If you purchase Hcg drops that are "hormone free" note that these are not safe for use with phase 2, or the vlcd. Not only is it unsafe, but it will not have the same results.

When buying Hcg, you have a choice between prescription and homeopathic as the two options for use with the Hcg diet protocol.

Hormone free, activators, or "diet drops" are all common names for drops that don't actually contain any Hcg in them and are not homeopathic Hcg at all.

If you are planning to follow the Hcg protocol and want the Hcg Diet results that come with them, please only choose Hcg drops with hormone in them.

Hcg is a hormone that has specific effects on your body, mainly keeping your body from going into starvation mode while on the vlcd. Without the hormone, your body will react differently and the results will be different. As an example, I have a friend that used hormone free drops she bought over the counter, believing they were real Hcg drops. She lost weight, however, she gained the weight back very quickly, and then some. She struggled with hunger and other issues while trying to follow the vlcd and had so many challenges, I can't possibly list them all here. A few months later, she came to me asking what she did wrong- I wish hormone free drops were labeled for what they are; they are typically vitamin supplements with amino acids and water. They can be taken as a vitamin supplement and may even come with their own dietary recommendations but they are absolutely not VLCD friendly.

Stick to either prescription Hcg drops from Nu Image or homeopathic Hcg drops with hormone from Triumph or another valid source.