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Thread: Vox HCG Pellets

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    Vox HCG Pellets

    Has anyone tried them? How did they work for you? Are they better than the drops?

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    I used them for one round, lost 25 pounds in 40 days, loved them! I switched to injections just becuase it's easier to dose only once a day.

    My hubby lost a total of 50 pounds in two rounds on them - he loves them too.....
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    Me Too. I start my first round with Drops, hated the taste, and switched to Vox pellets 2 weeks in. Loved them!! So much easier, I couldn't take holding the drops under my tongue, and the phone or something would ring right after I took the drops, with the pellets it's easy, can talk away while they are in my mouth dissolving, and they taste good.

    My losses were just as good with the pellets too. I would recommend them.
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    Has anyone tried the hcg patch? I was going to try pellets and I found this and tried it instead. It is placed on and only changed every 3 days. It was much easier then the injections or the drops I used before.

    Good luck to you!
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    I have used these pellets for 2 of my rounds and love them They are so easy to take and count and even throw in your purse for that afternoon dose if you aren't home. Never tried the drops so can't answer you there, I did injections for my first round but I didn't like how I felt on it but did like the convenience of the once a day dosage.

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