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Thread: Intermountain or GFC Drops?

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    Intermountain or GFC Drops?

    I am back for my yearly round I tend to do around now to get rid of the 10 lb creep before summer. I am deciding what to order between Intermountain or GFC. Does anyone have experience with these drops? If GFC, which bottle? They have original, plus and triple dose?!?!

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    I am back after keeping 25# off for 9 years. I quit smoking and have gained 10# and many inches. I ordered hhcg through Intermountain because of someone on here recommending them. They seem to have real hcg but I plan to start this Saturday. I will keep you posted as to what I think. Fingers crossed I can do this again and stabilize as well as I did 9 years ago!

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    I just completed a round using intermountain. I was very happy with it. Previous rounds were using Triumph. I will use IM for my next round without hesitation.


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