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Thread: Losing Hair!!!

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    Glad to hear it's getting getter!
    *Going out to get Biotin today*

    My name is Taneal, i'm a Wife and mother to 2.
    Age: 36
    Height 5' 6"
    Started vlcd 3-28-2011
    VLCD week 1 -13.3 lbs

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    I lost a LOT of hair after my first HCG round. It lasted a good 9 months or longer. I was very worried. I started taking Viviscal supplements, got my hair cut shorter, and prayed. The mass exodus of hair finally subsided. Now I am in R2P3D3. I stopped taking Viviscal because the ingredients read cellulose, maltodextrin, artificial orange flavoring, and modified starch. Now that I'm in P3, I was hoping to start taking them again to "stay ahead" of the hair loss issue...but I'm afraid the ingredients might ruin the stabilization. Does anyone have advice on this? I suppose I will inquire about biotin and biosil as mentioned above. Thanks so much for your help...I don't know what I would do without these HCG forums.

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    I'm not familiar with that supplement, sorry. I'd guess your thyroid is off though.
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    Try Nioxin shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment. Works great for me and keep up on the Biotin.

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    Put white iodine on your scalp if you cannot find it, use salt and mix, it stops hair loss in one day, I also have used epsom salt on the scalp both are amazing but the iodine straight up works the best dont worry it will grow , do the introvert head thing, hang head over your bed for 4 min a day, it flows blood to the scalp sounds weird but grows hair fast!

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    Where would I buy white iodine?


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