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Thread: Dosing question, newbie...thanks in advance

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    Dosing question, newbie...thanks in advance

    R1,D22,P2 Cathy rxinj
    Today is my third week skip day (Saturdays each week). I feel high, energized, and wonderful! Yesterday, i had somewhat of an hypoglycemic issue, deep, deep hunger onset very quickly. I'm no where near goal. Is my body telling me to lower my dosage? I'm injecting 140 each day and have NEVER felt this good, but usually no hunger. Thanks in advance for your wisdom. Cathy

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    Super Chief-Ninja Moderator grammy1952's Avatar
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    5 rounds, down 78# and at goal
    Sounds like your dose is a little high. I'd lower to 125 when you resume your injections tomorrow. Good luck!
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