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Thread: HELP!! I had a deep tissue massage with sunflower oil..!

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    Unhappy HELP!! I had a deep tissue massage with sunflower oil..!

    I totally forgot about the hcg!! How long will it set me back for? Is there anything to do now? Scrub it off in the shower? But its already DEEP in my tissues! UGH! (it was great though)
    I can't believe I did this--its been such a great round...

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    I have had massages while on HCG, I just rinse after the massage to take the top layer still remaining on my skin off, hasn't seemed to affect anything for me. Hope the same for you. Drink lots of water because massage can cause you to retain if it was deep tissues as your muscles fibers need to repair themselves like a good workout.

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    I think everybody s different as far as their sensitivity goes...I happen to be quite sensitive to oils and fat so I wear gloves when handling oily things...Having said that...THANKS for normalizing the massage
    Its over, was great and nothing to do about it anymore...just hoping for the best!
    Have a great day..


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