I just turned 43 on the 7th of this month. This is probably my 6th or 7th round. I did this diet again due to perimenopause and the weight gain and inability to lose just a few pounds. On the 8th of September I just started spotting, that day I was on VLCD4 for this round. It was brown spotting with very little fresh blood. on Tuesday the 19th of this month where I would be VLCD14 of this round the bleeding increased a little bit but it won't go stop. I am taking wild balancing cream and the coffee and tea help with hunger while on the diet. I am taking hhcg drops and have been doing well. I want to lose about four more pounds and do a 21 day round.

One is there anything I can do about the long term bleeding?
I have lost 13 pounds in 16 days. I am barely below my pre-load weight.
Second, I am nervous about gaining weight/fat back once I stop the VLCD diet. I am the flabby underarms and legs and want to know if there is a supplement that I can take or food that needs to be eaten to help build up hormone levels?

I was doing low calorie diet before and managed to lower my metabolism and now it looks like it has sped up which is good but I want to keep it going in P3. Any suggestions?