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Thread: Wellgenix

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    Just started my wellgenix drops 3 days ago. Today was day 1 of VLCD. I would appreciate any info on this brand of drops. Also has anyone noticed any changes in their body that show the drops are working? Any tips or info greatly appreciated. If this does not work I will have to do Rx next time. Also has anyone combined phentermine with hhcg? What do you guys drink and what are your meal suggestions? I'm desperate to lose at least 50 pounds. Thanks for your help.


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    Fake HCG

    You just purchased fake HCG from Wellgenix. Try to return it and they will not honor your return. Dont purchase hcg Xtreme they are scam artist too.

    HCG Lady

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    How do you tell if the hhcg is a good brand? I checked to make sure it had the 6x 12x 30x and 60x on it. I got mine from a local chiropractor so really thought it was legit. What do you suggest buying?

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    Hi..did you get any more info on the WellGenix drops? I just bought them at my nutrition store but now reading the posts, I'm wondering if I should use them. Thanks.

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    While I have not tried the wellgenix hhcg drops, I have used their balanced essentials and was very satisfied with them

    As far as the HHCG goes, I checked the ingredient listing and IMO it should be fine... Here is the link http://wellgenixhealth.net/products/...ops.html#facts

    Has anyone actually had experience with this brand?

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    Smile drops

    I have been using the wellgenix drops for about 9 days now, I have lost 20 lbs., if someone knows that this is really a fake I would appreicate it if you would let us know. I also checked the bottle and saw that they had what I was supposed to be looking for.


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    I used Wellgenix for R1 and lost 25 lbs, even with an underactive thyroid. I noticed changes in my appetite patterns even while loading. I did have hunger for the first couple days (REALLY BAD VLCD day 1 but I think that was more due to my load), but that went away and I didn't have problems for the rest of the round. Starting out now R2 with Wellgenix as well.

    VLCD started 09/17


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