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Thread: July buddies. Starting round 2.

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    sorry with no posts as of late... been traveling again.. and my wedding shower is this Sunday 😆😆.. I am wearing a beautiful white dress from bcbg... and its a size 10... !! as of right now I am 184.. but I have not weighed myself since Friday.. again work travel.. so tomorrow morning I will find out... I'm hoping too either stay the same or loose a little... still hoping too get in the 170s for my shower.. the goal was 175.. but I will be happy even if its 179.9.. lol I look good and my white size 10dress looks great.. I will post picture soon after!!! hope all is well with you all and your losses are going well!!!!

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    Teri9672 that is great, congratulations! Woo hoo!!!

    mylittlelion you are doing so well too! I hope you make your goal too. I know traveling can really be hard but you must be doing something right!

    AFM: I ended my round earlier than was planning. My body is telling me it's time for a break so that is what I'm doing. I'm very happy with my losses both pounds and inches and the reshaping of my body. My size 10 capri's are starting to feel loose too and I will never complain about that lol.

    I hope you all have great losses tomorrow morning!!

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