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Thread: Are Intermountain drops no longer available??

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    Are Intermountain drops no longer available??

    I had an extra bottle of Intermountain drops left over that I had bought to start last year and decided to hold onto them and wait. I started the diet with those a couple of weeks ago. But I wanted to get an extra bottle and have a friend who wants to do the diet with me. I just went to order more and I can't even access their website. Does anyone know if Intermountain is still selling drops?

    Jenny V.

    PS. Sorry. For whatever reason, the first attempt at posting this on my phone ended up cutting off the last half of the message. Trying this again!

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    Nevermind. I went back to look through old posts to see if I could find a backup plan and ended up clicking on a link for Triumph... which took me to Intermountain's page! The link in the email where I ordered from them last year wasn't working earlier, so their server may have just been down for a bit.


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