biked 35 miles; pho w/all trimmings; sweet gel
    10-14 143.8/143.6 bacon, sausage, re-pho, jalapeno poppers; bro-bread, trail bar; biked 26 miles
    10-15 144.2/144.8 bbread; pine nuts; re-pho, celery & ranch; cheese balls; biked 16 miles;
    10-16 145.4/145.8 BK: whopper, chburger, fries coke; biked 16 miles; celery ranch
    10-17 145/145.2 zaxbys salad 1/2; spicy noodle w/beef, celery ranch, pork skins ; biked 16 miles; home made pizza
    10-18 144.2 x2 pork skins, oatmeal, snickers, chips; spicy noodle w/beef; biked 20 miles; bacon, sausage, spicy noodles, rice
    10-19 144.4/144.2 bacon, sausage, oatmeal, celery; biked 40 miles; rice soup, celery
    10-20 143/143.2 oatmeal; BK crossiant, Chic Fila biscuit; biked 35 miles; oatmeal, choc cookie; celery, omlete
    10-21 143/143.2 bacon, eggs, rice soup, sausage,snickers; biked 36 miles; Longhorns: steak, salad, bread butter;
    10-22 144/144.4 banana, snickers, bread butter, crackers; arbys cheddar & beef sndwch; steak, snickers, fish; biked 25 miles; oranges
    10-23 144.4/144.6 oatmeal, steak, crackers; biked 29 miles; arbys turkey sndwch, celery, carrots; KFC: taco x2, chkn, peas, mash potatoe
    10-24 144/143.8 chinese: frd rice, mooguu gai pan, beef & veg, frd chkn, breaded chkn; snickers, banana; biked 19 miles
    10-25 143/143.8 oatmeal, egg drop soup; biked 24 miles; chinese: frd rice, mugugipan, breaded chkn, frd chkn; BK burger, celery carrot ranch, oranges
    10-26 143.4/143.2 chinese: frd rice, mugugipan, breaded chkn, frd chkn, mash potatoe gravy; snickers; biked 20 miles; Jap: frd rice, steak, soup, salad, shrimp
    10-27 144.2/144.4 oatmeal, coffee; bacon egg cheese biscuit; biked 30 miles; mcgriddle, salad, leet soup, yam, beef stew, caramel apples
    10-28 142.6/142.4 banana, crossiant, bacon eggs sausage spicy noodle, yam; biked 42 miles; spicy noodles,, bacon, sausage, eggs;


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