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Thread: Heartburn on VLCD1

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    Exclamation Heartburn on VLCD1

    Oh wow do I have some terrible heartburn! I have problems with it from time to time. I have a perscription for Prilosec, has anyone taken this while in P2?!?!?

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    We have had customers report using various types of heartburn medications without any issues with weight loss. But, as with any kind of medication, be aware if tablets have any kind of sugar coating, oil or substance that could carry some sugars or other nutritional value in the tablet, this could affect your loss to some degree.

    Here's to being skinny!

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    Paleo; you might benefit from digestive enzymes. I used to have severe reflux, but the enzymes did the job. Talk to your Health Food Store manager about which ones would be the best fit for you. Good luck.

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    When I get heavy I get alot of heartburn all the time. When I lose the weight the heartburn goes away. Im sure it has something to do with the fat putting pressure on my innards.

    With that said though, I have not had heartburn one single time on P2..... 26 days worth.


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