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Thread: Help!!! I blew it--PLEASE

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    Help!!! I blew it--PLEASE

    I need help...i'm turning to all of you because I don't have much support at home...I found out that my mom has very advanced terminal cancer today and I am a wreck!! I cheated tonight at dinner and what's worse is that I don't think I care. I could really use some reinforcement..I'm sure I will pay dearly for cheating, but I need to find a way to get back on track so I can get healthy to take care of my mom. I ate too much protein, a piece of french bread and a 1x1" brownie.

    Thanks for "listening".


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    I'm so sorry about your mom... I will keep your family in my prayers... I've done worse cheating for way less of a reason. Definately not the worst I've heard of, considering the news especially. You might stall for 2-3 days. Maybe gain a pound tomorrow. Don't beat your self up too much, it sounds like it was a hard night. You don't need to feel "remorseful" for cheating to get back on track. Yeah maybe you lost a few days, but you're still on the diet and on the way to a healthier you. Just keep going, get back on track, and in a few days it will be like the cheat never happened. I'm no expert and hopefully some of the "vetrans" can give you some advice as well. Be proud of the losses you have and look forward to more!
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    Kim -

    I am so sorry to hear about your Mom! I can tell you (as a graduate student in clinical psychology) that it is perfectly normal for you to be feeling as if you don't care right now. That will pass as you come to terms with the situation and the need to take care of your mom takes over. So, you cheated....oh well! Tomorrow is another day! You might not see what you want to on the scale for the next few days, but look how much you have lost already! I am impressed and in awe of your loss since I just started this week. We are close to the same weight at this time and I would be willing to be there to support you through this time. I can be the person you can say anything to or yell at or whatever you need when you can't say it to others close to you! : ) Best of wishes for your mom's journey and yours also!

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    Quote Originally Posted by davesg1rl View Post
    I need help...i'm turning to all of you...I found out that my mom has very advanced terminal cancer today and I am a wreck!! I cheated tonight at dinner and what's worse is that I don't think I care. I could really use some reinforcement...I need to find a way to get back on track so I can get healthy to take care of my mom...
    Thanks for "listening".
    Kim ~ prayers up for your mom, you and your family!! Friend, be generous with yourself ~ cheats happen, we have all come across something that triggers us into going over the edge, simply brush it off and continue HCG Protocol!! My 1st round I cheated 3 times and still found success!! All will be well ~ if you fall off the bicycle, get back on and keep going!! This coming from someone with NO BALANCE and well, bike seats have in the past hurt my bum!! I'm hoping you get my drift!!
    You can manage cheating, there are so HCGers with tips and suggestions on how to get back on track and stay on track on your HCG journey!!

    My heart goes out to you~mother/daughter realationships are so precious ~ I miss my mom!! And I miss my dad! I was blessed to have spent time and moments with them each before their "walk with God". My sister and I were my dad's caregivers while he battled his cancer ~ the Dr's took over a year to determine he was terminal...and we laughed, we cried, we had a roller-coaster of emotions from hate and anger to love and joy...every moment precious...I even got to sing to him and comfort him as he left our the cycle of life goes - it was beautiful...I would never change a thing!! Every moment we have with them is precious, and reflecting is present always!! Take care, be gentle with yourself and keep trusting....
    Keeping you in prayer....
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    davesg1rl, I too am sorry for your recent news. I attended a funeral 2 weeks ago and what started out as a controlled eating day (actually brought my food in my purse) ended up being a 2 pound gain. At times we just can't control our feelings and us emotional eaters are reminded of that what something sad happens in our lives.

    Good new is, I brushed it off and went back on protocol the next day and immediately loss the weight. You can too. If you need a day to drown your sorrows, do it. You really don't need one more thing to stress you out. Allow yourself a day to take it all in. Then, JUMP BACK TO HCG STRONG. As you stated, your mom will need you, and you will be there.

    I will include you and your mom in my prayers. Hang in there. We can't control life but we can control how we choose to handle it. Just sometimes we forget that. I know I did.

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    Oh I'm so sorry, Kim! What horrible news. Praying for you and your family.
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    I'm so sorry about your mom. I would have cheated for sure too. And I've cheated for stupid reasons.
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