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Thread: HCG TRIUMPH Drops..good experiences?

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    HCG TRIUMPH Drops..good experiences?

    Hi==thought I would start a new thread here --see how it goes..
    Not new to Hcg but new to homeopathic and new to TRIUMPH..used to exact dosing and monitoring the dose..
    anyway,,looking to hear some good success stories and any tips... Thanks!

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    Well just as a service, I will reply to my own post.
    I have done HCG so many times--mostly shots with real HCG, once with Trim you spray, once with 2.0 and this time with Triumph...
    this is by far the best round so far in terms of hunger levels and energy and focus and GREAT MOOD!
    Have not weighed myself cos it makes me CRAZY but trusting HCG to do its miracles in my body.
    so I highly reccommmend it today on day 6

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    Iím on P2D29 with HCG Triumph and am down 21 lbs from my pre-load weight. Itís a little tricky early-on for me because Iím a type I diabetic. I lower my insulin levels quite a bit and my blood sugar will get low requiring me to take glucose tablets. Loss was pretty dramatic the first two weeks and then I slowed down quite a bit but never truly stalled.

    Iíve never done injections or other HCG so I canít say how they compare.

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    Hi, there! I just started a round on Tuesday with the Triumph homeopathic drops and must say I'm having major issues with hunger. I did a round in January with another brand (no longer available) and had absolutely no issues with hunger. I only lost a total of just over 10 pounds, but did lose a full size.

    I started this round with 3 doses per day of 10 drops. Hungry. Increased it to 12 drops, then 15, and I'm now at 18 drops. No better. Wondering if I should drop it back down to 10, and then if I'm still hungry to DECREASE the dose rather than increasing it.

    How many drops do you take in a dose?

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    I am on day 3 of VLCD using Triumph drops and thumbs up so far. No hunger yet. Feeling good. Dropped 5 pounds of pre-load weight. Usually, weekends are the true test. I will check back after this weekend.

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    23 day round using Triumph. Began at 262, 264 after load. On the last day of doses, I had an evening weight of 238. My morning weight was artificially high from an extremely tennis match the night before and I was holding on to a lot of extra water. This morning, at 237.8. Either way you slice it, around a 1 per day weight lost. Never really hungry physically. Mentally, that is another story, but that is just what comes with the protocol.

    Bottom line: I don't plan on doing this diet again for at least 4 years, but if/when I do, I would not hesitate to use Triumph again. It works, I was not very hungry and I like dosing 3 times per day.

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    Hello, I am new to this site and curious about what VLCD stands for....?

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    welcome, earthygirl!

    VLCD = very low calorie day. Used in relation to Phase 2, or the diet part of the HCG protocol.

    Here's a thread of other acronyms you may run across on the forums:
    Acronyms and Abbreviations
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    I have used Triumph 7 years ago for two 6 week rounds with success. Am using it again now and love them. I follow the instructions in the booklet so am not counting drops. Am P2D8. I do remember that I went down on the second round. The best way to check is to skip a dose.

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    Thank you Leez!
    4/5/2019 P1 = 150
    P2D1 = 151
    P2D5 = 147
    Goal = 130

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    First time on Triumph

    Hello all! This is my first time trying the Triumph brand of drops. I switched from an HCGless brand a week ago. Total loss for this week was -2.7. I am not surprised by that ďlowĒ #, seeing as I made the switch min-p2.
    I intend on staying on the Triumph drops for another 3weeks before I leave on my birthday cruise I would like to see another 10ish lbs gone in that time. I am not expecting to wake up each morning to monster losses, as I do not have a ton left to lose. However, I would like to optimize my losses and would appreciate any advice you may have! I have been taking my 10 drops at 8hr intervals (6am, 2pm, 10pm), as suggested by another poster. I tend to go to bed early, so waking up to an alarm 2x/night to take my drops is not my favorite thing, but if itís going to help my losses Iím in!
    How are the rest of you doing on this round (or part rounds)?

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    Hi All … I just started P2 with Triumph drops. Very optimistic seeing all these positive reviews Triumph!!
    Being overweight is hard - losing weight is hard Ö choose your hard.

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