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Thread: Is there balance

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    Is there balance

    Still trying
    I skipped yesterday and am going back to 125ul. I started with 175ul with complete misery, then was told to go straight to 125ul through online medical advice. Went to 150ul instead for one day and two days on 125ul. I haven't started with protocol foods but have eaten slightly more protein and vegetables as the hunger has been unbearable. The last three nights I have a super hard time sleeping through the night because of hunger. Hoping the 125 will be better after skip day. Is excessive hunger in the middle of the night mean anything special? I will be stopping shots if I can't get this hunger under control. Nothing is worth feeling this way. Grammy if you have any other tips please help me. The company I ordered from is not responding anymore to my emails or the phone call I made. I have lost an ave of .45lbs a day and this is my 11th day.

    Looking for balance

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    I'm so sorry you're having such a struggle! Your last post said the hunger starts after an injection. Does it stay at the same intensity all through the day and night? When did you skip?
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