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Thread: Grammy's January 2012 loaders

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    Quote Originally Posted by marvless View Post
    Well that's good to know! We'd all miss you. But don't feel you need to avoid P3 food talk. We're all going to be there sooner or later and if you have some tasty meals you want to share I'm all ears.
    I'll second that!

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    R2/P3/HhCG drops
    Hi all! Just a quick stop by to say I am totally blown away by the photos! I am so proud of all of you and your accomplishments! I am up .2 today....But, I'm counting down the days until I am in Ph.3, (Valentines Day).
    Molly, congrats on an amazing weight loss this round!
    Bradwells, welcome and hang in there....Any day you don't gain is a good day IMO.
    Tulsagal, you'll be in the 140's before you know it!
    Zoe, seems like we are on the same track. Don't worry about nobody noticing, they actually are, but don't want to say anything yet. More importantly, you know you are losing, and you don't need to get anyone elses blessing.
    Texasmom, Welcome aboard the losing ship!
    Lessofkate, What an amazing transformation! You're awesome!
    Whitejasmine, everyone's losses and journey is different. Just hang on and enjoy the ride.
    150, You are sooo close!
    Maria, a size 6???Are you kidding me? i would love to be in a size 6!
    Slim, I'm so happy to have a face to look at, (even though your dog is cute).

    OK, wishing for a whoosh! See ya all tomorrow!

    R1 9/2/11 Lost 29.8 lbs. (208.2 LDW)
    R2 12/31/11 Lost 26.4 lbs. (192.0 LDW)

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    I know I will forget someone, but I read all the posts and so appreciate all the encouragement on this thread!

    KATE---looks like you made it!! So happy for you and cannot imagine how proud of yourself you are...whooo hoo..

    Slim-I agree with the others, doggy was cute but it's a great picture!

    Marie--we will hang in here---p3 has it's own challanges--this is THE place for motivation!

    Destiny-Good job on this Round...are you going to do another in a couple of months?

    Molly..29 POUNDS in ONE ROUND...That is sooooo awesome! especially with that monster stall you had.

    AFM-Down 2 this am so my LDW is 157...20.2 pounds and 18 inches in 38 days!! I am pleased with that. Will do the leptin reset for about 10 weeks and hopefully take off another handful of pounds so I can make my ultimate super secret goal of 129 with R4.

    Won't talk too much about P3 food...till we all get there! Hang in, stay on protocol...the pounds and inches will disappear!
    R1-June '11- 212-40 days- lost 21 LBS
    R2-Sept '11-198.8-42 days- lost 22 LBS, 26 Inches
    R3-Dec '11-177.2-38 days-21 LBS, 16 Inches..LDW 157
    R4 Start WT 163.4-May '12- 46 days- 21 LBS, 14 Inches LDW 142.4
    R5 Start WT 146.2- Feb 18 '13-April 8 - 48 Days-, 16 pounds, 11 Inches LDW 130.5
    Week 1 total-4.9
    Week 2 total -3.1
    Week 3 total -2
    Week 4 total -3.5
    Week 5 total-2.3
    Week 6 total-+1
    VLCD 48 LDW-130.5


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    Thanks, I agree I'm losing more weight than another program, but expectations were higher.

    I am here:,-96.726497

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    Morning Everyone,

    Well 1st vlcd on no drops and I'm down .4 this morning. The next couple days are going to be very very miserable and long. Waiting for all the stuff I have missed. DH sat down last night with a big ole plate of nachos for dinner...much to my suprise I only wanted the chicken, cheese, and sour cream...hahahaha For how bad I wanted some the other day the smell of the chips turned my stomach.

    Have a great day and big losses to everyone.

    Starting Round 4 9-29-12
    Pre-Load Weight 203.0
    Ended Round 4 10-27-12 -10lbs

    Move into R4/P3 10-28-12

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    I started eating Leptin Reset-style Sunday morning. Every morning I've eaten 7 oz (uncooked weight) of meat, within 30 minutes of waking. I don't eat again until dinner time, and I have an additional 3 oz of fish. (I'm eating my veggie portions and one fruit portion with the two meals.) Well, there might be something to this! My losses last week were in the .2 and .4 daily range. Monday morning I woke up to 148.8, Tuesday morning I woke up to 147.6, and this morning I got 146.8. Maybe it's just coincidence and I was due some good losses, but maybe it's Dr. K's gift! Just sharing in case it helps anyone...

    Have a great day!

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    I'm so excited this morning! I was down 1.1 lbs and have now lost a total of 40 lbs on HCG!! Woo hoo! I'm beginning to think I may hit my goal this round!

    Will check back later with shout outs.
    Maria ~ GOAL!!!
    5'2 - Went from a Size 14/16 to a Size 4/6

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    Hey everybody! Down .8 again this morning to 149.6. Woohoo!!! I'm soooo close to my R2 goal of 145, hopefully I can make it by Sunday and head into P3 with my sweetie on Tuesday!!! Might be wishful thinking but here's hoping! Slim, are we weight twins again today? Oh and today marks 35 pounds lost on HCG.
    R1 (April-May 2011): Start weight 185, LIW 161.6. Stabilized very well.
    R2 (Jan-Feb 2012): Start weight 170.2 (holiday binge plus loading), LIW 149.6. Stabilized perfectly by eating less than 20g carbs a day.
    R3 (April-May 2012): Start weight 154.2, LIW 136. Stabilized perfectly.
    R4 (October-November 2012): Start weight 141.8 after loading, LIW 130.6. Not my SSG, but happy for the time being.

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    Slim & Tulsa - hoping to join you soon in the 140s club!

    Cin - you're just so cool, letting the tiny things go in favor of the big picture. You have come SO far and are doing SO well! Thank you for your kind and inspiring words. : )

    150 - 20 pounds in 38 days, how cool is that! A great, big HUG and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    Molly - for several years now, whenever we go out to mexican and I order nachos, I order mine without chips. The waitstaff always looks at me funny, but I don't want the chips, I want the good stuff!

    Brad - my sis has a great saying that I go back to all the time - "low expectations are the key to happiness." However, my heart goes out to you because that's how I felt on R1. Hang in there, you're doing GREAT!

    Texas - glad your experiment is working and congrats on the GREAT losses!

    Maria - WHOOT WHOOT ~ look at you go, GF!!!

    Destiny - I friended you in the Cave. It will be fun to keep up over there during the leptin journey. 22 more days...

    AFM: Stayed the same today at 152. No biggie 'cause yesterday's loss was a big one and I know I'm just gathering ammo for another big WHOOSH!

    Height: 5' 3.5" | Build: Medium | Age: 45 | BMI 25.1

    02.03.11 ~ SW: 205.0 || 4 Rounds || 03.01.12 ~ LDW: 145.0
    60 pounds & 54.37 inches released

    Lifetime maintenance eating primally.

    SSG: To maintain my weight in manner so that food becomes a non-issue in my life.

    "Love's not someplace that we fall, it's something that we do." Clint Black

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    Twoboys- Welcome! feel free to jump in with questions ,vents, comments or just to say HI!!

    Sounds like everyone is doing fantastic! I think I am going to try on clothes with a friend today, My favorite brand of jeans are "silver" brand. They come in size 30,32,33,34,35,36 then go to 14W 16 W 18 W...and so on. Well in aug of 11 ,I was in the 18W. In Dec I bought a pair of 33's thinking (hoping) I would be in them after this round.Well I am in them alright..& almost out of them if I don't wear a belt!
    Have a great day all!!!
    Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice....Wayne Dyer

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