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Thread: Getting married, going to start trying to have children...

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    Getting married, going to start trying to have children...

    Alright- first and foremost I'd like to say I LOVE this forum! I'm on hhcg for the last 28 days and have lost 27 lbs as of this morning. I feel fantastic!! I love using this site as a resource because every time i have a question someone else has asked it (love that).

    I'm getting married in 11 days (woohoo!). I go off drops in 2 days and am ready to start P3. I haven't struggled at all. Stuck to the protocol 100%. I feel super educated, have made a P3 plan for food for the wedding and honeymoon and have an amazingly supportive fiance/almost-husband and family.

    Here's my question (and PLEASE read everything before you comment. I saw one lady sort of ask this question and she got bombarded by people who didn't really understand what she was asking).

    We are going to try and have kids right away (honeymoon baby, lol). I will be in P3 until for 3 weeks- while we are going to start having kids. I still have quite a bit of weight to lose. I am NOT (repeat NOT) going to take any hcg because we are going to try and have kids, but I'm wondering if you can stay in P3 while you're pregnant (basically eliminating gluten/starch and sweets from your diet). I am going to eat 2500-3000 calories (read some great threads from Grammy about high caloric intake during P3). I am not going to do anything that would harm myself or my unborn child. I'm just wondering if the natural hcg your body produces in pregnancy with a non-gluten/starch diet will help utilize the fat I don't want in my body. OR...should I go to P4?

    Again, I will be eating PLENTY!!! I will NOT be taking any hcg (since my body will produce it on it's own). Just thinking about not adding gluten/starch and sugar back into my eating plan (besides bananas- I miss bananas). Would love some feedback from the senior members (grammy1952). The whole concept of the hcg diet is using a substance your body produces while you are pregnant. So, if I become pregnant can I utilize this natural hormone?

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    I've lost weight every preganacy ,and I and the baby was healthy I ate a Atkins style diet every time ,you'll be fine just don't cut out the milk ,

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    Absolutely you can do that. It's basically a paleo diet which is very very healthy and would be a great lifestyle to adopt anyway. Congratulations!
    My expert Hcg Diet advice is based specifically on the original Simeons Protocol. Grammy's personal protocol:Grammy's Hcg Diet Protocol
    Grammy's author website: ColleenCoble.com

    I am not a medical doctor and my statements are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any medical condition. Please always check with your doctor for medical questions and assistance. Medical Disclaimer:

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    Thanks for the reply Grammy!!! I was hoping it would be alright to do that!!!

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    It seems to me that if you complete the protocol properly, stabilizing in P3, transitioning straight into Paleo eating, you will be armed with the best secret weapons of all! The knowledge that you CAN gain control of your eating, and that shiny, new reset hypothalamus!

    Congratulations on your accomplishments, & best wishes for this exciting new phase of life, angelatjax!

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