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Thread: Teenager doing HCG? Success!

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    Teenager doing HCG? Success!

    I know, I know, you may be thinking, "what evil mother forced her sixteen-year-old daughter on such a strict diet?"

    I assure you--I begged her!

    "Big-eaters" run in my family. Eating disorders also run in our genes--mainly binge-eating, but there's been a few cases of starvation (for me, personally) over the years. After being teased, bullied, and insecure about my weight for years, I decided to get a grip on my health. I tried a paleo diet and stuck with it dutifully for about 6 months, but the slow dropping caused me to become discouraged and binge eat my weight back up. I knew that I needed to lose the weight fast and quick. After seeing my parents drop pounds and inches on the HCG diet, I was desperate to join them. My mom refused for months, but my strong will finally convinced her. So far, I have lost 32 pounds and I'm still dropping! Not only am I not constantly obsessed over eating (or NOT eating), but I feel happier and healthier than ever. I am beyond thankful for this diet!

    P.S. This diet is NOT for everyone. It's even more dangerous for teenagers. One, many teenagers are much more active than I was. I was not involved in sports and I did not do any physical activity at home. Teenagers in sports or activities probably need more calories. Plus, my metabolism is not as fast as many teenagers--especially before I started the diet. Some teenagers burn calories like crazy, and 500 calories a day would not be enough. Two, many people, especially teenagers, struggle with a strict diet. Some people cannot stick with the VLCD or Phase 3 without cheating. I am extremely competitive and was determined not to cheat--a lot of teens could not say the same. It depends on the person.

    God bless!

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    Good for you, Shannon! The hcg diet is not dangerous and actually originated with adolescent boys, strangely enough. It's awesome that you're taking charge of your health on your own. Good luck to you, honey!
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