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Thread: Need dosage clarification please!

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    Need dosage clarification please!

    I have done 2 rounds on hHCG successfully. Now my son has just started and is getting really frustrated, and I'm trying to research ways to help him.

    His Drops are from Intermountain HCG, so they are real homeopathics. He is vegetarian and has decent losses with his protein substitutions. About 8 pounds in 9 days.

    His problem is that he says he is starving. All day, but worse after dinner and before bed. I've suggested snacking on something from his daily menu - not adding additional calories - outside of mealtimes, like saving a fruit for a snack or part of a protein. I also suggested lowering his dose and/or spreading the total daily dose over more frequent dosing schedule, which I've read on these boards. He started at 10 drops three times a day.

    Now today, doing more reading, I read in one of the "stickies" on this sub-forum (Homeopathic) that he should INCREASE his dose. Several people chimed in agreeing with that. Then towards the end of that thread, someone else chimed in saying homeopathics are not like "regular" meds which can sometimes be increased for better results, and that the hHCG should be reduced!

    So I'm trying to find out the definitive answer here. I know everyone's different, yada yada yada, but is there someone or some source where we can all get an accurate answer to this dosing question?

    My son already feels like this may be kind of a "woo-woo" diet, even if he is losing weight, but I'm afraid he'll just give up completely if I keep giving him conflicting advice.


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    The most often reason for hunger is a dose that is too high, no matter if it is RX or hhcg. Have him skip his next two doses and see how he feels. If better, go to 8 Drops per dose. If no better, then try 12. Good luck!
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    Thank you so much for the quick reply! I have forwarded it to my son. Hopefully this will be all he needs to be successful.


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