There are a number of companies that claim to sell homeopathic HCG Drops that are actually "hormone free" or simply have a drop of hcg and are not genuine homeopathic product (which will not work for long term results, nor is it safe on this diet.)

Here is what to look for so you KNOW your HHCG drops are real:

1. The most popular forms of HHCG are available as Drops and Pellets. Avoid sprays, etc., as these are not genuine.

2. Not every brand is the same so to identify genuine homeopathic HCG products, look for "hCG" listed in the ingredients.

3. Also on the label, you will a dilution sequence of numbers such as "3x,6x,12x,20x,30x."

Example labels of genuine homeopathic HCG: Triumph New Blue 26 and Triumph 40 are both legitimate homeopathic hcg drop formulas. You will notice the hCG listed in the ingredients and the dilution sequence, "6x,12x,20x,30x" on the label:

If you are unsure if your homeopathic drops are real, feel free to ask in the Homeopathic Lounge or reach out to one of the moderators.