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Thread: Having Trouble Find HCG

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    Cool Having Trouble Find HCG

    I have not done a round for a year now having had great success with the homeopathic hcg previously and I went to purchase from the companies I used before and they are all gone. So I guess the rumors I heard about the FDA cracking down is true.

    I went over to the section on where to buy hcg on this forum and it confirmed the rumors. I think it is so sad that anything that really helps people the FDA wants to take away. It says on the FDA website that hcg is approved but just not for weight loss. In other words it is safe however they do not want it used for weight loss. I can only think this is political and financial pressure from Big Pharma and the food / diet industry that of course is worth billions and does not really want us to get thin and healthy.

    Anyway finally I was talking to a friend who had used the shots and then she switched over to ha2cg Evolution and had great success so I am going to buy that and have found a source on the web, a company called Best Nutrition Everyday and I have ordered enough for 40 days and it should arrive any day now and I am excited to start again and release my last 15 lbs. YEAH.

    I am so grateful for this forum. I read and learn so much from here. So a big thanks.

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    The FDA is applying pressure to the hhcg marketplace. You are correct it is becoming more difficult to get HHCG drops and pellets.

    At some point in time its the hhcg market is going to be down to the HCG Patches... All I can say is thank God for the patches.

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