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Thread: Ever notice people can drink diet sodas for years & stay fat?

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    Ever notice people can drink diet sodas for years & stay fat?

    This was something I noticed a long time ago, but just assumed they were ordering a giant burger and fries along with their diet coke. It turns out, it might be that they are the unwitting victims of a bill of goods the diet drink companies have tried to sell us.

    Drinking diet sodas has traditionally been thought to be a good way to cut calories while still satisfying a sweet tooth.

    But more and more info is coming to light that suggests that non-calorie sweeteners trick the brain into expecting sugar calories, and when none appear, our insulin and blood sugar levels get messed up and we just get fatter because it can set up cravings and binging. I also wonder how much damage it does to diabetics who depend on artificial sweeteners to an even greater extent.


    Quote Originally Posted by article excerpt
    Honestly, I thought that diet soda would be marginally better compared to regular soda in terms of health,' said lead author Professor Susan Swithers, an expert in neuroscience and psychological sciences. 'But in reality, it has a counterintuitive effect.'

    There is no denying fake sugar contains fewer calories. However, their study showed that the false promise of real calories confuses the body.

    When diet soda drinkers do eat real sugar, their body does not know how to respond. After enough soda-drinking, sweet-tasting foods do not trigger the natural release of a hormone to regulate blood sugar.It means the blood sugar will then plummet, triggering hunger and cravings for sweet food. Beyond that, diet soda also wears down the brain's 'reward center' by constantly triggering a rush of satisfaction.

    Like with repeated drug use, the brain eventually gets used to this level of stimulation - causing you to eat more and more in a bid to reach that level of satisfaction.
    Having spent a number of years learning to choose only real foods, I've never felt good about using sweeteners, even during P2 so I generally didn't. Maybe once or twice for a sorbet with my fruit, or to make sweet and sour cabbage on a food boredom day. But I've never liked the aftertaste.

    Even though THM (Trim Healthy Mama), which I'm following now espouses the use of so-called "natural" sugar substitutes, I continue to feel that I want to reduce even the small amount I use and eventually eliminate them. So as a result, I don't make a lot of the THM baked goods or desserts, and try to use fruit for my sweets as much as I can. Reading articles like the one linked here is just strengthening my resolve.
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    I never lost a single pound in my 15 year addiction to Diet Coke. Right around the time I was ready to give it up, the beginnings of research started coming out. Plus a friend's uncle started having neurological problems and he was a serious Diet Coke addict, so my friend encouraged him to give it up. He did, and all of his problems resolved. Then I heard that just one diet beverage can increase your cancer risk significantly. Yikes. So no more for me. I haven't had one in many many years.

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    Ever notice people can drink diet sodas for years & stay fat?

    It still say it doesn't help that they eat the fattiest highest carb foods yet order a Diet Coke with it. These are usually the same people who hate drinking water too. Ever notice  people can drink diet sodas for years & stay fat?

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