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Thread: Need help stress eating

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    Need help stress eating

    So I am trying my best but I am stressed and overwhelmed and therefore I am eating like crazy on P2.
    It has been 4 days of eating poorly but still taking the drops.
    My question is do i just go back to low cal or should I start all over again?
    Should mention that 'time of the month' is next week so I have heard will have stalls during that time.

    If I should stop for how long?

    What should I do when I am feelings this way? What has worked for you guys?

    Funny enough only gained by 1 pound so far, because if I cheat that day I go and lift some weights.


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    Don't try to fix your cheat. Just get back on plan and stick with it. You can recover from a few days of damage. There is no need to start again.

    You may or may not stall during your TOM, not everyone does. However, there are usually slow downs or stalls that happen in the 2nd and/or third week for many people. Those kinds of slowdowns are normal and just a sign that your body is regrouping as it readjusts your water store levels and empties out your fat cells.

    If you know your bad choices are stress related then you have to find other ways to diminish the stress. However, if you are eating because you are actually hungry, we can look at your dose and see if you might need an adjustment.
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    Not hungry - bored one day
    Then got hit with a pipe leak and had to pay whole bunch of money for that.
    I have to spend some more money because all the responsibility feel on my shoulders.


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