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Thread: Grammy's January 2012 loaders

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    Senior Member mollys62025's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    R4/P2 SubQ Injection
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    Good Morning!

    Whitejasmine- welcome

    I'm up .2 this morning, not happy about it but I try to keep my positive attitude. Keep telling myself I have already lost 23 lbs this round. I really can't complain that is for sure. After Ileana was born (august 2011) I planned to give myself a year to lose my 100 lbs of weight. I never would have thought that with HCG I would have lost 55lbs in less than 6 months. I figured I would be working out like crazy and wishing I could eat more, and not making any progress. I never thought that I would be so close to my goal weight.

    It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think your not...-unknown

    Have a great day!

    Starting Round 4 9-29-12
    Pre-Load Weight 203.0
    Ended Round 4 10-27-12 -10lbs

    Move into R4/P3 10-28-12

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    Williston, Florida, United States
    Round 2, Phase 1, Ovidac Injections
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    Good morning everyone! I am so happy, I lost another 2lbs! I am back at the weight I was at the end of round 1.

    Molly- you are doing great, I agree with you, sure can't complain. I remember for me, my first time when I didn't loose a day I was loosing inches. stay positive.
    cbasla- Way to go and wish the woosh for you in the morning!! drink lots of water today to flush that fat away.
    Whitejasmine- Welcome!!!!
    To everyone else- have a fantastic day!

    Oh, and if anyone is on fitness pal, friend me. I am flachk

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    Hey all just a quick check in before the start of a busy day
    down 1.3 pounds today, yay!
    still finding some cravings distracting which was not the case first round but still going strong, only ten pounds left until goal, still hoping it can happen in a twenty one day round (or so)!
    R1 total loss 29.6 lbs

    R2- so far, -17 pounds

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    Thanks everyone for your concern.I added salt to my food yesterday,which I never do.I am up .2 today,probably should have had an extra glass of water.
    Zoe- hope your feeling better!
    Whitejasmine Welcome!
    Lessofkate-you will probably wake up to a very nice loss tomorrow!
    my brain isn't working this am to shout out to everyone...sounds like everyone is doing good though. Keep up the losing!
    Have a great day.
    Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice....Wayne Dyer

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    LM (Lifetime Maintenance)
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    Morning All -

    Just a quit post 'cause I'm running late: down 1.5 this morning after two zeros so am super happy!!! VLCD 10 and -11.5. 4.5 to LDW and 14.5 to goal!!!!

    Height: 5' 3.5" | Build: Medium | Age: 45 | BMI 25.1

    02.03.11 ~ SW: 205.0 || 4 Rounds || 03.01.12 ~ LDW: 145.0
    60 pounds & 54.37 inches released

    Lifetime maintenance eating primally.

    SSG: To maintain my weight in manner so that food becomes a non-issue in my life.

    "Love's not someplace that we fall, it's something that we do." Clint Black

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    HCG Rx injections R3P2
    2.6 pounds. 198.2 this morning. Yesterday was 200.8. I was running around this morning inside and outside and drinking coffee and making plans for day and moving canvases. . When I went to bathe and wash my hair I weighed again and it was 200.2. I guess weight yo yos up and down through the day.
    My hip swelled up again running around this morning but it is still articulating properly. yea! I hit my head hard too so I may go easy another day.

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    Tulsa, OK
    Morning everyone! VLCD17 and it's not been a very fun weekend/week for me. I am battling what I think is a tummy bug...thought I might be pg but tests are all negative. Anyone know how to deal with this? I've stayed POP thanks to a huge crockpot of chicken and celery in homemade broth I made Monday morning, but I'm up .6 this morning. I basically feel nauseous all day with the worst being in the morning and fatigued like I have never been. Usually on hcg i have normal energy, muscles just burn a lot taking stairs at work. I know my HCG is good, hucog from ADC and I mix it weekly (DH is on protocol too). Any advice, speculations or suggestions? I've tried b12, it didn't help. I'm going to stick it through to at least 40 days but I'm getting frustrated!!!
    R1 (April-May 2011): Start weight 185, LIW 161.6. Stabilized very well.
    R2 (Jan-Feb 2012): Start weight 170.2 (holiday binge plus loading), LIW 149.6. Stabilized perfectly by eating less than 20g carbs a day.
    R3 (April-May 2012): Start weight 154.2, LIW 136. Stabilized perfectly.
    R4 (October-November 2012): Start weight 141.8 after loading, LIW 130.6. Not my SSG, but happy for the time being.

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    Senior Member cbasla's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    Southern CA
    R2/P3/HhCG drops
    Whoo Hoo!!! I'M IN ONDERLAND!!!
    Finally, I woke up this morning and whoosh, I was down 1.4 and under 200 for the first time in over 10 years!
    Couldn't be happier (..)

    R1 9/2/11 Lost 29.8 lbs. (208.2 LDW)
    R2 12/31/11 Lost 26.4 lbs. (192.0 LDW)

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    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome....I am dealing with small losses for the last two days. Today was .6 so i am hoping for good one...but I finally drank black coffee this morning. i am a big tea and coffee person but both with milk creamer and half and half..

    this has been the toughest thing for me to to do. I have not been able to do 1tbs of milk. I have been doing 2 or 2.5 ...but i was wondering if that is effecting the lost since everything else i am following. So finally I worked up to drink black coffee with stevia...
    not too bad....so lets see if that makes a difference.

    @cbasla..great to hear..I am looking forward to that type of loss soon.
    @tulsagal..hope you feel better soon.

    On the other note i have been frustrated with trying to get a ticker working but you will see at the bottom i have not been able to.....
    VLCD1: 170.6 post load

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    Good Morning to all and welcome to all the newbies!

    Today I am feeling like tulsagal, very frustrated!! So your not alone tulsaagal.

    My last injection weight from R1 was 153. Most of you know that my 1st round was difficult because I had to have major surgery about half way into it. As much as possible I stayed POP and finished my round 11 lbs down. Ending @ 153.0

    This round I started loading on Jan 14th I was 154.8. On day one VLC I was 157.2. This morning I was very happy to see a 1.0 loss. So Now I am @ 154.2, but here is my frustration, that is only .6 down from my first loading day weight. So on VLCD-10 and I'm only down .6. Took me 10 days to get down to my pre-load weight!!! I have gone over everything trying to figure out if I am doing something wrong, can't find anything. Maybe I'm just a slow starter. I have had hunger this round too. I have upped my dose to 150iu hoping that would help but It has not. I started at 125iu, doing sub Q. For the last 3 day I moved a big fat 0 on the scale, so I was very happy to see a one pound move but it took 3 days for crying out loud! Sorry I know that I must sound like a big baby. Oh well I am sticking with it no matter what! Like tulsagal, let me know if you have any suggestions. I have a very busy day today and this evening, that's a good thing for the hunger.

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    Middleton, ID
    Round 5 p3 hhcg drops
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    good morning. finished up my round with a 20lb loss. Didnt make my goal but i am content with the way I look. On to p3 and stabilization.
    Round 6 Phase 2
    Started HCG in July 2010 at 200ish lbs
    Done alot of redos
    Learned alot about my body
    Met alot of great friends.
    Lowest weight on hcg-159
    New goal after tummy tuck-150

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    I'm New!
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    Oct 2011
    R2/P2 Sublingual 1/14/12
    VLCD 10 up .4 lb

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