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Thread: Here I am again

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    Here I am again

    I haven't been on here in a while due to me getting a job that has me working a lot of hours. I have tried to start round 2 like 3 times now. Each time I haven't been able to follow through with it. I am actually starting it today. I know I can do it because with the first round I lost like 33 pounds. Since then I have lost like 8 more pounds. A grand total of 41. I just can't get my mind wrapped around it. I also think its because I have been living with my brother and they keep bringing in all the snacks and stuff. Yet I remind myself that I worked at McDonald's when I did round 1. So really I can't use that as an excuse. I will be on here more often cause I am gonna need all the support I can get. I am doing this round by myself. Last time my parents were doing it also. so here's to the New Year and to the new me.

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    Good luck!
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    I'm with you! Today is VLCD1 and I'm focused and motivated this time. I have to be, none of my pants fit But, I'll be here checking in too. We can do this!

    I just updated my ticker. Yuck. How sickening to see I've went back so far. I was at goal.



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