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Thread: I cheated...can I start over? Please help!!!

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    I cheated...can I start over? Please help!!!

    This is my second round of HCG. THis diet has been very successful for me. I average 1.2 pound released per day. This is VLCD 20. I have lost 16 pounds so far. A week ago, I cheated for 3 days in a row I gained 9 pounds from that and it only took me 3 days to lose that. I was ready to get back on the wagon and continue with the protocol. I cheated again yesterday..gained 5 pounds this morning. And this morning, I woke up and had a breakfast at McDonalds I am expecting another 5 pound gain tomorrow..if I continue with my rapid weight loss, I figure I'll be losing about 25 pounds when I finish this round. That upsets me a lot because I know I could've lost 40 pounds. My question is..can i restart the 40 day round? Just start from the begining? MAybe stop HCG for a while, stabalize for a bit and start another round? If thats possible, I want to start my new round within a week. Please help!

    I started at 204. I lost 16 pounds so I was at 188. I gained 5 :193. Another gain: 198. 18 days left (assuming I lose a pound a day) :180..only 24 pound loss..please help. anything is appreciated

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    You have to take hcg for at least 23 days which includes the loading days. What kind are you taking, Homeopathic or rx? You could keep going if you felt like you finally have you head in the game. You have to mentally be prepared. If you feel like you are just going to keep cheating quit after VLCD21 but wait 48 hours before P3 eating (72 hours for rx) or you will gain more.
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    If it was me I would just start back on my HCG (or HHCG) and pretend the past never happened. I would also find a thread that seems to have like-minded people on it that I could share my experience and frustrations with to stabilize myself and my own sense of accountability. You already know that the protocol works but I would definately re-read pounds and inches by Dr. Simeon. I would not load (probably done enough of that) and put myself back on track! I hope you find your way back! Sue
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    I wouldn't do anything until I sat down and had a long hard talk with myself. You have to figure out why you are cheating and work through it. If you don't you will just do it again and you won't keep the weight off in P3 and P4. Only you know why you do it (even if you think you don't) so get it worked out then go from there. Your losses are amazing and you need to realize they may not stay that way so you need to take full advantage of it now and not waste it with cheats.

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    Sounds like you would be a candidate for cycling, if you could confine your cheats to P3 foods?
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    thanks guys! as horrible as it sounds, i dont care if i gain all the weight back. i just want to start over. but how soon can i start?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dancer23 View Post
    thanks guys! as horrible as it sounds, i dont care if i gain all the weight back. i just want to start over. but how soon can i start?
    You don't need to start over, just get back on protocol, eat P2 foods and go forward. Is that something you feel you can do at this point?
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    How much are you eating when you cheat? gaining 5 lbs sounds outrageous to me. I have been on protocol about 98% of the time. I snuck a bite of birthday cake and bite of cheese cake a week later. I wasnt really hungry, I just gave in to temptation because it was infront of me.They both caused stalls that lasted a day or slowed my losses down to .2 or .4 instead of a lb... but I cant imagine gaining 5 lbs from eating one day. Your calorie intake must have been through the roof. I also have slipped up a few times eating more than 500 calories but stuck to foods on the list. That helped from completely falling off the wagon. I keep apples and grapefruit at my desk at work... grabing an apple prevents me from hitting the mcdonalds drive thru.
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    5lbs in one day isn't fat, it's water retention. Either from high sodium/high carb foods or from a food you ate that you have sensitivities too. There is no undo/restart button that you can press. I know you keep saying you want to start over but you can't. What you can do is stick to the plan and move forward. I'm not sure what you mean by starting over. Starting over is the same and continuing, you take your hcg, you eat your VLCD foods and you don't cheat.

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    the reason i want to start over is because i dont want to continue and lose 25 pounds, go onto P3. wait 6 weeks then continue again. i just want to redo this round and lose 40 pounds. then do p3. is that even possible? or do i have to finish this round?

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