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Thread: Ellie's HCG Experience~The Good, the Bad and the Ugly! Long Rounds~to Cycling!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ruralakay View Post
    I had the same response ANY time I ate fast food.............But, I'm slowly learning that there is STILL a wonderful plethora of delicious foods & beverages that I CAN have, and you can too! It just takes a while for our psyche to catch up with that revelation.
    Fast Food is an EVIL ~ and I'm completely convinced of that. I've even gotten more selective regarding sit down restaurants. More and more, cooking at home is what I do. My son is getting on that bandwagon too, and seeing the increase in spending cash because he's not grabbing food out somewhere. Money wise, Diet wise, fast food places are black holes of stuff that isn't good for us.

    Angela (and others) have you found the Gluten Free Girl?

    She has great recipes, and a following on facebook as well.

    So happy to see you inspired on the delicious "gluten free" track! There are amazing choices that nourish our bodies and eliminate those nefarious ingredients that are toxins to our systems. Every day that I move past the sugar and the wheat is a day clearer and brighter and just feels better!
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    I agree about eating out. To be honest, even the sit-down restaurants are a gamble, because of the potential for cross-contamination. The blog I referred to mentioned that she almost NEVER gets a salad, the first go-around, that she doesn't have to send back, because there are "crouton crumbs" on it (where the waiter merely removed the offending croutons)....even in the restaurants with a dedicated "gluten free" menu. These places are getting better, but they still have a LONG way to go.

    I would rather avoid them altogether, but, occasionally, it's not possible to do that. I probably sounded like I made a steady diet of fast food, by my statements above, but, actually, I rarely eat at them. However, I'm finding out that, even occasionally, it's an occasional thing that is still too much for my small intestine to handle. Good thing I don't feel an overwhelming urge to not comply. My most disappointing part is that I had really wanted, throughout P2, to try, when I get to P4, Wendy's new natural cut fries. Just once. Now, I think I'll just make my own "natural cut fries"...LOL. Mine probably taste better & more fresh anyway!! LOL.

    Yes, Gluten Free Girl is one of my fav's. The blog I was referring to is: They have some REALLY good tips for living gluten free...some absolutely mouthwatering-looking recipes (they have been "food porn" for me, during this P2!!)...and it's entertaining, too. Some of their stuff is only included in their e-book, but there's still a ton of accessible stuff in their blog & their email newsletters.

    weight loss

    Heavy cream, here I come!!.

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