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Thread: 15 mins after drops??

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    15 mins after drops??

    My bottle says "Do not eat or drink within 15 mins of taking the drops"

    Does this mean 15 BEFORE and after....or just after..? I take these 6 times a day and I've been trying to space it out...but it's hard with my job, I only get a 20 or 30 min break every 1-2 hours...so it's hard to fit in all my water AND plan for taking the drops....if I didn't have to worry about the BEFORE part that would be great.

    Thanks for the info...!

    Dawn in WV

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    Yep, both
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    Geez Calypso42~~ I only use the drops 3 times a day and weight loss has been good. I use them as soon as I get up in the morning and then by the time I fix my first cup of coffee fifteen minutes have passed. Then before lunch and before supper........If I'm at work, I just take my little bottle of HcG with me and sneak them under my tongue before lunch. Have you read somewhere that you need to use them 6 times daily? Maybe I'm doing it wrong. I did read that if you feel extremely hungry during the first week or so you could increase the times you use them but I got by without any difficulty.

    I'm thinking the drops shouldn't be diluted so that the full strength can be absorbed. I don't think we are supposed to eat or drink 15 min before nor after the drops. Try asking this question of the folks at the www.DIY-HcG website or "friend" them on facebook and ask the same question. They answer very quickly......Good luck and keep up the good work.....Annora in Indiana

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    I do my drops 3x per day as well...and yes, do not drink or eat anything 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after (sometimes I go up to 30 minutes after). Maybe it's overkill but it's not that hard to accomplish.


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    My bottle says 6 drops 6 times a day. I am using MyExremeHcG Drops. I'm just going with the 15 before and after, just to be safe.

    Thank you for your responses..!

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    All homeopathic remedies have that time-frame. Any strong odors or flavors will nullify the affects of the homeopathic (esp mint)
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