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Thread: June Round

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    Honk if you pass by Ogden, UT on your trip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by grammy52 View Post
    I had cataract surgery last Thurs and got one of the new multifocal lenses. Big mistake for me. I can't see close at all and even distance is blurry. I go again today for the other eye which is the one I use to read and work on the computer. I'm not going to risk it on another multi one so I'll get one for close work. If this other eye doesn't clear up in another week, I'm going to have them trade it out for a distance lens and I'll stick with monovision which is what I've done for many years. I told them over and over again it was of paramount importance that I could write with the new lenses yet when I went to see my regular eye dr he told me that multi lens isn't good at what they call and intermediate range like computer work. What? It's crazy they didn't tell me it wouldn't work for that! I guess they wanted the money for the upgraded lens more than they wanted to give me what I wanted.
    Hi Grammy! So I've been behind and just seeing this post. I have worn multi-focal contact lenses for a few years and do find them to be GREAT for me. I intentionally sacrifice a little bit of distance clarity so that I can work on the computer all day, read, write, and navigate my phone without glasses. I have a pair of glasses that I put on if I need clarity for distance. They are -.50. I don't even use them to watch TV, though I sometimes use them for driving, movie theater, etc. You might want to try that approach and see what you think.

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    Grammy! So good....and so refreshing to see you active here again! I'd wish you the best of luck in this new round, but sounds like you're killing it already! Way to go
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    Hi grammy,
    Your trip west sounds wonderful.
    A few years ago, I read your HCG protocol online and I was wondering if the information is still up to date and accurate. Since the information had not been removed, I thought it probably was but wanted to ask you before ordering.
    I am glad you are back on this forum and look forward to hearing about your success and expertise.

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