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Thread: Ask Grammy

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    Hi Grammy...

    Just want to say thanks for all the answers. I don't know how you do it, but wanted to let you know it is SOOOO appreciated.

    R1-June '11- 212-40 days- lost 21 LBS
    R2-Sept '11-198.8-42 days- lost 22 LBS, 26 Inches
    R3-Dec '11-177.2-38 days-21 LBS, 16 Inches..LDW 157
    R4 Start WT 163.4-May '12- 46 days- 21 LBS, 14 Inches LDW 142.4
    R5 Start WT 146.2- Feb 18 '13-April 8 - 48 Days-, 16 pounds, 11 Inches LDW 130.5
    Week 1 total-4.9
    Week 2 total -3.1
    Week 3 total -2
    Week 4 total -3.5
    Week 5 total-2.3
    Week 6 total-+1
    VLCD 48 LDW-130.5


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    I am sitting here about to mix for round 3!! YAY! Anyhow, I want to add b-12 to my injections. I usually mix HuCog 5000IU with 10ml. How much b12 should I sub? and how many units should I then inject daily?!?!


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    Strong Feelings of Hunger

    Hi Grammy,

    I am taking HCG sublingualy, I mixed 5000 IU HCG (from alldaychemist) with 20 CC of saline solution. I have been taking .5 cc in the am and another .5 cc at night. I started loading on Friday, September 16th and my first day of VLCD was on Sunday the 18th. I have been strictly following the protocol. Fish and shrimp have been my only sources of protein as I don't eat red meat or chicken. I am drinking at least 100 oz of water per day - I have always drank a lot of water so this hasn't changed much. I typically eat two meals a day and fill in between times with hot tea and water. I am using Truvia in my tea. As of this morning I have lost 7 pounds.

    I have read that it is normal to experience hunger the first few days so I expected that but I have been hungry to the point where I can't sleep at night. I have a constant gnawing in my stomach day and night. I don't mind feeling hungry if that is how this works but my concern is that I may not be truly getting the benefits of HCG. Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions? Should I just wait it out a few more days?

    I can't imagine how you keep up with all these questions and I truly appreciate you taking the time to answer mine. Thank you so much

    "Lord, help me to be the person my dog thinks I am." - Anonymous

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    did someone post an acceptable food list for P3?

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    Hi Grammy , it's me again I forgot to mention that i'm moving to ghana and i know that coconut oil and other leptin reset approved cooking oils will be almost impossible to come by. I bought 2 tubs of coconut oil and at best it'll last about a month. I've done my research and the primary cooking oil used is vegetable oil and palm oil (and palm oil cant really be used for cooking alot of things). Do you think it will be a huge setback to my leptin reset if i use vegetable oil?

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    Hello again
    I was initially on 166 ius then did the break left better so lowered to 150 ius still hungry so I lowered it to 140 ius yesterday night and today morning and still feeling hungry. Should I stick with 140 IU for like 2-3 days and see how it is? please help meeeee

    and are we allowed to eat bean sprouts in p2?

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    Hi Grammy, Im sure you have answered this question but i cant seem to find any direct answers anywhere on here. What is Leptin reset? is it a diet plan? could you point me in right direction i keep seeing people mention it but no explanation. Also im on day 2 p3, yesterday i lost 1 lb is that normal?

    Thanks- Dont think i could have done this without all your info and help on here! So thankyou

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    Quote Originally Posted by grammy1952 View Post
    You must stay on hog a minimum of 23 days but I tend to see more stability on 30 days or more. RX sublingual is 2x a day, hhcg is 3x a day usually.
    i am on VLCD20.. HCG day 22 and i think I have enough drops to get me through tomorrow.. is that long enough or does it need to be 23VLCDs and does that include the 2 days after you stop taking drops?? i'm very worried and don't have $ to go buy another bottle right now!!! it says 43 days on the bottle but obviously not! the main reason for me doing this diet is to reset my hypothalamus.. and i'm a little bit peeved i am not going to make it to 30 days
    R1 09/01/11 26 days starting : 269.4 LDW:251.8 - 17.6lbs
    R2 11/4/11 35 days Starting : 247.8 LDW: 232.2 - 15.6lbs
    R3 1/30/12 28 days starting: 234.8 LDW 217.6 -17.2lbs
    R4 6/1/12 cycling 2/2 Starting 226.6 up 19lbs c1 -10lbs c2 -5lbs c3 -3lbs LDW 208.6
    TOTAL LOSSES: -60.8 over half way there!
    R5 starting 9/2/12 my 1 yr hcg anniversary.. starting : 213 week 1: 211 week 2: 205.2

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    R1 09-17-11 / P2 / Sub Inj
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    Hello, I'm in P2 day 5, day 3 of VLCD. I just began taking a multi vitamin 2 days prior to beginning the HCG. I have been getting really bad headaches and today got sick to my stomach twice. Do you have any recommendations? My husband and I have lost 7 lbs already. I don't want to quit HCG, will my headaches go away. Also I have heard others tell me it is just my body detoxing. Any advice will be appreciated.
    With Radical Faith...Fred and Gail

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    I am on homepathic hcg...Extreme HCG dropps, VLCD3 6 drops 6 times a day...and I am starving!!! What if anything can I do. so that I can stay moving forward?

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    Hi Colleen,

    I've been a voyeur on this site mostly. I did R1P3 okay. I lost about 18 pounds down to 130, which seems to stick. I didn't really add too much in p3 except healthy fats and bigger portions and a few other things but no strahces and very little dairy. I see you guys eat bacon and all sorts of goodies I have'nt ventured too much in that direction because I want to start R2 with injections like last time to get rid of the last 5-7 pounds which is a weight I was at for years and happy with. Anyway, so many questions but do I load again? It seems a little crazy when I haven't eaten certain foods to start eating them in a 2 day span only to gain weight and tehn have to lose it again? Also, can I use almond milk vs. soy? I know simple questions. I had a ton for p3. Kinda dreading doing this again. Congrats on your success btw, amazing!

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    freaking out!!! day 2 of P3. had to eat lunch out and so split chicken fajitas with my husband. just had the chicken, veggies and a little sour cream. found out too late that the seasoning was full of sugar! how messed up am i going to be????


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