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Thread: still at set weight after over a year!!

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    Talking still at set weight after over a year!!

    i know many of you have either just started the hcg program, or you're on a steady second or fifth round, but i only did one round during the summer of 2009. i was very active on these forums, so maybe some of you will recognize me
    for those who don't know me, i did the 6-week program (i think. it was 9 weeks total including P3) and lost 22 pounds during the process. however, i had lost about 20 pounds over the 6 months before that by exercising and eating well. so i lost 45 pounds total, from when i was my fattest

    i just wanted to let everyone know that i've kept the weight off for this long -- so not quite a year and a half! i've been living in france for the last 5 months and have lost another 5 pounds from the better food and all the walking i do every day. even during the holidays, when i was spoiled and fed all kinds of desserts, i barely gained (just up to my max on the set point range) and then it popped back down after a week back home! so i have to say that my metabolism has happily set right here, at 150lbs, and i couldn't be happier

    i trust you are all well. bon courage with your beginning or continuing journey into the new you

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    Thank you for sharing that. It is much easier to keep weight off in Europe. I would always lose weight when we went to Italy. Maybe I just need a vacation....
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    Wow congrats and thanks for sharing.

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    You're adorable! Thank you for sharing your story and congratulations on your steady maintenance!
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    Danielle! I've missed you! Great job, honey. So proud of you! Thanks for checking in and letting the newbies know.
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    U look amazing! Thanks for the encouragement!

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    Thank you! To me, this is real success. You're the 3-4th person I've heard from on this forum and others who have kept if off a year or more and are going strong. That is awesome! Congrats.


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    PampleMousse: thank you so much for sharing. I am willing to eat healthier, but I am overjoyed to hear that HCG isn't another "too good to be true" thing, and I certainly don't want to never eat another dessert again! Thank you for sharing and you looks fantastic!

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    Thanks so much for sharing! Ah...french food...french style...
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    Pample!!!!! I soooooo remember you!!!! Great to hear from you!! I agree about the european food....did you know high fructose corn syrup is ILLEGAL over there? explains alot! I am so happy for your success! Barb

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    i've never seen high fructose corn syrup on any ingredient labels, but they put "sirop glucose-fructose" in anything sweet (not my jam though!!). i understand that it's just simple syrup, and basically like eating concentrated sugar. also: HFCS isn't illegal in england -- i saw so much junk food there and felt like i was eating terribly and couldn't find any good food.
    something tells me that all the animal fats and animal parts they eat might play into their health quite well. i think the american diet misses out on a lot of the nutrient wealth there is in the "less palatable" parts of animals.

    anyhoo, thanks everyone for the feedback! stick with it, it's worth it!
    xx danielle

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    Awesome! Its so comforting and reassuring to know that this method truely works in the long run. Congrats on keeping it off for good!
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