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Thread: Gut biome - the key to a stable normal weight?

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    Gut biome - the key to a stable normal weight?

    It seems that everyday, someone else is reporting that the state of our gut bacteria is at the root of another health issue. The latest trend seems to be that the health of the gut biome is critical to the health of our immune system. But this article also relates it to the tendency to gain weight and the article seems pretty balanced in its overview.

    This was the first time I've seen information that taking your probiotic with hot food or drink can negate the benefits. A while ago, I started taking mine at night instead of with breakfast, just to change things up, and I noticed that it works better. This must be why. ... It made me read the rest of the article more carefully.


    This statement jumped out at me, since so many are on low-carb plans.
    Low-carb diets may have a negative effect on our gut bacteria because they starve the bacteria of food which they need to grow and thrive.
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    Leez, this is an incredible article! I had no idea about the 4 hours or hot food! Thanks so much for posting. I've sent this to all my health conscious friends.

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    Thank you, Leez! This is a great article and now I know the best time to take my probiotics. I take the Ultimate Probiotic Formula from Swanson Health Products. It has 66 billion organisms per capsule.

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    Thank you so much for posting that! I love living low carb, but have noticed that I have had a bit more bloating issues as the years of hardcore low carbing have gone. I always notice that when I feel this way, eating a grapefruit with some Truvia soothes my tummy almost instantly. I made the connection pretty quickly that my gut buggies must be missing something in having some carbs in my life. So I started eating a grapefruit once or twice per week, and taking probiotics at bed...and now I have zero tummy issues AND my weight seemed to stabilize as well!!! I have always been big on probiotics, but they discontinued my favorite brand about 2yrs ago and I just stopped taking them. Silly me . Now I know better and won't ever be without them...especially since I never plan on leaving my low carb lifestyle. Thanks again!!!!!

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    Thanks Leez! I always have taken my probiotics in the morning with coffee. I will start taking them at night. I would love to know where the scientific reports are. I would love to read them.
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    I did not know this but it totally makes sense since you are not supposed to put probiotics in anything hot and the best probiotics are refrigerated!


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