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Thread: Sugarfree

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    Sry I wasnt sure where to post. Thank you so much for answering very quickly .
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    Please help ...!
    Hello my name is Jen im on day 5 of p2 ive been doing well not eating anything that is not on the protocol. Ive lost. 2.3-1.4-.7-.8 in 4 days. Today I did the hcg pregnancy test and it did not come positive I could see the line for positive but it was like barely there. I order my injections from http://ushcgshots.com. its very discouraging I dont know what to do at this point. I called the customer service and they told me that I would have to use alot of hcg for it to come positive I shouldn't go by the test. My first round I bought them from escrow refills and they came positive everytime I tested with very few drops. Please give me some advice. Thank you guys
    Find the lovely losers thread, we are either all in p2 or p3. We'll help you along too.

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    I am sorry if I have a very late reaction but upon reading, it felt so alarming. That there are things happening like this. Using the brand is our own choice. Is it just right to research before using so I do not know why some comes up with the idea.

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