Hey everyone. I started the HCG diet with meridian health labs hHCG with amino acids last nov. 22. i dropped a whopping 17 pounds in around a month but i started getting rogue when the holidays came along and then i couldn't stick to the diet and kept bingeing a for four or five days while taking the Drops. i felt so hopeless. i guess you could say i did a week-long loading period and i am now so ready to face around 50-60 more days in p2. even though i didn't stop taking the Drops, i still consider it a fresh new round.

something I noticed was that i wasn't afraid to step on the scale and see the damage. i was at first but after a week long binge period i look back and get extremely excited about my new round. hcg has taught me how to be unafraid because i just KNOW i'm going to lose it. and i'm going to lose more on this round. in fact, i am excited to see how hcg will get rid of all this holiday weight.

i guess i just wanted to step up in behalf of all those who have fallen off the wagon, gained the weight back, or just really messed up. i messed up for a WHOLE WEEK guys and it's not pretty. but i feel so optimistic about this new year and i just know this round will be better because i'm not looking forward to any more holidays any time soon!