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Thread: Why Am I Switching from HCG1234 to Another Brand

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    Thumbs down Why Am I Switching from HCG1234 to Another Brand

    Hello Everyone,

    Hope youíre losing weight faster than your eyes blink

    I have read so many good things about the HCG diet and wanted to try it because I have pretty much tried everything else and failed. My weight fluctuations have really got me depressed and wanted something that would actually work or Iíd go under the surgeonís knife :$!

    I have search about it and since it was difficult to get the injections where I live, I have decided to try the hhcg drops. Based on my research, many people have recommended HCG1234. I have ordered 2 bottles and was more than excited to start.

    I did my loading days and had guilt-free fun with the food and then felt really great on my VLCD1. The second day was tougher as for the rest of the week. My stomach was growling badly and I was going through intense cravings! Which to say the least is disappointing since I read that you shouldnít experience such things as long as youíre taking HCG.

    To my surprise and after further research, I found out HCG1234 DOESNíT contain any actually HCG in it! I have contacted the manufacturers and they have confirmed it! I bought the stuff on Amazon but itís the same formula.

    I have decided to switch to HCG Diet Plan, according to their website, the Drops contain real HCG in them.

    I have been on HCG1234 for 2 weeks now and my hunger didnít subside not even a bit! I have lost 4 KGs (around 7.50 lb) . What really worries me is, if I continue eating 500 cal per day without any real HCG, I will jeopardize my health and vitaminsí levels in my body! I understand this is a health concern everyone is thinking about even with the HCG.

    I have a little question though, Iím planning to continue on 1234HCG until I receive my order. Do I need to load again? Or just pickup from where I left? e.i just continue taking the drops with HCG without a break between the 2 different brands. Iíd really appreciate it if you could answer this.

    Thank you,

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    I would not continue - you are only harming yourself. Switch to P3 for now - no carbs, no sugar - wait for your new Drops, then do 1-2 days of loading and start again on 500cal. It is a shame that so many companies have switched their formula. True hhcg has to read HCG 6x 12x 30x or something similar. Anything else is fake...

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    I just did about a week doing this on fake HCG and I do NOT recommend you continue with a fake product. It is best to get off, watch what you eat until the new one gets to you and the RELOAD. Since you have been starving your body with a 500 cal diet your body won't be ready to be successful and healthy on the real HCG.

    Just my 2 cents worth. I do not wish the horrible effects of fale HCG on anyone!


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