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Thread: Help - need input about being on p3 since july 4th

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    Help - need input about being on p3 since july 4th

    So, here it goes: I have been on P3 since July 4th . Yes, during those days 4 of them were binge eating days and it has led me to 8lbs over ldw.

    This is big because I only lost 14lbs.

    My question is these days have beeen a cycle of CD, high protein days, then can't take any more meat, binge day. YUCK ------ I know, i knw, i failed at this 3 times now.

    My question is how can I get out of this nightmare that I created for myself?????????? I don't want to do another round, because I have failed 3 times. Yet, I want to do another , because I want it off.

    so, do you think i could get off this extra by taking a Bee Pollen diet supplement and eating clean.
    I need to know how to get this off exactly, I am one of those give me EXACTLY what i need to go dieters/
    I am an avid exerciser. however, this is frustrating to figure out how to lose at this point without eating tons tons of protein.


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    If you are bingeing during P3, I wonder how P2 went for you. It doesn't sound like your hypothalamus has had an opportunity to reset.

    Grammy may have some good advice for you, but "bee pollen & clean eating" never did a thing for me. I feel compassion for your frustration, but I know how unforgiving the protocol is if you don't follow it pretty closely. I am sorry you are going through this.

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    I'd guess your dose has been off in P2 and you've cheated? If you're asking how to stabilize where you are, you might try to leptin reset to try to get rid of the binging. That has worked for many. But it's not going to drop the 8 pounds unfortunately. Nothing much will do that except another round. Wish I had another alternative but nothing else has worked for most of us.

    It's actually fine to stay in P3 forever. I pretty much eat that way all the time. I like it.
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