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Thread: Lovely Losers - Magnificent in May!!

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    Cool Lovely Losers - Magnificent in May!!

    Hello all...our group has been starting new threads every month to prevent people from having to sort through thousands of old posts. Each new thread is usually called “Lovely Losers” + something witty or gritty (depending on the mood of the day!).

    Although we call ourselves "Lovely Losers", we welcome EVERYBODY to this thread - men and women – in all different phases of HCG. Most importantly, we are here to support each other! Whether you are starting, finishing or somewhere in between - YOU ARE WELCOME!!

    Please jump in with us and be MAGNIFICENT IN MAY!!
    It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.

    I am a Moderator of the Hcg Diet Info Forums. My statements are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any medical condition.
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    How I want Magnificent in may
    April .........sucked.

    Okay, crap day. so tired. everything went wrong
    I'm calling it a day, sittin here with glass of wine,
    so busy and trying to get the saliva test correct, don't eat, no, eat now, oh, no dont eat, but drink water, oh no you f up. ugh
    gonna sit and watch castle on hulu.
    reminder: no food or drink from 7 to 8 then final test then can have fooood yeah
    Doing the best that I can , from where I am. All is well

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    Lovely Losers ..... In MAY !!!!

    Thanks Christy for starting the MAY thread !!! Great idea to begin each month a new !!!! How long have you been doing this ? I'm finishing up my last week of P3 ... I hope !!! Just stopped by to say Hi !!! Have a good night everyone !!
    May the power to choose and loose be in your control !! Cheers !!!
    Starting weight this round .... 156

    P2-D2 - 1.2 loss
    P2-D3 - 1.2 loss
    P2-D4 - 1.8 loss
    P2-D5 - SKIP. 1 lb loss

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    Christy, Thanks for starting the thread. We all really appreciate you so much.

    Kansas, Are you now done with all the tests? I sure hope this is a better month for you,

    Hcgpro, I hope you are taking care of yourself.

    Luzer, Sounds like you will do great at weigh in. (If you don't pass out first).Please be careful. One more week and the results will be in. We are all pulling for you.

    Spring, you are doing great, P3 is a real challenge.

    Hello to everyone else.

    AFM, Yesterday I had lettuce and shrimp with ACV for lunch and get this, 1 tablespoon butter in fry pan added a package of crayfish,a handfull of scallops and shrimp. added enough HWC to cover and added Parm cheese to thicken up a bit. I added my pepper seasoning. I had it with the rest of the head of lettuce.
    I was loadind and I am down from yesterday. Day 2 of load, Oh if I could be so lucky.

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    Trish: I never did get any vitamins but now I'm thinking about either a B vitamin or D. Or maybe just a one a day women's. I remember my old college roommate asking someone about them...and she actually said "how many do you take a day?" haha I love memories like that. The crocheting project is well under way but, considering I only have until next Friday to finish it, I really need to start doing more each day. I've only been doing about 4 rows a day and it doesn't seem to be getting any bigger. lol

    I weighed in this morning. 126.6. I swear, my body loves that #. It's about a pound more than last week but I still have a few days to go this week so I'm just going to get back on track. PB toast this morning, vanilla chai tea. I'll have oatmeal later with honey, a banana, a few crackers and some lasagna. Dinner will be chicken with spinach probably. I might not weigh in again until Saturday to see how this goes.

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    And I just made myself look like a capital A** in front of the operations manager. Woops! Of course, I know who plaintiff counsel is...that's not what I meant.


    No emotional eating...no emotional eating..lol

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    Hcgpro, You have done so well, I think that is the key. To know how your body responds to food, and what you can eat that doesn't affect you.
    I wish I could take hcg as a vitamin. I don't ache so badly when I use it. I feel so much better.
    If you double to 8 rows it will be done in no time.

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    Are you doing another load day today, Trish? Then starting P2 again?

    I know I need to do more with the blanket each day. My hands just hurt so bad when I work on it. I have to take a lot of breaks. I usually do a row then take a break and read for a bit.

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    Christy - thanks for starting the May thread. As for the gain with the wine...so you gain, you know what to do to get it off. You obviously love your wine, so maybe plan every so often to have some and then work it off. Life is about living...right?
    Kansas - May is going to be fantastic. You will get your "spit" tests done, your veggies planted, life will be good! It has stopped snowing here and the sun is out today, has to be a good sign!
    Pro --what colors are in your blanket?
    Trish - your seafood with hwc and parm sounds like heaven! Good luck loading today, have something decadent!
    AFM - down .8, that makes 44 pounds! May will be a big month for me...I should hit...my half way point, the 50lbd mark and break into one-derland. Horray Horray it's finally May!

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    That's great, Deborah! 44 lbs...I can't even imagine!

    My blanket is just a dark purple. I'm not too talented so I stick with 1 color...and simple things like blankets

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    Hi Ladies!
    I lurked on your April thread for a while, and would like to join you all if that's ok. You seem like a group of intelligent, funny, and supportive people!

    I'm on Round 6 of HCG (homeopathic pellets). I lost successfully on rounds 1-3 - down to 131 lbs from 172. After P2 of Round 3, I got the bright idea of doing Insanity on P3 - BAD IDEA. I put weight on instead of losing, although I lost plenty of inches and toned up. I went right back to my R2 LDW of 141 after I completed the 2 month workout series. I tried 2 more rounds unsuccessfully. I cheated over and over again, and couldn't get any good losses and never was able to stabilize.

    I started R6 26 days ago. I'm losing slowly, but that's due to being close to goal, I believe. I've got 7.2 lbs to go, but not sure if my goal is actually realistic. As of last Friday I am a pant size smaller already - and honestly inches are more of a concern for me than weight, due to the muscle that I built while working out. My Day 30 will be Sunday and I may transition to P3 at that time. We shall see! I'm only weighing every 3rd day, to avoid getting discouraged over small/no loss that sometimes occurs while on VLCD. So far it's been my saving grace. I found during prior rounds that if I didn't see losses in the morning, I was more likely to cheat during the day. This is helping me maintain my sanity and treat the protocol as more than for weight loss, this is for optimal health!

    Wishing you ladies a wonderful day with great losses/maintenance!

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    Welcome! Glad you're close to your goal! I think if you're happy with the way you look, that's all that really counts. I keep trying to tell myself that I still look the same even when I gain a pound. As long as you like what you see, you'll be fine As for Insanity...that's a different story! I can't imagine doing that workout. I watch the infomercial Saturday mornings and almost cry. I feel so bad for those people! lol I can't sweat and move my body like that.

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