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    day 14 of round 1. Injections. 175units


    I've been on the diet for 26 days and I've lost 15 lbs. My Dr.. just upped my dose to 200units because I'm starving. She also says I'm doing great. I wasted a whole week by using cocoa butter on my skin, dummy. I'm on the 43 day phase and she said tonight that alot of her patients lose during maintenance. I guess I just had such unrealistic exspectations. Wanted to lose more by now. Hopefully this increased dose will help. She also told me to get walking for 20 minutes a day.

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    Hunger is normally caused by too high a dose, not too low a dose. Skip a dose and see if you feel less hunger. If you do, you know you need to lower your dose. The average loss for women is .5-.75 lbs per day. You're losing just fine. Losing during maintenance is a bad idea. The point of P3 and P4 maintenance is to stabilize and lock in your new weight. Walking is great.

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    Arggh! I hate these clinics that don't understand dosing!! She took you the wrong way. It's normal to have to drop the dose in the middle of the round. Skip your next injection then lower the dose.
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    200 units a day on my first round made me so hungry I was looking at my dog funny. Human nature tells us to up the dose, but HCG doesn't seem to work that way.

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    Ha ha Sweetcorn,

    I said that to my friend today, that I was so hungry on the wrong dose, that my 18 year old Jack Russell was looking tasty...bless him, he would be a bit tough and I dont eat meat...I leave that to him x

    Grammy suggested a lower dose and I lost a 1lb this morning so Bertie is safe!!


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