Hi all!
So, back in 2011/2012 I did 4 rounds of hCG - took me from 267 to 185.
I maintained my weight in the 185-195 range for 5 years! And then... divorce, moving states, changing jobs, starting to date again... :sigh: weight gain.

Anyway - I finally decided enough was enough, and with my partners' support, I chose to come back to a process that I *know* works!

I just finished up R2P2, heading into R2P3 today! I'm down 30 lbs since Thanksgiving.
I've got a couple of vacations planned in March, so I'm going to be staying in P3/P4 until after those.
But then, onward & downward again!

It's kinda crazy how much just a 30 lb difference makes...

But, also - these photos are at the same weight (230/229).
The first from my first go-round with hCG & the second from this one...
I'm pretty surprised at the difference in muscle tone & such!