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Thread: Triumph back?

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    Triumph back?

    I've used Triumph with my latest rounds and did well especially with no hunger issues. When I saw that others weren't able to order from them I was pretty bummed. I thought I would try the website and see if I had any luck ordering. Well I was able to order but not able to use PayPal or credit card. I had to use my checking account. I will update to see if I receive them. Fingers crossed!!

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    I had the same thing. Somebody from the website did reach out to me but nothing felt right. Just didn’t trust the transaction and went with Intermountain. On day 9 of VLCD and all is good.

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    Hi, How are the Intermountain HCG drops going? My usual place no longer mails the drops and I want to be sure to get drops that are actually good and that work. Thanks
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    IM drops are very good. When I was loading I could really feel it. Second day I had a hard time getting food down because I just wasn’t hungry. I am 2 weeks in and my losses are good and no real hunger to speak of. Truth be told I prefer Intermountain to Triumph

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    I just wanted to update my post. I received my drops from Triumph on 1/18. I'm going to start them on 1/22.

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    Glad to hear they honored your order. I remember a few years ago that some of the HCG suppliers were constantly changing what payment forms they were accepting because of various changing laws. Maybe some of that is what is going on.
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