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Thread: March 1 Phase 2 Group

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    North Fork, CA. This is near the Southern Gate into Yosemite National Park
    I am on my 3rd Round using SQ Injection. I used hHCG for the first 2 Rounds.
    Where did you find the Leptin Reset program you are following? I am getting ready for Phase 3 and want to try this.


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    Just got home after sitting in car for 11 hours. Feel like my brain and legs are about to explode. Crazy storms while we were driving. So grateful to be back home in one piece! Tomorrow I will weigh and see hoe bad the damage was. I tried so hard but staying with someone who refuses to acknowledge that you are allergic to wheat or need to avoid carbs is very difficult to deal with. I am amazed that I did not eat one single piece of the five loaves of bread or ice cream sandwiches or pizza or muffins that came out at every meal. I ended up eating corn one night and a potato one night because those were the only vegetables that appeared on the table. Still, I am very proud of myself because it was NOT easy at all.

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    casacadel - there is a whole forum here on Leptin Reset and/or go to

    Demie - Glad you hear you made it!!
    Weight Loss Center - Your Online Weight Loss Support Group

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    Weighed this morning and am very happy to be 146! My first goal was 147 and my next goal is 142. 142 is where I usually start to look proportionally better with my body and height to weight ratio. I am determined to stick to protocol now that I am back home and have complete control over my kitchen, fridge and diet!!! It is interesting how both my mother and my mother-in-law refuse to acknowledge or accommodate my allergies to wheat. My m-i-l didn't even try to modify her offerings during my 3 diabetic pregnancies when she KNEW I couldn't have bread or pasta or wheat products. When we stayed with her during just one week of my pregnancy (11 years ago) she made lasagna one night for dinner, baked ziti the next night, pizza the third night and then insisted on taking us out to an Italian restaurant even when I told her I couldn't eat anything on the menu. I gave her a basic list of everything that I COULD eat at the time - apples, fruits, tuna/fish, chicken, spinach, greens, salads, nuts - just no bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, pizza - but instead she completely ignored my medical needs. I was 8 months pregnant and didn't have a car to get around so I can't imagine why she could not have stocked up on a few items that I could eat. Very strange that my mom was the same way. If I had invited house guests and they had peanut allergies or were vegetarian or had diabetes, I would be so careful to make sure I had something they could eat. Since I didn't have access to a car and my mom's fridge was full of her own stuff and had no room for "my special diet stuff" I felt trapped and at her mercy. She bought 2 big boxes of ice cream sandwiches because they were "on sale". She lives alone. She knew I couldn't eat them. Why not buy 2 bags of frozen spinach instead?
    End of Rant -Phew!

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    Down .1 today. Following protocol perfectly, noticing waist getting smaller - still TOM so I am sure a few more pounds will drop off once I am done with that.

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    Same today as yesterday ... Maybe I should only weigh once a week.

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    OMG - Did I kill this thread? Come back everybody!

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    I'm here, but it's a holiday so I'm surprised people are absent. I've been losing what I gained on my cheat day. Been pretty good today, a little more fat than usual (deviled egg). But otherwise fine. Going to get back to some cardio tomorrow. 12 days left and really hoping to get in the 180s at least before time to stabilize.

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    Hi lylabelle! Hooray for losing from the cheat day! I am down to 145.6 today!!! Have not seen that weight in about 8 years. I hope I can stay strong down the home stretch and not gain it all back.

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