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Thread: Crazy periods

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    Crazy periods

    Will my periods ever go back to a normal cycle after this diet?!!! When I am on it I get them every two weeks. When I'm off it that continues for about 6 weeks and then they last for multiple weeks at a time but technically start at a 4 week interval.
    I have always been 100% regular my whole life so I know that whatever this hormone does to your body is affecting that as well. Anyone with experience willing to chime in here?
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    after my 1st round I didnt get my period for nearly 6mths! The doctor said it's rare but it does happen

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    Mine just ended and it was definitely different than usual. For starters, it was a week early, very light, and no cramps. Two days before it began, my weight loss stalled and I started experiencing symptoms of hunger, dizziness, weakness- basically, I felt the full effects of VLCD including being impatient and snappish.

    I was stalled for 6 days, and feeling horrible the entire time. My TOM started to end 2 days ago, when I lost .2 and then today I am down .4. My hunger has gone away, along with the dizziness and weakness. In other words, I feel like the Hcg is working again.

    Yes, I definitely think my hormonal changes, combined with the Hcg basically ruined my last week of dieting efforts. Overall frustrated, disappointed and eager to get on with it.
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    I've had irregular cycles for a few yrs now, HCG didn't make them regular or lighter, so I did some searching and bought some Yarrow supplements on Amazon (cheap). My period, which usually lasts 12-14 days with 2 VERY heavy days within, went down to 8 days, and the heavy days were much less heavy. I just started Red Raspberry Leaf supplements (also cheap on Amazon) and according to reviews those are supposed to help regulate cycles too. You may not need to resort to these if your period goes back to normal, but mine got irregular way before doing HCG, and with all the positive reviews I saw w/ these (plus the low cost!) I decided to try them.


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