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Thread: TRYING fff MEAL Replacement today..advice welcome

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    TRYING fff MEAL Replacement today..advice welcome

    I am doing 3individual fff for lunch today totaling 350 calories ( 2 0% and 1 2%) , 4 g fat and 56 grams of protein. I wil then have my chicken , veggie, melba and apple for dinner...I am kinda stuffed from just 1 fff and I have 2 more to go....oh my!


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    Interested to see how your day went

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    Hi Smiley
    I got through the day but it was odd not to chew food - it was NOT horrible at all though just different. I ended up loosing .6 yesterday HOWEVER that .6 came back today.... :O(
    I am confused what is going on now. I need to check out some forums and see what to do next....ANY IDEAS???


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    Thought I replied earlier, we are at the exact same spot! Ivaldobloaded then and have been stalled for the last 4 days. Finally broke today. I haven't tried a Cfc or apple day, but I.did replace one of my.meals with a protein shake yesterday and made sure I did not go under 500 calories, probably closer to 600.

    Hope that helps!


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