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Thread: progress from 1/9/17 to 3/12/17

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    progress from 1/9/17 to 3/12/17

    1-9-17to3-12-17.jpg I have made a lot of progress since January 9th (after my 2nd day of fat loading). I was 259.4 after day 2 and now I am 224.8. I am 39 years old. My goal is to get down to at least 150. I might change that goal depending on how I feel once I get to my goal. I was a tight size 20 jeans and now size 18 is loose on me. I am happy with my progress so far. Originally I was hoping to reach my goal before I turn 40, but I don't think that is realistic. My 40th birthday is on June 23rd. I guess only time will tell.

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    That's a great round!! Keep it up It'll be worth it!

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    Wow!! 34.6 lbs is fantastic! Just think, one more round and you'll be in Onederland.

    I'm not sure if it is you, or the hairstyle, or the clothes, but you look really different in your two pictures. You look like you've lost a lot more than 35 lbs. Your face and neck are much thinner. Your shoulders/chest look much smaller and more defined. Keep up the great work! It's hard, but it's worth it in the end.

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    WIN_20170314_20_55_34_Pro.jpg I think that it might be because in the more recent one I was in my work clothes and in the older one I was just in a t-shirt. I had make up on for work but not in the first pic. Here is a picture from today with my hair down again. I can't wait until I do get in Onederland! Hopefully before my 40th birthday!


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