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Thread: My hHCG journey (in progress)

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    Cool My hHCG journey (in progress)

    Hello all. I'm a 42 yr old female, 5' 3", who started this recent wt loss journey at 165 lbs with a goal weight of 125 lbs. I've been a good 30 - 40 lbs overweight for the majority of my life (sometimes more) but I had some thin years as well where I weighed anywhere from 90 - 135 lbs. I'd like to get back down to 125 lbs, where I think I was the healthiest.

    I've tried real HCG drops before but I lacked discipline which was not good, esp with the real hormone as one day of cheating can pack on 10lbs (yikes). After a few failed attempts at that, I tried hHCG as a true skeptic and was astounded when I lost 8lbs in less than a week...that being said, I still lacked discipline. From then on, I ended up using the hHCG drops on occasion to lose a quick few pounds here and there (following up with low carb diet) but never for more than a few days because again, I'm a food addict and I lack discipline...

    I don't know what changed recently? I intended to use hHCG the same way I had been...as sort of a pre-low carb diet boost but here I am, nearly done with day 10, and doing better than I did on days 1 & 2, so I'm gonna stick with it this time...40 days if I can manage (which I honestly feel I can for the first time ever in the 4 yrs or so I've been experimenting with hHCG). I am a little rogue in that I've been using coconut/mct oil for the past few days...seems to be ok but I think it can be an issue for some so I recommend trying with caution if you are so inclined, until you know if its going to be an issue for you or not. I use sparingly as well, just for salad, and it makes all the difference to me. I feel like I lack for nothing now. I have not been hungry or even had cravings (miracle literally) in days (this I attribute to the drops not the MCT/coconut oil but who knows really?). I started with "Drops by Yavonae" (which were the very first hHCG drops that I tried that impressed me so much) but there was only a little left in the bottle, then I switched to the 1234 drops which I was worried about due to some reviews on Amazon but, not anymore...here are my results to date:

    P2D1 (12/26): 165.0
    P2D2 (12/27): 162.4
    P2D3 (12/28): 160.8
    P2D4 (12/29): 159.4
    P2D5 (12/30): 158.4
    P2D6 (12/31): 158.4 TOM (ate a bunch of Smart Fries...and a couple of pieces of string cheese...sigh)
    P2D7 (01/01): 159.8 TOM
    P2D8* (01/02): 158.8 TOM
    P2D9* (01/03): 157.2 TOM
    P2D10* (01/04): 156.2 TOM

    * Coconut/MCT oil used.

    Avg daily loss = .88 lbs/day Will update in a week but in the meanwhile, I hope this encourages someone! Stay strong!!
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    It is near the end of day 17 and I'm still going strong. I didn't lose as much this past week as I hoped, but I still lost 3.6 pounds so not crying either. I think I used too much MCT/coconut oil as I started having two salads a day (which means using twice a day) and sometimes I used it to cook my meats. I'm def going to (have already started) cut back in hopes of better losses. Here's the day-by-day:

    Day 11: 155.2* TOM
    Day 12: 155.2* TOM
    Day 13: 155.2*
    Day 14: 154.0*
    Day 15: ???.?*
    Day 16: 153.6
    Day 17: 152.6

    * Coconut/MCT oil used.

    OK, good luck to everyone this week, I know you can do it! Just think how great your going to feel for sticking it out come warm weather time Will update again in a week.

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    Incredible! Congratulations on your losses! I did homeopathic pellets and am in P3. Still aiming for a 40 day round? You're well on your way to your progress goal!

    Round One Losses: 24.1lb

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    Round 1, Phase 2
    I have had a similar journey as you and I too am aiming for a 40 day round. I am determined to make this work. I'm Taking it day by day. Best of luck! You seem to be rocking it!
    ROUND 1

    Pre-loading weight: 245 lbs

    VLCD1: 243.3.
    VLCD2: 241.0 (-2.3)
    VLCD3: 238.1 (-2.9)
    VLCD4: 237.1 (-1.0)
    VLCD5: 237.1 (-0.0)
    VLCD6: 236.3 (-0.8)
    VOCD7: 236.3 (-0.0)
    VLCD8: 234.3 (-2.0)

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    Thank you for the encouragement and I wish you the BEST of luck in your journey but I have decided to move on to P3.

    The issue for me was not hunger, appetite or cravings for the first time in my life which is IMO a true miracle. I could've gone the full 40 days, I'm certain of that. And I wasn't even bored with the food or anything so that wasn't the issue either. The issue was that my losses were getting slower and slower and I couldn't see the point of carrying on with that trend.

    At first, losses were excellent but last week I only lost 1.8lbs and this was with the "aid" of lax tea & water pill. I'd much rather go to P3 and back to P1/P2 in a few weeks for more of them awesome losses than continue using aids. Here's the day-by-day:

    Day 18: 152.4
    Day 19: 152.4 (took lax tea this evening)
    Day 20: 151.6 (.8lb loss with "aid" of lax tea)
    Day 21: 151.6* (took 12.5mg HCTZ late in the evening) STOPPED DROPS IN PREP FOR P3
    Day 22: 150.6 (1lb loss attributed to HCTZ - felt like crap all day, headaches, etc.)
    Day 23: 149.8* (HCTZ must've continued working...I believe this loss was due to dehydration)
    Day 24: 150.6 (today)

    So in total, I lost 14.4 lbs in 24 days for a rate of .6lbs per day Hopefully craving/appetite control will hold in P3!!! I must say, my stomach was grumbling hard this morning (after 3 days w/no drops) in the wee hours to that point that I almost got up and ate around 4am lol.

    *MCT/coconut oil used

    Good luck to everyone & speedy, healthy losses!!!!

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    Here is my log as well. The CAL column links back to My Fitness Pal (MFP) so you can see what I ate each day. I did not track MCT/coconut oil cals on the days I used because I read in a few places that your body doesn't process in the same way it does normal food (that could wrong but didn't seem to affect diet so def wasn't processing like it would reg fat). I used Now MCT oil or Carrington Farms Liquid Coconut Oil, just FYI. The latter if the first liquid coconut oil I've ever seen/tried which was great for salads and it didn't taste like coconut at all.

    SORRY - I can't get attachment to post for trying - keeps saying invalid format grrr


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